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Craft/office room refurb – Before and after



Can i just say i am SO happy it’s done. Like.. I still have more to do but my budget doesn’t stretch yet. I want some shelving etc.

As you know or if you didn’t. My second bedroom of my flat was covered in mould and damp and have been unable to use it – Until recently. Since finally getting my money back from the bank i get a new bed and stored the old in the damp room. Then adopting a new cat happened – I needed a spare room to keep the new kitty in as the introduction process for him and Roman needed to be done properly. We emptied EVERYTHING out of the bedroom and i donated my boyfriends daughters furniture for free to families that needed it, some toys like teddies needed to be thrown out as the damp got them good but we managed to salvage two toy kitchens and some other bits and bobs.
The wall with the damp had wall paper on it, which was practically peeling away from the damp so we stripped it off and i got a bucket of bleach water and my gloves and wiped down everywhere the damp was – Including all the windows and above etc.

That was that – Then me and my mum had this idea. As stood at the time, my bedroom was also my office/craft space. All my yarn storage, desk, folders, EVERYTHING now in my new space was in the bedroom – YUP cramped cluttered and it played a part in my depression. I felt trapped and my bedroom wasn’t just my place of sanctuary to relax, it was other shit too. So we decided to paint and move all my hobby and craft stuff as i could have my own office space – Which is SO good as i needed to be able to shut the door and have peace during my filming YT and writing sessions. Our bedroom is right next to the living room, and the living room is used by my boyfriend mostly for his gaming and i only ever go in their at night whilst we eat and watch films but we mostly relax in bed and watch stuff.

First thing was choosing the colours. I wanted white walls and one colour wall. It needed to be a room that was bright and clean as i would spend a lot of time in their and bright and clean always makes you feel good right? I was torn between shades and i know one of them i will be using when we decorate the room – Blues/greens are my favourite colour.
But i went with a MINT green. Why is paint and stuff so expensive these days? 



Feature wall
Mould wall


I also painted on the mould wall with mould and damp sealant paint. I allowed a day to dry for this then proceeded with the white and mint. It took a good week to paint because it was so warm we only managed a couple of hours a day. Plus i am a perfectionist and i was in charge of the mint wall, and it needed to be right!
The white paint said it was only a two coater but we found that the mould wall needed three because of how different the wall was compared to the rest. I had to sand down some of it and cover it with plaster shit and sand again, which didn’t make much difference as you see in the after pictures it still has it’s imperfections.

Sadly i aren’t blessed with perfect smooth walls and this got me down a bit as i browsed Pinterest for office/craft rooms and how perfect they looked – But i have tried my best to work with my budget and what i have and i think it’s really nice, it feels me.

I did spend money on two storage items, which i will link at the end of this post. The storage i used for my yarn i highly recommend buying!!
So then a few weeks went by and we stopped working on the room, it was too damned hot to finish it and even in the evening was still SO warm. All i needed to do was clear out all the decorating stuff, hoover and move all my furniture.

We eventually did it…. And here is what my craft/office room looks like now. I just needed our repairmen to come out as the light was working then i woke up one day and it’s hanging down.. The guy above us plays the drums so i think the banging and vibration might of caused it to drop down – Or we have a ghost?  Excuse the mess…It gets tidied by the end of the day LOL  


The only thing i haven’t done is painted my black desk. I bought this desk last year, i think i showed you (i will link it actually as it was a really good buy for the size of the thing! Believe it or not, i had way more things on the desk previously including the printer) is to paint it white. I bought some furniture paint and i didn’t want to buy another desk.. and the black doesn’t really go. I will maybe do this later on down the line as i progress with the room slowly and add more things – The paint tin can stay as my door stop lol.


That’s it guys! I saved up for a while and managed to buy everything. I think spent around £100 on this – Well the maximum, that includes paint, brushes, mould paint, two lots of storage which set me back.

I hope you like it! I can’t wait to keep adding to it and get some shelving. I would like to put my collection of books on shelving and use the desk shelf for other stuff – But i need a bigger book case as my living room one is FULL hence why i put books on my desk.

These links are affiliated, it doesn’t mean they will cost you more to buy it just means i will get a little something for your clicks!

Storage trolley (what my printer is on)

Yarn storage

Couldn’t find my desk but i did get it off Amazon!


Thanks for reading xo


9 thoughts on “Craft/office room refurb – Before and after”

    1. Thanks! I forgot how tedious decorating is lol. I think i will get some kind of old sheet for keeping the dust off my yarn but yeh, i am pretty pleased. I just need a nice recliner chair 😀


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