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Crochet chunky blanket

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles


Hey folks, WIP Wednesday i guess. I had to check the day today because i didn’t realise we hit Tuesday (when i’m writing this) – Housewives of Beverly Hills is on a Tues so i don’t know why i got mixed up but when its a bank holiday that tends to happen.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! I ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, standard. Went to my mums with the bf and because of he warm weather instead of a Sunday roast dinner we had salad and kind of like a buffet of things. Homemade potato salad YES!!!! Plenty of left overs, mum’s seriously love to shack you up with bags of stuff to take home. I went there with one bag and went home with five! Two being chocolate eggs lol.

I managed to finish my Aspen blanket, the chunky one! YAY! MY MY, i am happy its done – As much as i love the colour blah blah, i started to get a little bleugh with working with the same shade and for some reason my hands ache more with chunky because the blanket is heavy and having to constantly shift it around when i’m turning or going along – Especially doing the border.


I didn’t measure it, so i will when i have washed it and blocked it and edit this post (if i remember) with the measurements. I used around 11 balls of Aspen and one and a half white for the border. I did HDC border, the first row of border i actually did in the Aspen shade to straighten edges and give it that flawless blended look, so when i went onto the white it didn’t look like it was the first row if that makes sense. I did one HHDC in the third loop and then finished off with three HDC rows. I think did 6 total rows for the border. I wanted to keep going with the border, and i have some balls left over so i may add to it but for now it’s fine, Josh being a typical man is like ‘yeah cool’ even though this damn thing is for him lol.



Overall i am happy with how it turned out, i can’t say that i am a super fan of Stylecraft anymore. I was a little disappointed with the feel/texture of the yarn and it didn’t feel quite as soft as it used too, it also has this strange plastic (acrylic smell or something) which makes me thing yeah okay cheap yarn but i love a bargain and have used this brand since i started crocheting. Oh well, you live and learn and i probably won’t be using chunky for a while – Except chenille or Bernat blanket lol.


That’s all for now, hoping to get some of the other crochet stuff done this week but i am hoping to finish writing for camp nano, i have around 7k left and i want to smash it by Friday so i will be switching between writing and crocheting! Given the hours in the day don’t fly by.

Speak soon and take care! xo


For anyone wanting to know how i did this blanket i will make a future post on the stitch and how i did it so keep a look out.


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