Rebecca Pursell is currently an un-published author working on her first fantasy novel.
Her passion for writing started at a very young age and grew the more she read books and got lost in stories. Though growing up, she ignored her passion and focused on working and trying to save money, but the dream to write a novel never disappeared.

Rebecca created a blog, only to share her love crocheting along with other crafts and hobbies, but then began to post her writing. This gave her the confidence to concentrate on writing full time and eventually work towards publishing a novel.
She isĀ  a lover of anything creative and has a huge passion for animals, including animal welfare – And has a love for gaming, LOTR’s and binge watching TV shows.

Rebecca currently lives in Stoke on Trent with her boyfriend and cats. She has her fingers crossed that her novel will do well enough when published so they can finally take a long holiday somewhere on a beach – Where more likely she will be writing her next book!