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Handlettering progress & Free resources


Happy Weds! I haven’t stayed on track with my schedule, i have ALOT to do at the moment. I am live sprinting with a small group these past few nights, also prepping for a 24 hour writing challenge with my FB group – If you want to get in on it and you are a writer, come and join us! But i have spent an hour each day hand lettering! Believe it or not i still actually practice LOL but more so recently as its been a really awesome way to wind down!

So i wanted to show you how far i have come – i do have an old post from when i really started if you want to REALLY to compare.

I am going to show you my practises from a few months ago first and then most recent! Aslo sorry for the dark pictures, it’s actually really light in my flat but my camera isn’t being very good today!



I found that some of my Tombow pens had different softness which is probably due to different colour inks. Some felt soft, hard and medium i actually prefer the medium feel but i think the more you use them the more they do break in!




The black seem to splatter dots
The bottom ones are with a Crayola – I struggled with some as for some reason some of the tips are bitty



My fav and my fav tombow pen to work with


Just something fun for us writers!!




Then obviously this piece i did and shared previously ❤


So as you can see, i am more confident now – I sued to have to trace letter outlines and erase them after but i am happy enough to go ahead and do things freehand. Some letters i am better at as certain ones i originally struggled with i then spent more time on, now i have letters that aren’t so good. I struggle with my S, F, sometimes b and a lot of capitals.

The colours i used recently are quite bright, as these are the nicest ones to use! The Monday piece with TWO black Tombows was to show the difference of brush. The first black monday was a deep black, and the brush was a lot softer and gave me thicker strokes, the off black Monday under neath was a bit more firmer.
I find that Tom bow brush pens give me a lot more control and movement than the black Tombow calligraphy pen.

Crayolas are also a fun pen to use and the colours are endless!
Keep reading for some really cool free resources that you can print off and use to practise and learn. It’s just basically my Pinterest board links from my board! but some if it does have freebies ❤ – None of these are my own these are things i have found and used.

Brush lettering and modern calligprahy is not the same as traditional calligraphy.

Free alphabet sheets 

Free brush lettering guide

Hand lettering practice sheets

Calligraphy alphabet


I have a MASSIVE freebie work book and i will update this post when i root it out and link the relevant person 🙂


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