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Sew | Book sleeve/pouch



Hey folks how’s it going? It’s a real nice sunny Monday today but i’ve already seen one Magpie… SO this week is off to a superstitious start.
Yesterday (Sunday) i was set on making myself a book sleeve/pouch. These can be quite expensive when bought online and they are cute thing to have at hand if you are a book lover or Kindle user! I went shopping with my mum on Saturday and i picked up some fabrics, one being the bright cats and dogs in the picture above.
Another was a rainbow netty type of thing and some floral stuff for hair bows.

I was in two minds to either sew a messenger bag or this and my fabric store seems to be getting more and more disappointing when i visit. However, their is another shop nearer my mum which is LOVELY and the lady is so helpful so next time we will go there. I opted to make  a book sleeve as the choice of fabric was meh and even the weigh fabrics in baskets is just a pain to sift through – SO i saw this stuff and was set on.

WELL first mistake, i didn’t check how much thread i had because (you’ll see later) i ran out. SECONDLY, i thought i had some spare fabric for the lining and i found this bleugh green which went okay with it. I swore i had some white left over but i was wrong – My cotton fabric collection is very bare. 



So, i started off by cutting 4 pieces of fabric measuring 6.5 by 9.5 (You’ll find later this was way too small but perfect for a kindle) – I cut two pieces of fusible fleece and then ironed on the pieces of fabric i want for the outside of my pouch. If you make any thing like this any sort of backing will do, some use foam – Some use that padding type and it doesn’t have to be fusible, using a sewing spray glue (forgot the name) will hold it down fine as you will be pinning and sewing. I personally prefer fusible fleece; one, because the texture and softness is perfect, flexible and not thick like foam or padding type. Two – I like ironing my stuff on and i think its much more secure as the spray glue is a temp fix and you won’t have to worry about the fabric bubbling or coming free in the centre etc. 



Before  i did any sewing, i attached my magnetic buttons onto the lining – I used some of this backing just to give it extra security (cut to shape).

How to: Measure the centre the centre of your fabric, easiest way is to just fold in half pop a dot with a pen. I measured 1inch and 1/4 down from the centre – That’s where i could place my washer (the bit with the two lines) – Place washer centre on the mark, mark each line. Snip and push through magnet, then backing, then washer and secure down. It can be a bit stiff so if you have some pliers at hand they will help.

Remember the lining with the button on needs to be the top of your pouch. 





Place your outer fabric face up, so the pattern faces you. Then the lining piece face down on top, so the ugly side of the lining is now facing you. The top of the fabric is where we will i sewed them both together – SO i did one line across (button at top, if fabric has pattern make sure it is facing up matching top with button)

I did this for the other two pieces.



I then opened up both pieces and placed them on top of each other like this. I pinned around and left an opening at the bottom of the lining. I sewed up across and down, then i got my hand into the hole, pulled everything and right. Sewing the lining opening and shoved it back down.




Now you would normally top stitch as the lining can pop up and rise a little but because my sewing machine is CRAP i couldn’t slide the opening up and sew moving it around – It’s a very basic cheap machine with limited abilities but it sews and i am learning.

THIS POUCH WAS WAY TOO SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not take into consideration that the width and height is fine, but it has extra inches on the lil side lol – OOPS. So i was annoyed a little but i have a cute kindle pouch. 

I rummaged and found some fabric and made another but i was out of white thread and i had to settle for black 😦 It’s okay thought it’s just for me. 




I measured this time 8.5 inches by 10 which is more than enough, given a standard book will fit and have plenty of space so it’s perfect for almost ANY size book.

NOW i had some issues – Can sewers advise? When stitching with this black thread, the stitching was horrible and wonky and it just looked off. So it also made my top stitch look absolutely terrible (it was big enough to fit yay)

When i look at the white thread used on my other pouch the stitching is fine (not 100% perfect but its really nice to me) – Can threads effect your work??? I mean it could be me being shit and the machine because its kinda hard sometimes to move fabric its small. But i just saw a difference and jut didn’t look as neat. IDK


Anyway that’s basically all i did, i am off to get some more thread tomorrow and if i get to go the other fabric place if not i am going to order some more fabric online – I’ve offered to make some badger an fox bows for a wildlife charity called Staffordshire against the cull – It’s a great organisation who help stop badger and fox culling, they will literally camp out and find traps release the animals and often wait for the poachers to come along and see the traps empty. I’m hoping if i get a bit better i can make some of these book cases. Its for a stall in August, though i am eager to get cracking. I won’t be attending the stall but some of us are helping to make things for them to sell and raise money. 

Anyways, on that note i am off! xo



3 thoughts on “Sew | Book sleeve/pouch”

  1. I find that my top stitch around the top of a pouch like that never looks very good, regardless of the threat, and I think it has to do with trying to turn the pouch as I’m sewing, rather than it being two nice flat pieces that get sewed in a straight line. Could that be it?

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    1. That could be why. I have bought some thread and tried it on a scrap piece and the tension of it seems to be better but also as you said, this time it was just flat piece. Thanks for helping!


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