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Heyyyy! Good to be back whilst I’ve got a minute – Before i crack on, i just want to add that my blog is going to be reverted back to just wordpress as i can’t afford the money these days want us lot to pay.. SO yeah back to basics, plus i am hoping to create a new website for my writing and integrate this blog.

ANYWAY. So i have been crazy with projects, especially now getting my crojo back and even my crafty spirit back (keep a look out next month for printable stuff and more quote cards)
I bought a wreath before Christmas and i promised myself that last year i would get seriously christmassy with crafting and for some reason December came and left. That will teach me for not doing my Christmas crafts in June. Anyway, i had some super lush pastel mixed aran from Lolly’s. I made a hat from it and i had some left over, i could of actually used it to make a blanket but i really wanted to try something else! The issue with Lolly’s which is why i don’t shop there now, is that some of the yarns are a one off and i suppose you need to buy what you can – Though it’s not always the case if you are on a budget! So i am opting for a pom pom wreath

I will do a lil post of it once it’s done, but i genuinely didn’t think how long it takes to make pom poms and i get super tired and bored making them – Thus being it’s taken over a month to finish it as everytime i think about it, i cry at the thought. It’s almost finished, i hope to get it done this week!




I finished my rainbow pastel granny stripe! This baby i am so proud of, i am in love with this blanket and just looking at it makes me fill up with joy. My cats love it too 😀 – So it’s my second biggest blankey i made the C2C being my biggest (and expensive). I still have a lot of the yarn left over which actually surprised me! The yardage on Scheepjes colour crafter is very good and the yarn itself is super soft and squishy. I opted for a simple border of white and i needed to tackle the ends. The blanket funnily enough was laying on my sofa for over a week before i weaved them in and washed the damn thing! Is it just me but when i make blankets for myself i don’t wash them right away?

So here is a better picture of the blanket – I realised that i missed out on using another ball of pink lol, so i was like oops totally messed up the contrast of what i wanted to create and by  the time i noticed i was too far ahead of the damn thing so i couldn’t add it in. Never mind!



Next on the list is a plain HHDC blanket! I am using my all time favourite stylecraft shade – Aspen. I opted for chunky yarn this time thinking it would work up quickly and i don’t know if it’s just me but chunky doesn’t like me – I guess i am not used to working with it but i feel i am working slower on the thing because of the stitch is somewhat annoying me. I got a total of 12 balls, 4 of them being white for the border as i am doing my first EVER PLAIN BLANKET. I wanted it plain as i love this vibrant colour and it’s beautiful enough to stand on its own, it’s not too lengthy but i have 3 more balls of aspen to make it more wider. It’s for my BF but i am going to add a big wide border and so i hope that will make up for the lack of sizing – I sometimes just don’t realise? That being said, i have ten balls of this other yarn i bought way back and i can make him a huge c2c blanket then we are even.  It will look nice anyway floating around the living room!


Then finally, i have my rippled – I bought such a gorgeous array of shades from Lovecrochet when i saw the paintbox yarn was on sale. My mum and i went a bit mad as we just ordered some more aran for ANOTHER BLANKET (photo last) I love ripple blankets and i am really into pastel or lightish shades for some reason it’s been really uplifting me as i have been going through depression again. PLUS this time of year kind of screams bright colours.  This is for me, as per! I need to maybe make my bf more blankets lol. I also have some neon yarn that i hope to make some wacky bright cushions and randomly bright decor pieces for the living room. That is for another post.
So here is my ripple so far! I’ve added a few more rows since and have slacked a little bit this week as i lost my voice Friday and have been recovering – Also its camp nano and i have been writing my adult romance – Alena is still in the works but it needs alot of work and romance is my calling! It’s a bit rowdy and sweary so don’t worry i am hoping to write some clean romances too 😀


How beautiful are these colours? If you want to see these shades lined up find me on insta @rebeccacraftsstuff


OKAY so this next picture is of the second batch of yarn my mum and i bought, funnily her first ripple she is going a ombre of greys an then a burst of lime green. I set the shades up for her and it looks amazing – This time round she wanted more pastel and she picked similar but i think she may have a few different ones. I have chosen with these shades to make lots of hexagons and do a blanket. If i have any left over i hope to make matching throw pillows.



Aren’t they stunning? I will say Paintbox yarn have amazing beautiful shades, and i really like working with aran more just lately than DK – Though i like DK for baby blankets and i have a ton to get rid of so i might (eventually) make a cardigan. I also have a ton of cotton and reaaaaally want to make a bag lol!!


So that is basically what I’ve been upto! I am so happy to be crafting again and i hope to find some more time on here too 😀 😀

Take care for now xoxox


5 thoughts on “Crafty busy!”

  1. Yaaaaaay you’re back! Pompoms take forever, but that wreath is going to look gorgeous so it’s worth it 😀 Is Aspen that minty green in real life? With a name like that I would have guessed a darker earthy green.


    1. Wooooooo!!! I know, I really need to bust ass and do it lol! Yessss it’s super bright, I think you are right with that idea of what colour it colour it should be. Aspen reminds me of trees and bushes lol

      Liked by 1 person

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