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Happy Easter (bit late)

Happy Easter! It’s been super sunny and hot today, which is nice given the day we are celebrating. But I hate the heat and sun as this time of year always brings out my allergies, and oh mannnn I’ve been suffering this weekend.

Not managed anything crafty other than trying to get my bfs chunky blanket done and relaxing with a good book, I was hoping I would have been more crafty but this heat kills me off.

So why not have a wee laugh at this ugly chic I made in 2017

2017?! I’ve come a long long way with crocheting. It’s quite funny, I’ve been looking back at some of my posts on here from the beginning as that’s when I pretty much began to delve more into crocheting – and I actually thought half of the crap I made was amazing, now it’s ghastly. But I love looking back and seeing my progress and how rubbish my photos were, anyway I digress.

Here’s the link to the 2017 post of ugly chic and hey, I might even make one better next time round.

Chic blog post

Hope you all had a great day doing whatever! Xo


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