Diary of a writer | Post one – Characters

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I thought about doing a diary of a writer blog every so often, perhaps once a month so  i can give updates on my writing and a general check in on how things have been. Anyway, if you saw my previous post i mentioned that i won #campnano for April and since then i have been somewhat drained with my writing.

I have new ideas and i want these to be flushed out and everything written NOW but i have my nano project which ideally i would like to have published this year, but given the type of story it is – I am pushing this back to next summer. Hoping that #Nanowrimo in Nov starts i can pay this some more attention and re-write the crappy draft from April. It’s a little wishy washy and i have some character development i need to work on as they are all kinda all over the place – I find it really difficult to write female characters even though i am one, and i aren’t sure if this is because so many women in my life (friends, family) have let me down, or I’ve not had the best experiences with in school is why. Also, i find because i am a tomboy and always preferred the friendship of males, i feel less pressured to impress and relate a little more with their humour and such. It’s a tough one as my romance has three main characters who are all female, i don’t know why i have always had this problem when writing female MC’s.

Which leads me to my vampire/supernatural story, i let in on a snippet and wrote the scene with a male in mind but then i gave it some thought and a female drew me in – But the more i have been playing around with scenes and dialogue, i vision a male character and i think i will stick with it. Even Max Carver is male and the only female MC ready for her voice to be heard is Alena and i need precious time before i release her story.

I aren’t sure if this is a common issue, i have a lot more fun writing with male MC’s because i think it’s easier for them to get away with certain speech or mannerisms – That being sad, i do have a kick ass (evil bitch actually) who will be a strong side character in my vampire book. I felt more at ease writing with her, i think maybe because she is a little dark, messed up and a plain ole crazy one. I think this is why i struggled with my romance, i am in a fantastic group on FB and most write clean romance and i DO want to appeal to those readers when i publish ‘serve me more’ – But it’s not true to me and i held back quite a bit when writing with the three female characters because i fear readers might think its ‘too sweary.’ But it’s the type of people i guess i am surrounded by, who and where i live has an impact on what i know best to write because my characters do not talk in perfected sentences, they swear, stutter and use slang terms.

Venice, the main MC in my vampire story is however a little more old fashioned because he is over one hundred years old. He’s the most exciting character i have ever come up with and the story, this world and lifestyle is also the most thrilling – Perhaps i have issue with writing characters because of the story itself? Perhaps it doesn’t fit who they are.


Anyway, that’s pretty much what I’ve been dealing with all week and not much writing has been done. I’ve done some plotting and brainstorming but my brain is fried and i am okay with taking some time off and doing all the shit i need to do. Also, my wrist hurts and i can wind down with crocheting so i am hoping to pull out some jigsaw’s and crack on with one as they are just collecting dust.

I am hoping i can round up my plot structure this week and then finally start to expand and fill in the gaps for my vamp story’s world.

If you’re a writer, feel free to drop in with some thoughts – Let me know if you struggle with characters, have you ever had trouble connecting with an MC?




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