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Crafty busy!

  Heyyyy! Good to be back whilst I've got a minute - Before i crack on, i just want to add that my blog is going to be reverted back to just wordpress as i can't afford the money these days want us lot to pay.. SO yeah back to basics, plus i am hoping… Continue reading Crafty busy!


Alena – Excerpt.

  I've been busy, but i am back on track with my first track and i am so close to finishing. I have switched up my deadline to the 25th of this month, so even if i am tired after work I AM WRITING!!!   Speak soon xo


Open up.

  I've not done a post about mental health for a while but i wanted to do one today. So i realised over the years i wasn't fully comfortable in saying i suffer with depression and anxiety, but the past four years i have had no issue in defining myself as someone who suffers with… Continue reading Open up.


What are you doing to write your book?

  I come at you with this post today with good intentions. Because the question in the title is the question i asked myself a lot over the years of being a writer. But more so, last year when i really settled and figured out who i was and what i needed to do. I… Continue reading What are you doing to write your book?


UN-EDITED – The adventures of Rufus and Roman

  I think i mentioned before, well last now actually that i wanted to write a children's story and so i created a short one called Rufus. I took it down as i was entering it into a competition and haven't put it back up, but i am keeping it unpublished as i am hoping… Continue reading UN-EDITED – The adventures of Rufus and Roman