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Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1

Howdy all! Everyone enjoying the Summer? I hate it. I am a Summer Grinch, sorry. It kills me with my allergies, i hate being hot, i am too chubby for my clothes. No really, i just don’t like being super warm lol. We’re supposed to be having a heatwave, but where i am it’s cooled down a little bit, though when i went to the Doctor’s this morning and now currently, the air is still muggy and sticky. No sun, just clouds. It was raining all morning but it hasn’t helped much – So i am sitting here procrastinating, wishing for a storm and popped on to blog.

I feel it’s been a while but for some reason FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN ALL MY SUMMER TIME HISTORY. I am busy! – I am back making bows, this time taking it more seriously and i will be officially self employed. I booked two stalls for July, the 6th and 21st – Got a good deal on public liability insurance blah blah. Camp Nano is back again and i will be taking part and i will write a novel by the end of the year.


ACTUALLY – Before i go on about the bathroom, i am having such issues accessing two years worth of writing thanks to Scrivener, it looks like i will have to suck it up and accept the loss of three half done novels. I’m a little broken but atm not so as i believe i can get them to work – If not, well i don’t know what i will do. So as of now, my current project will not be written in Scrivener as the damn thing won’t even open up anyway.




I have a really small bathroom, but its ugly. I had this cream tile like paper, white tiles, cream walls and RED LINO FLOOR WTF. I’ve lived here for over 4 years now and whilst i want to move, it aint happening yet i want to actually make this place nice. Bathroom first because it’s just so bleugh and i HATE HATE HATE CREAM WALLS. OMG!! My kitchen is also cream, that’s next. Bedroom, hall, boiler room. Living room i painted but it needs doing a again, dark brown and jungle green is not me anymore. Craft room i tackled last year, so yeah BATHROOM.

Bathroom is a place i relax with hot water and bubbles, its not so much a sanctuary with it being so ugly and small. I got my BF to take off the wall paper, it was only around the bath but for some reason being a leftie i couldn’t hold the scraper and steamer (I may have played on it abit to get him to do it, he did promise me to finish the living room two years ago)

I have bought a light grey bathroom paint for the walls that are painted, i like grey because i feel my favourite colours match it well – BLUES, pastel blues, mint blues etc. Which is funny, my astro info says i am most attracted to pastel blue and pinks.
Anyway, i can’t have blue everywhere….. craftroom is mint and white, i want blues in my bedroom (might even push the kitchen LOL) Pale pink in the living room. SO i am stumped.

Nasty cream

I have some ideas of what i want it all to look like, i want to create something with a sea life feel. Whales, dolphins, fish, so then BLUE MUST BE THE ANSWER. Okay so no blue for the bedroom…..

Right now we’ve sorted the colour scheme.

TILES WHITE TILES. I don’t want to take the tiles off because tbh nothing wrong with them, other than re-grouting. But i thought of adhesive tiles to go over the white and then cover up all the spots where i have taken the wall paper off.  I don’t really want to paint where the paper was. So that’s what is taking me a little while to think about what i want to do, i am keeping this budget friendly £100. YUP LOL – It’s actually making it more fun.


Then the floor. I am pulling up the flooring and getting new lino. It’s a small space and i literally only need about 1m2 maybe two incase of cutting error. I am going to go for a lighter shade, something that’s none slip, though my bathroom mats take up most of the space. It needs new floor, half of it is curling up and i  think it’s been in waaaaaaay nefore we me moved here, plus i just really hate the colour red. I could re-seal it but i would still hate it.


So that is literally life, decorating but slowly. It takes me a long time to find the right shades etc and i hate rushing but if i don’t make a decision soon then it will be like this until next year lol. My mum is wanting to sort her place out, so i am hoping next week when her business course has finished we can both go and finally pick our bits. I can’t take Josh as he literally doesn’t care about decorating or DIY. I could paint the walls in cat poo and he would not notice.

Speaking of cats, i finally paid TOO MUCH MONEY for Rufus to have his allergy tests. I knew this day would come when the scratching and scabbing would get too much, but i managed to save some and use it on him. Boosters are due for both of them soon too! YIKES. Rufus also is going the litter tray for a wee more and not in random parts of the house, i changed them over to a food called Royal Canin Calm Whilst it’s not helped with the itching it had helped with his peeing, i then bought a cheaper food because this stuff is not cheap and yup they hardly ate it! They had to make do for two days with the nasty stuff until the pricey one got delivered. Its a veterinary food so i had to get it online!


Hoping to craft this week, i want to finish my star rug thing. I have to sort out the craft room again though, i have ordered more storage which is coming this evening and so i think it will be more tidying this week than actually making stuff. I am off to the fabric shop tomorrow, i want some lining pieces as i want another go at a book case! Practise makes perfect.


Thanks reading, i hope you are all well and ill try and catch up with posts this week! Take care xo






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