It can bring you joy,
Maybe sorrow,
Sometimes luck,
Or a darker tomorrow,
It’s glare is vacant, 
But beautiful to see,
This nosey little Magpie waits for me. 


I know magpies bring a lot of superstition, and i still salute and wish the wife well. But i also think they are very strange yet beautiful animals – They have really interesting markings and i think they are really precious.
Where i live, this year we have seen an increasing amount of them, one day i was walking home onto my estate and five sat lined up on a wall watching me. At first it was weird, i guess slightly creepy but i enjoyed this moment because i had never been able to walk past them so closely nor so many of them together. I’ve never disliked them, i have always had this connection to them in a sense of, fascination i suppose. I wrote this poem the same day i saw all five, it’s probably one of my favourite things i have ever written (personally).




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