WIP Wednesday – My first sewing project & everything

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Hello! Hope all is well, i have managed to catch up with some posts but i still have a long way to go lol!

WIP means work in progress so i guess these aren’t a wip but i did finish them recently, and one being about an hour ago.

I didn’t make any free printables for June bullet journal but i will make for next month, i do have some printables to share that i made a while back for just general use so look out over the next week or so.

SO my last post i mentioned about sewing, i found a simple tutorial by a Youtuber i follow called Melanie Ham – Its a easy zip box pouch which can be used for a lot of things! I went and bought my fabric yesterday and got cracking as soon as i came home.


I needed a lining, and outside fabric two pieces of each measuring 13 x 9.5 inches and two piece of fuseable felt measuring the same. The felt is for your outer fabric and will make the bag sturdy and thick – Otherwise it will just be kinda floppy. Especially using cotton.
I wanted a plain print inside, just because i think the floral pattern speaks for itself.

I didn’t have any trouble with sewing it, but i am a newbie and the only thing you can tell is my top stitching isn’t straight.


I also think my zig zag stitch ti finish the seam looked nothing like hers. Mine just went straight down like a straight stitch, where hers looked like it gathered the edge perfectly. Was i too far away from the edge?

Anyway, i think for my first ever project using my sewing machine and sewing (I haven’t used a machine since high school!) I think it came out quite alright! I want to make more haha, i think these will make awesome gifts.




I am going to use this for all my crochet hooks and yarn scissors etc. It would make a great make up bag but i have a trunk for that or a toiletry bag if you go away! I am thinking of adapting this and making some flat zipper bags for my fabric scissors, tape measures, fabric pens.

If you sew by machine could you give me some insight on why my zig zag was different?

To follow the  video tutorial on how i made this click here 
Melanie also has a blog where she lists measurements etc >> here

I have also made some more bows and finished off a baby blanket this week for my Etsy shop. Though i think a friend might want it lol! Here is the blanket and one set of bows i made, if you check out my FB page you will see all the bows i have made!


I also got some squishy post the other day from Hannah i posted her some boho yarn as i know i won’t use it.  I already have a few ideas what i will be doing with the yarn i got! But i will be getting some other projects out of the way first as i will be using the yarn to make bath mats, but i have some fun and busy things to do – LIKE transform my second bedroom into a craft room, i am off to get paint tomorrow 😀



Rufus has settled in now with Roman and i don’t need to keep him in his own room, only at night but i think it will be time to stop that as well. If i haven’t already (ok maybe on IG) here is Rufus




Okay here is Roman too because i feel guilty LOL



Overall everything has been really good, i went for a job interview but sadly i didn’t get it. They were really nice about it as well, which made me feel good. But i am still having issues with my stomache something that has been on going now since last year and its going in to my back a bit to a point where i cant turn over at night without it hurting me. I feel like my GP brushes me off too quickly, but i feel good over all i don’t feel poorly etc.

I think that is everything, it’s a long post because i have had so much to share with you.

I hope you are all well and healthy and that you are enjoying the weather if you are having it nice!
Take care for now xoxoxox



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Oh yeah i am here!


Ahhh crap. So i haven’t been blogging. Not depressed, just really kind of busy and life is all go at the moment. I have a long list of blog posts to catch up with, which will be my weekend task…
I also want to say i am sorry that i didn’t take part in the bake a long! I had full intentions of doing so, but i felt a bit ill and then when i wanted to do it the following week i still felt a little bit bleughhh and i just have been so busy.

I actually neglected my blog that much, i didn’t even realise my domain had gone tits up. It’s fixed now!

In other news, i have a new cat lol! (Photos soon) I am just in the process of trying to settle him as he was homeless for a while, then the task of slowly introducing him to Roman.
I feel a bit sorry for Roman as i have been spending time with Rufus a bit but he is in his own room until they are both okay to meet…

I have slacked a bit on the crochet for myself but i have lots of projects being made and hopefully up in my etsy shop soon. I am also making bulk loads of bows as my current turn around time is 2 weeks and i want that to be 1-3 days. So basically i am making all of my stock which is time consuming. We also had a horrible thunder storm, i have never seen such fork lightning before and the noise the thunder made yikes. Caused us to have  a power cut!
Another power cut happened today whilst in town shopping, all of the shops in the town centre had no power and it reached my cul-de-sac of flat blocks (i only live a five minute walk)

I could keep going but i just wanted to check in really quickly! I have not read much either but i am in a monthly book club group and my suggestion won so we are currently reading Dracula. I must say it has been a long time since i read this book and quite frankly, i think i have a crush on the ole count.




