Life update and the future of my blog

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Hey guys, long time no blog. I guess by the title you may or may not be wondering what’s going on but i want to keep this short and sweet, without me over rambling.

Firstly, i do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and i hope you all had a lovely time and i hope your new year is bigger better and you go out with a bang.

This post for some reason has sparked up some anxiety, i aren’t sure why because when i think about what i am going to say it really isn’t that big of a deal but i think it’s ’cause i aint really blogged in a while so i am for sure feeling a tad rusty.

As you know, this blog started off with me just sharing my crochet, then the inner writer in me decided it was time to tell the world i am writing a novel, i want to and i will. This new found confidence caused a shift in my blog, which meant i would do blogs about book reviews, my crafts, writing, even just random general updates. Trying to keep up was a lot of work as 2018 hasn’t been the kindest to me with a lot of things.

I’ve struggled with my mental health, personal relationships, finances, finding a new job and whilst all of that now is i think under control i allowed my blog to die… Kind of. I still gain followers randomly and likes which i appreciate so much. I also knew that when winter came around again, my Staffordshire lobby recipe and Mary Berry ginger snaps would be the most viewed and it was – So thanks for that whoever you guys are, it’s become a kinda tradition.

Where i am at with my life right now is that i am a writer – Always have been, always will be and my dream is to write a novel and publish that novel. 2019 is the year for that, it’s going to happen and as much as i love crafting and creating, this blog will be my author platform.

I may lose followers, i may gain them, but i won’t be posting anything crochet, craft related unless it’s in a ‘what i have been upto’ type of thing.

I am only going to be posting once a week, which will no doubt be something writerly. Either snippets of my writing, or updates on my progress as an aspiring author. If i find the time, i will post again but i want to stick to just one post a week.

Sorry – I know a lot of my followers come from the craft world, and i know some of the friends i have made are amongst that but i do hope you stick around.

I want to do a monthly reading wrap up if i have time, so that’s not set in stone as per but the option is available.



I am actually feeling really positive about where i am taking my blog, i feel as though this is the real me, and i won’t change it’s just going to be posts on topics i am so passionate about and i think that is important to have your blog reflect you. I would love to post craft shit, but honestly, i haven’t been crafty in months. My book is taking up my whole entire life as expected and i am for once, enjoying this.

My mental health is up and down, but i had some amazing news just before Christmas which means NYE i will be celebrating majorly. I think you guys may of known i started a retail job, which didn’t work out for me. My hours became less, and i couldn’t survive on it even though my partner was full time (His job has now ended sadly.) Anyway, i was feeling very depressed because i left, and i didn’t even get a thanks from the manager or even an acknowledgement, i still feel to this day i was pushed out and that they wanted me to leave – So i am free from that toxic place. So then, i got this other job at the hospital and let me tell you, i quit after my first shift.

I won’t and will never put up with being spoken to like shit as an adult, i won’t be bullied as an adult and if i don’t like something i am grown up enough to say no. People say stick with it, it’s money. Really, is money worth that much to put up with being bullied? To put with working in a toxic place?
By this point i was even more depressed. It was one week until christmas, i had no job and i was wondering had i made the right choices – I went for an interview, at a huge mobile phone company. I sat in a group of 12 people, all of us waiting to be interviewed, they all seemed young and confident – Yes i am young but they were (some) younger than me. Funnily, one of them looked like Ryan (B.J Novak) from the U.S office.

I had my face to face interview, then my role play assessment.
The next day i awaited the call – I got the call at around 3:00PM


I don’t start until January, which gives me a good month to get my flat sorted, and get ahead with my writing.

I will be paid an actual salary, not per hour  A SALARY!!!!!!!!!!! 18,000 A YEAR – Don’t mean to brag but how did i manage that? Seriously?


So i am on cloud 9 right now, super positive. 2019 I am hoping to pay off my debts, publish my novel and just be living a happier life. I am focusing on my health, mental health and the things that make me happy.

This blog was something that made me happy, but i will be even more happier when i start posting for me.
Expect some changes to look of it in the new year, i am giving it a full make over!


  • My craft page on IG will be de-activated
  • My craft page on FB will be de-activated
  • My Etsy shop is closed, i will now only be a shopper
  • All stock i have left will be sold at a Spring/Summer fayre.



Again, thank you so much for sticking around i hope you are all okay. I do read your blog post, i just don’t comment so don’t think i am rude, i am here lurking.


Take care all of you! xo


6 thoughts on “Life update and the future of my blog”

  1. OH Rebecca, it sounds like 2019 is shaping up wonderfully for you! I am so pleased that you have a job with a real salary, starting in January. Not worrying about finances will be a positive for your writing, I am certain. May your 2019 be filled with blessings and joy!

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