I won April Camp Nano, now what? | Also snippet of new story idea.



I know i mentioned on my writing insta @rebeccawritesstuff that i won Camp Nano and i took a good week off from writing. I was very tired, one being the sense of achievement is over whelming (I’ve never won it before and succeeded at something like this with my writing) but i did have some HUGE writing sessions over the course of that month. One being i wrote 8K in one day! YES! – Now i didn’t force myself to do so, i already hit my target but i could not stop thinking about my story and i just wanted to keep on going. So i did!

So what happens now? I reached 30k, wrote a bit more and loosely finished my draft. I’m not shouting out about it as i don’t look at this as my first ‘real’ draft of this story. I used this chance to write as much as i could, getting to know my characters and plot and now i have something of a mess of a ‘draft’ but that is part of it right!? Now that i know the direction i am going with my Adult romance novel, i can hash it all out again and have a much better structured plan. All the while i am keeping some writing books at hand but i try not to delve too much into reading about the craft because i am a firm believer in getting words written is the only way to learn. 

I hope to publish this story this year, possibly October before my birthday and i am not sure whether to get it uploaded on WattPad or KDP – That will be a whole different choice. So now i am going to be going back and forth from writing this book, to crafting a whole new book that has been sitting with me for ages now and the character Max Carver who has been with my for five years – YUP!


Other plans?

I opted to plan a series for Max Carver, as the first story i began to right was not doing the character justice and it was a bog standard thriller, girls go missing yadada – We’ve read it all before right? But keeping the concept in mind i wanted to expand and i looked into opening up a super natural world.

I had a massive idea for a book yesterday and i am about to plot the world and begin it’s journey, when this book will ever see the light of day i don’t know, it might not even work out for me and become a book so my world building and ideas are going to be brainstormed and sifted out on this fine bank holiday weekend (How many do we need?) The idea i have ties in with one of the books i will be writing for Max Carver.

This book will take places whilst Max Carver investigates ‘super natural’ occurrences in his book and eventually tying the Max Carver series together in it’s final book linking it up with the  trilogy of this series. Yep, i have planned that far ahead. 

Max Carver is my male alter ego, which is why i don’t think i have ever let go of this character and he’s always remained tucked away waiting for his moment. Something clicked with me yesterday when this new idea popped up and whilst my little brain was working, Max’s books came into mind and it all fell into place. As though it was meant to be and that my friends is the moment i have been waiting for. I have wanted this Max Carver series to happen for such a long time and i barely speak of it because i never knew what to do.

These books will not be targeted at a YA audience (meaning not marketed for them) but i hope to attract all sorts of readers.

Here is a scene that popped into my head last night whilst thinking of this new book, it’s un-edited as i wrote it as soon as it came to me. The reference to he is because i have no clue who this character is yet but i got more of a female vibe so i might be potentially changing it, i also didn’t want to name said character as the priest doesn’t know who it is until…. well yeah guess it.

I hope you like it, my mum said she got goosebumps but she is easily scared LOL



I don’t like to say anything positive to myself or i will come across as big headed or bragging but i am kind of proud about my writing style in that snippet and i felt comfortable.

I won’t spoil anything but let you know that the priest has a massive significance to the story i have in mind.

Anyway, the romance book i am writing is super fun and i will class it more of a beach/summer read which is my intent and i might consider waiting until Summer next year to publish this story and maybe get this one out around October for Halloween. I think that may be a good strategy, i don’t want to publish the romance this Summer as i don’t like to rush and i have a long way to go. Either way, one book will be out this year! Fingers crossed.

I’ll keep you updated once a month with my writing journey as i am in the midst of starting a podcast/writing discussion. I am behind schedule but i will be podcasting weekly.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am all over the place since i saw End Game yesterday and i can’t craft or crochet much because my wrist is playing up again. So looks like it’s gaming and reading! Perfect for me 😀

Take care lovelies xo



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