Anyway, i hope everyone is well! OH my god i even have a sewing machine and i have yet to use it!? Any suggestions? I have some cute Peter Rabbit fabric, it’s not much inside but i think i could whip up a little pencil case or something?

Let me know how you all are and what you’ve been upto!


(P.S – My writing is slacking, i need a kick up the bum!)

Poetry book review | Meet me at

Meet me at dreamlight: a poetry collection by [Rye, Nina]


So apart from being scammed out of £430 this weekend, i have had a pretty okayish one.
I have also had the pleasure of reading this amazing poetry collection by Nina V. Rye.

Nina is a self published author oh and a published one – Can’t forget that! She also has booktube channel over at YT, a zine and this beautiful book Meet me at dreamlight. All links will be posted at the end of this post. 

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Nina recently, thanks to a writers group over on FB and well, you know i really don’t care much for FB but it i guess is a good place to meet other people – Especially talented ones like Nina.
Now, you know me i aren’t a poet. I dabble in the odd bit and i have only posted a few on here, but i do love reading poetry.

Meet me at dreamlight is a book of prose poetry, something i think most of us are familiar with. (I hope so) – Anyways i read it, i am here to review it. My thoughts or opinions won’t be compromised because of my conversations with Nina. So keep reading!

Rating 5/5

The book is spit into sections, monsters being the first, self, words and light. I think this is a great concept of layout – It organises the poems as they should be rather then a whole book mixed up. So when you start each part of the book, all poems will fit perfectly within that chapter/part.

I loved it, i can’t say anything bad about this collection. I think it’s hard to find fault with poetry because you either connect with it or you don’t. I have read some of her short stories on her website and i fell in love with Nina’s writing style and imagination.
She is dark and i think that should be taken into consideration. I think dark stories and poetry are my favourite because they have a much raw emotion attached to them, that could just be me as i connect well with dark poems.
Her mind is extremely creative and the poems have such a deeper meaning or in my case nudged me to really sit and think.
Nina has shard her mind and soul within this book with i think is beautiful as i felt i was on a roller coaster ride in the dark, visiting different places along the way.

Nina and her poetry is very different, so it will not be for everyone – But if you can consider exploring something deeper and darker then this book is worth it.

If you do purchase this collection, note the following pages – 30, 38, 39, 47, 51, 55, 69 and 71
These are all the poems that really stood out for me.  I will quote you the poem on page 69.


If you say it,
It is a lie;
If you whisper it,
It is a promise;
If you think it,
It must be the truth.
Too bad i can’t hear your mind.

– Nina V. Rye


I love it, it’s my favourite. I think Nina is so talented, i think i might of said that.
This collection showcases her talent in a very unique way. I will forever read this book when i need be somewhere else for while – and i appreciate that i am amongst those that have had a chance to read and review before it comes out.


If you want to buy this poetry collection then click the link below. It’s also available on Kindle unlimited.
Meet me at dreamlight

To stay in touch with Nina, or want to know more about her writing and published work head over to her website > Here she also has a link to her zine in case anyone is interested!

Watch Nina on Youtube 

Follow her on Instagram


Thank you so much for reading, i still haven’t caught up with posts so no doubt i am a week behind now! I am just a little busy and with recent events at the weekend a tad over whelmed.
Speak soon and take care xo


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WIP Friday


Hi guys! Bit late on the wip Wed but i have been keeping my self busy and i just didn’t really have much to share in the way of blog posts.

But i thought i would make an appearance as i didn’t pay for this domain for nothing lol!

As you know, i have my Etsy shop and it’s currently closed as i am working on some things i want to focus on selling, which mostly consists of cute baby booties and prints.
Well now i am also branching into the bow making scheme, so i am hoping to launch a completely new brand and merging my current ideas into one – YUP.

So i have been known as Twinklehook for a year now and i wanted to keep that as my crafting brand, so my Etsy shop is that name but because i want a little shop/boutique i am going to be creating a new brand to branch off my crafts – Twinklehookcrafts. I started making and selling digital prints on Etsy, so it mean i will have two total shops. But i feel like this is too much hassle for myself and i am just trying to think of what way i want things to do. Printables were a new thing i was trying out, but i might stick to blogging them on here for free.

