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WIP | Current project – Elephant baby blanket



Hey guys! Just a quick post i managed to schedule in as i have only one day off work and i am in now for the next five days. Not too happy with things ATM but i don’t have much time to rant. That being said, i have ALOT  of projects on the go, but this most recent one has taken priority as it was asked to be made last week and kind of needs to be done by October. I often wonder if people think i have twenty hands, it’s been really hard to fit stuff in with work as i never know whether i am coming or going with my job and so my anxiety has been off. So crocheting and reading have been a God send to me in order to wind down.

I started this SC baby graphgan as the friend in question was browsing with me on what blanket she would like and we came across a few of these, she really like this one and the photo she sent me was of another creation of this pattern but not the pattern owner if that makes sense lol? So when picking the shades i couldn’t get an exact match but picked close enough or neutral as she isn’t finding out the sex of the baby until it’s born.
I’ve not attempted this pattern before – Well, i lie i think i was going to do a Batman one ages back if anyone remembers? But that went out of the window didn’t it and i found it quite hard but for some reason, i just printed off the pattern/graph and sorted my bobbin’s out and got on with it. Funny really, i think maybe when i attempted the Batman one i perhaps wasn’t really in the mood.



So as the week has passed, i have been spending an hour or two when i can on this and making quite good progress and i am actually really enjoying it! It’s really exciting me as i can’t wait for the pattern of elephants to finally emerge and it be this one big picture. I know that once it’s done and i have done the border, this will need blocking. But the border actually adds alot of width and height as well.

I have been browsing some more things i can make from graph’s and i am quite fond of making a Fox, but i also have a few cushion patterns i bought early this year that i intended on doing so now i am confident i can actually go ahead and give it ago!

This is the current progress….



For my first go i am rather proud in how neat it is, minus the ends i need to sew in which are from when i have finished a certain colour/bobbin. The trick is to keep the yarn when you drop and pick up on the same side constantly – It keeps your right side and wrong side consistent. Lesson learn though, i will be making a DIY crochet bobbin holder as it’s been a bit of a nightmare when turning and because i have been lazy and crocheting on my bed after work instead of the craft room it gets a bit tangled. But i am also using bits of cardboard to wrap the yarn around, i think i will be grabbing some pegs from the pound shop tomorrow after work and use them, i may find some kind of basket with holes in as well.

That’s all that i am concentrating on at the moment, i haven’t done much i am so tired and all over the place that i haven’t even written for a weeks and i feel i am letting myself down and getting stressed because of work – It’s suppose to life my spirits now that i am back in work not make me feel worse.

I do hope everyone is okay and i am slowly finding time to sift through posts.. Here is a picture of my Roman, he loves to lay on my patterns for some reason he likes paper and i think its the sound it perhaps?




I will post some more progress hopefully next week when i get a day off, i do hope to get my star rug done as well! chow for now xo


10 thoughts on “WIP | Current project – Elephant baby blanket”

  1. Things will settle down, Rebecca, don’t be so hard on yourself! When piano started this fall, I found myself barely keeping up or blogging, it takes time to get into the routine of whatever. Now, I’m three weeks in and just starting to feel like I am able to think beyond teaching, supper and the garden! You’ll find your happy place, and it will include the things you love to do!

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