UN-EDITED – The adventures of Rufus and Roman



I think i mentioned before, well last now actually that i wanted to write a children’s story and so i created a short one called Rufus. I took it down as i was entering it into a competition and haven’t put it back up, but i am keeping it unpublished as i am hoping to expand on it and make a full children’s book.
However i also want to venture into children’s picture books, and i would love to do a Rufus and Roman series! So i have just written one and i am calling it ‘Roman get’s stuck’ – I am not sure how its supposed to be written and formatted, that is something i am looking into hence why you’ll see a name before speech LOL It’s all new to me.
I am looking into illustrator’s and hopefully i can make a really cute picture story book and self publish it on Amazon 🙂

So here it is, my UN-EDITED lil story.

The adventures of Rufus and Roman

Book one – Roman gets stuck


Roman – Meow meow, wake up i say meow meow Rufus today is a sunny day!

Rufus – Go away mr roman for i want to sleep, stop with your crying not another peep!

Roman – Meow meow rufus please come and play i will keep on bugging you until i get a say.

Rufus – Fine okay i will come and play, what did you have in mind on this sunny day?

Roman – I want to go outside because i never do, the sky you see it looks ever so blue


Rufus – Mr rufus my friend it is your first time, follow my lead to the garden you’ll be just fine


They walked toward the kitchen and climbed in the window, chubby roman struggled and banged his toe!

OUCH! He screamed it only hurt for a while, rufus watched and laugh trying hard not to smile.


Rufus saw that the window was open just a bit, with his paw he opened it more so they  both could fit.


Rufus – Follow my lead and jump on through, and don’t land in any of the foxes poo


He laughed and jumped landing with ease, his face embracing the cool summer breeze.


Roman followed and let out a big cry, his body was stuck it looked awfully high.


Help me rufus for i am stuck, this is really not funny just my luck!


Rufus laughed so hard he was unable to stop, roman’s belly looked like it was about to pop!


“Don’t worry my friend i will help you be free, next time eat less or you will get stuck you see”


Rufus jumped up and pulled his friend, roman was not budging and nor was his tail end


He heaved and and heaved he still would not budge, Rufus pulled so hard he fell and landed on sludge!


Yack he said and shook off the dirt, you are lucky roman that i was not hurt!”


Roman wiggled and wiggled, suddenly hearing a click. Their owner was home — RUFUS HELP ME QUICK.


Before he could help, she walked through the door, the owner was shocked at what she saw.


“Poor roman what on earth have you done? You can’t fit through there you have a big bum!”


She picked him up and stroked his head, she saw that his toe was very red.


The owner kissed his toe better and place him down, “You have been a little mischievous” she said with a frown


“If you wanted to go out, why not use this door” She pointed at the cat flap level with the floor


“Silly cheeky roman go out and play, you don’t want to stay stuck in that window on this sunny day!”


Roman walked through the cats little door, feeling the sunshine forgetting his sore paw.


Rufus was laughing “This was so much fun, but now let’s play chase in this glorious sun”

They ran around the garden enjoying the heat and when the sun began to set they both fell asleep on the very green grass relaxing their tired feet.



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