Current works in progress

The world we see is a Sci-fi novel set in the year 2100. Zoe decides to change career and become a historian like her father.
She sets out to continue her dad’s research after his sudden death, trying to find the missing links from the past and what happened exactly in the year 2017 to almost destroy the world itself.
Zoe and a research team, take a ship to the neighbouring nation Aegis to find what links them to the past – Little do they know, they are about to find out that Aegis aren’t all they seem, and the perfect nation they are surrounded in have many hidden secrets.
The team uncovers not only the truth about their current world but what it was that caused it to change. The world they see isn’t quite the one they are really looking at.




Alena is a twenty-five-year-old girl wanting to escape the repetitive, dull and lonely life she currently lives.
Extremely depressed and alone, Alena weighs in the pros of disappearinher life for good…Then something happens.

Taking her usual walk home through the park, Alena is chased by something she cannot explain.
Unable to get it out of her head, she searches the park for clues to understand what it was that followed her home – Until she stumbles across a portal that transports her to another world.
Discovering the portal is broken, she must seek help from the Elves to get back home.
On this journey of self-discovery, Alena finds herself amongst creatures and beings only fairytales spoke about and she is in for the adventure of her life.



Max Carver is a private detective, spending his days behind the desk or photographing cheating husbands he is stumped when a rich, prestigious lady comes to him in private to help find her missing daughter.
Max never takes on cases involving missing people and is sure it should be reported to the police as this is the sixth girl to be missing in the past eight months.
Persuaded with a large amount of money, Max Carver starts to build his case and soon discovers each girl that is missing has something in common…. They have been kidnapped by something unexplainable.