Anyway, that is basically it because i have been in and out of the doctors this week, the heat has made me tired, my hayfever makes me feel like crap no matter what i take for it – So i have kind of been chilling and doing my thing, i have been gaming a lot and it feels good.
I must never forget that gaming is a huge thing in my life and has been since i was a kid…

And a lesson i have learnt this week is to never neglect the things that make you happy.

That’s all for now, i will play blog catch up tonight and look out for a review on Sunday. I won’t give anything away for now ’cause i just don’t feel like it 😉

Take care
Rebecca xo

18 for 18 May review

Attitude determinesyour direction


OK i think it’s about time to look at my goals for this year, re-evaluate and be embarrassed at the progress i am making. I think i set challenging goals for myself, so i think i am ready to make a change to some of them. Which isn’t shameful, i just think i the ones that are not going to be accomplished this year can be my ALL time life goals yano?
And in no particular order…..


Find a permanent job – K no luck, i am still jobless and i reached my one year anniversary in January of being a complete bum. Though i am confident something will turn up, it’s hard where i live the unemployment rate is ridiculous but statistics say its good. This is a goal I NEED but my mum has been in talks with me about an actual business venture, not my ideas of selling my crochet but an actually business that has it’s own shop – SO watch this space.

Take more pictures with camera – Failing on this one, but i did go the monkey forest and take lots of the monkeys so that counts for something? AND most of my pictures i have started to use my camera on social media, with the exception of some ’cause its easier to pull out the phone. I am on this!!! I am hoping to venture out again soon.

Make videos – K bye this goal is out of the window.

Drop two dress sizes – I diet for a day then give up, i love food. I love shoving crap into my face, i love chocolate cake GRR. I am trying, i need to – It’s actually starting to depress me even more than i am. I am slowly converting to a vegan lifestyle, so it involves eating like a rabbit.

Write my novel – I am writing my novel, i haven’t written it just yet but i am doing so. Therefore this is a successful goal.

Get better at calligraphy – I was doing so well, but then i have been so caught up in writing and my own thoughts i haven’t gotten to my other crafts, but i was making progress and i have gotten better…. SO technically pass?

Complete any or all unfinished crochet projects – This is stuff from the previous year, i think i might of actually succeed. I completed that huge C2C, i finished a friends doll. Nope i still have a few things like a cowl, unicorn and then stuff i have started this year. Back to square one.

Finish a jigsaw puzzle – I am not deleting this goal, because I WILL DO IT. I am looking into more things to do for self care and relaxation. Whilst i have painting, calligraphy, possibly knitting i have crochet, it doesn’t hurt to have other stuff LOL.

Visit Europe – I have to delete this one, as i don’t think it will be doable with the budget we are on at the moment but hoping to do so next year. I would of been nice to visit Joshe’s parents in Spain and i really wanted to go to this writers retreat in Bali, i only needed flight money but the flights are two months rent. BUT we are going away for a couple of nights in the UK in November so that counts ’cause aren’t we still technically in the EU still??

Save for a decent watercolour set – I bought some cheap ones just to practice with so i am not in a rush for this. This goal can be deleted.

Enter 4 writing competitions – NONE so far. All of them are out of my league, i guess. But i will be entering the Bridport short story prize. It’s like the oscars for writing comps. I enter every year and i don’t ever get acknowledged, but that being said i don’t give up hope.

Attend church twice a month – Will i go to hell if i say delete this goal? I’m finding it hard to connect to God and religion at this moment in time but i do still think of him and have my thoughts. I think it’s a slow process as i have never been raised christian and i think God will appreciate me taking my time in learning.

Bake every week – Delete! I hate how messy the kitchen gets, so i am baking when it’s the blog bake along or if i fancy a scone.

Learn how to paint with watercolour – Working on it, keeping this goal.

Get mental health help – Working on it, i actually have some other health stuff i want to get sorted out before this even though my mental health is just as important. But i have been having stomache issues for just over a year now and the doctors keep fobbing me off with tests and a few tablets and not wanting to resolve it, and i have some lady problems that they seem to ignore – SO i kind of want to not be in pain physically first ’cause that’s just me.

De-clutter flat – I did clean all my kitchen cupboards and i have done some de-cluttering but all the rubbish and boxes have kind of piled up by the front door. SO i need to move it and it will be successful. It’s just every time we do, i get lazy and well i am just lazy.

Look at college courses – I found one but i missed the dead line but i have seen something else to hopefully go for in September, just waiting on more information and attend an open day.

Read 4 books each month – I am reading, it may not be four a month but i am doing it.