Mr Rosenose

Mr Rosenose carried on with his task, not liking one bit of it. Secrets, he didn’t like them, they didn’t keep them in Oldfoot village and Tarian should of known better to lie. Then the human girl, he could cope quite well escorting the young man back home, but a human as well. It’s a complete disgrace, but oh no if Miss Bakewell could hear his thoughts, she would smack him across the arm and remind him that his mind is far too closed. ‘Have a cup of tea and some pie, then think about your mean words’ He would think about them, for a moment. Then remind himself that humans are not good, that they are disallowed from this world for a reason. They hurt things, they destroy things that are beautiful and good. Look at their own world, look at it. No no no, he thought humans belonged where they were and if an elf like Tarian wanted to spend time amongst them so be it

— If those protectors want to help then let them be, but it will come to a point where they will find a way back in and kill us all. Just like the they tried once before. It was bad enough living with the bleeding goblins, wasn’t fish enough for them? They had to steal crop. Oh and to think of the mess his garden would be when he got back – It was never anybody else’s garden oh no, always his. He might have to start setting traps, yes traps will keep them out, anything away from his pumpkins. Then again what if Miss Bakewell came and stepped on a trap, oh my gosh that wouldn’t be good. She was clumsy enough, but imagining her flat on her back and legs in the air covered in dirt would not be a good sight, it would be embarrassing. Mr Rosenose chuckled though at the thought though, he liked Miss Bakewell, she kept him in good mind and made sure he was well fed. It wasn’t easy living alone at such an older age, he had never wanted to re-marry when his wife died. But a companionship wouldn’t be a bad thing, just someone to talk to at night in front of the fire would be nice, seeing as he was never blessed with children. Yes, maybe he will invite Miss Bakewell round one evening and cook her a nice fish and pie for dessert. He smiled at that thought, forgetting the human he wasn’t keen on in the back, it was something to look forward to when he returned home.


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