Pre-Order my poetry collection


EEK! I’ve kept this secret, well technically i posted on FB and IG first but i didn’t have any active links to share so i wanted to wait til KDP approved my stuff before announcing to you guys. Funny, i was like okay i won’t have time to blog but I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY RECENTLY – So i am getting it said before i run out of time lol, anyway i digress – I have pondered publishing a poetry collection for a while, its a small one at that as i don’t often write poetry. All these are my thoughts, often random or sometimes a way to express. For now it is E-Book only but i am working on paperback and offering signed copies too! All proceeds from the e-book will be donated to a UK charity called Mind and eventually any paperback copies, 70% of it will go to them if purchased via Amazon and 50% if signed (just to cover shipping costs) This is just something i want to do! You might notice some poems i have posted on here in the past (some deleted) but why not?

For UK – Pre-order link here
U.S – Link here.

I will drop more info when i can sort out paperbacks and if you don’t follow me on Insta @rebeccawritesstuff i will usually update on there first! Thanks so much for supporting if you do purchase it, it’s all going to a great cause.

Take care for now and never stop dreaming xo


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