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So i am a day off schedule because i went out last night with a family member and they paid for my drinks and food which meant i was a bit drunk, so a quick note that Weds book review will be on Thursday.

Anyway, so i am looking to get back into the CE testing as its going to be Autumn and Winter craft fayres soon and i looked through my mountain of patterns never used and looked at the collection of Lalylala patterns! I did gift my mum Kira the kangaroo way back last year in May (yikes) and i always wanted to keep going with amigurmi as i like to think as i have gotten better, its a strong point of mine. Anyway, i am in awe when i looked at these patterns so i started Lupo the lamb – Now because i am CE testing i needed to use a compliant yarn which, thankfully most of my yarn is Stylcraft. Before i go on, if you are looking to CE test so you can sell toys, Stylecraft have all the relevant certs on their website and the group on FB too.



I didn’t like the darker colour she used on the pattern for the face etc so i went with a parchment/dirty cream shade and then cream for the fluffy/bobble stitch.
I am now starting to decrease the body, which is every other row and same for when you inc. I have to admit, it’s not my favourite pattern as the bobble stitch is extremely annoying and tedious – It feels like its taking me much longer but i have not done this pattern before. I am however pleased with the effect of it.
I actually started this at the weekend, but when i moved onto the body, you have to ss, ch1 and turn and i forgot to do that and so the coordination of where the bobble stitch sticks out was off – so I had to frog it and re-start. My own fault as i was sitting in my craft room with the laptop watching JonBenet documentary.

I also started a hat – FML why? IDK. I feel like the favourite things for mine to crochet are hats, scarves/cowls and toys. I used to love blankets but they take so god damn long.

This is the hat i am currently working on, its a pattern i used a lot last year (aside the puff stitch hat) Its a Herringbone HDC stitch, which works up like knitted. I love it, i am obsessed. I find i use this stitch ALOT for hats, scarves etc as its so effective, especially with mixed/variegated yarn. The pattern i actually follow is here >> HAT 

I  LOVE LOVE LOVE HER PATTERNS – I don’t follow patterns much for hats now as i know how to size and do my own but its the fact her patterns are so cheap. I think that’s the right price to pay for hats. I have most of her patterns and cowl patterns, they are very easy to follow and adaptable.


So that’s it for today. I have an interview tomorrow, which i am looking forward to but i have a feeling the hours are going to be low. I plan on taking my backpack and my laptop as the job interview is in the shopping village where i went to the monkey forest, so i plan on sitting in a cafe and do some writing!

I hope all is well and take care! xo



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