What are you doing to write your book?

Progress is progress. It's time to stop worrying and start writing!


I come at you with this post today with good intentions. Because the question in the title is the question i asked myself a lot over the years of being a writer. But more so, last year when i really settled and figured out who i was and what i needed to do. I guess as a 28 year old this may of come at the peak time, because i am not longer in my early 20’s i am ready to take control and take charge of my life and dreams.

The question i am asking is What are you doing to write your book? – I now want you to ask this question to yourself and then try to answer it. If the answer isn’t ‘I’m writing it’ then you need to keep reading.


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A little back ground on me before i start chewing off your ear about you not writing your book! I’ve been a writer all of my life, from the age of being able to pick up a pencil and string together sentences, to having my first type writer as a kid and just relishing in the sound it made at each letter pressed. But i am not an author, i will be though – Just you wait and see.

It’s taken me all of my life so to speak to finally say ‘stop being a wuss and write that damned book you’ve been dreaming about and it’s not always easy to come to terms with doing it, because as a writer you have this tremendous fear of not being very good and ending up failing. How will you fail if you don’t even try? Did you know that WE all think this, it’s pretty normal to compare ourselves especially with increasing pressures of society but you gotta just do it. Even as someone who is creative in no matter what they do, you will always doubt and wonder if someone out there is better than you. Guess what, someone better does exist but that doesn’t mean your not as good! The people that are better, are those crushing goals and aiming high.

Something i did, was i spent years and years procrastinating. Looking up how to write, or how to write a book. Reading help books, watching YT videos and you know what? I never wrote anything because i thought i needed to know everything before doing so.

You only need to do two things to write a book, and write successfully – That’s read a lot an write a lot. If you enjoy reading writerly help books, GOOD! But they will never EVER tell you how to write, that’s on you buddy. You are the one in control of your story, you are writing to be heard – Nothing will teach you how to write a good book and if they claim they do, sorry pal they are full of shit. Editing is what moulds your story not self proclaimed books or videos and overly expensive courses.

I am not here to make you feel bad, because i did all of this. I was finding excused to not write my book and it took all of last year which was a bad year for me mentally, to realise that it will never happen if i don’t actually write. Now look at me, i just hit over half way on my manuscript! That would never of happened if i didn’t take my idea and finally go for it and that is something you need to do.


Don’t worry about extensive plotting or planning, don’t listen to the DON’T WRITE WITHOUT THIS. DO WRITE WITH THIS. Don’t write to please trends nor readers – Write for you, write the story that is firing up your soul.


If your story sucks by the time you’ve finished your first draft, then well done my friend you have just written a book – Now go edit it that baby and make it better!


Please don’t spend years pondering an idea and wasting precious time – Write write write.

Now ask yourself in a months time, what are you doing to write your book? 


I hope this helps, i hope this gives you motivation. This isn’t intending on making you feel bad, this is to purely to give you motivation. Which i think is needed, especially on a Monday like today!
Trust me when i say, that when you start to write your story – It’s the greatest feeling you’ll ever experience.

Good luck with your goals an remember that you can totally do this!



4 thoughts on “What are you doing to write your book?”

  1. Aye captain! After we spoke last night, i did a little re-reading from some old plotting books I read months ago. One chapter the writer of the book basically said” It’s easier to understand movies, so use this when you write a book.” like what the heck lol. Lets keep reading, writing, and sharing our craft” high five”


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