May free printable bullet journal




It’s me again! Another journaling printable. Bullet journal – Or whatever, you can scale these and stick ’em wherever you fancy. On the fridge maybe?

Anyway, the colour is kind of inspired by my bullet journal theme and i tried to stay on track with what it looks like but quite frankly i am probably going to use the habit tracker one and the mood tracker myself as i made a massive mess of mine!

May is all about the last month of Spring, quite frankly where i am we haven’t had much of one! But i have kept this theme simple because i like to keep my bullet journal that way these days. Not sure why, but it looks a lot cleaner and easier to plan with when it’s not cluttered full of crap.

So, as per click the files save and open up with Adobe PDF reader – ‘print actual size’ for a nice snug fit in your bullet journal or mess around and scale to fit.
If you ever use any of my printables, feel free to tag me on instagram on my craft account.
Chow for now xo




This week


Freebie Friday – Journaling cards (also writer tracker for us writers)


Hey folks! I am hoping this post scheduled on time!
I’ve been busy – I haven’t written much but i have been trying to get on top of my crafting, prints, etsy, crocheting, journaling blah blah. SO this is why you might see a bunch of printables this week – SORRY! I wanted to space them out and do one a week but i couldn’t resist sharing the stuff i am making ASAP!

Oh, if you experience any issue with my blog/site then it’s me messing around with 301 re-directs. I have had to purchase my old domain for another just so i can make sure all my old links redirect to my new domain – It’s annoying.

This weekend i have another post scheduled, it’s the May bullet journal set and i can’t wait to stick into my book. Before i crack on with the journaling cards… Take a look at the WRITER TRACKER/SCHEDULE i created.
This is great for wanting to keep a note of word count and set a goal/date for when you want to finish your drafts.



So i have pink for May in mind, i think because of the season – And one of the quotes funnily enough is used in the May bullet journal printable. But i love the quite and the simplicity of how i designed it, so i had to make it into a little card!
These journaling cards are perfect for your journals/diarys – Pin up in your office, mood board, fridge – Whatever! The measure at 3×4 inches so i am pretty confident you could fit these all onto one page.

I will be making some more of these next week and hopefully have them released Friday, as i intend on sticking to freebie Friday. I hope you like them and please let me know if you use them!

Happy Friday folks

bluejournaling cards

Free printable – Bullet journal/April


Sup guys! Just a quick post as i am really busy. Honestly, where has the time gone? I feel like i have done nothing today. Sunday i spent jut relaxing because last Thurs, Fri and Saturday¬† i was out in the heat. Friday killed me because of the monkey forest, being in the heat that long was a death trap! Saturday i had to meet mum, i walked two miles in the sun but it seems SO much when its warm. – But i have been relaxing my mind etc because i have been go go go with my novel and i feel like i need a break as it’s all i have been thinking about and doing.

I’ve been going out ALOT and walking, which is doing my back good as it doesn’t seem to hurt me straight away, give or take 4 hours it will hurt – But so do my feet. I am looking into getting some comfortable trainers, i want some converse. My current Nike ones are okay but i have a arched heel so i need those comfy soles.

Anyways, bit late on posting this as its the beginning of the week already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO hopefully you planners haven’t planned, and if you have then here it is anyway lol.

As usual, download with adobe PDF and print with Adobe not the IE pdf file viewer.
Print ‘actual size’ or scale to fit whatever it’s going into – The actual size is A5 so will fit the standard A5 bullet journals after giving it a quick trim.

Will catch up with posts this evening! I am so behind WHERE ARE THE HOURS GOING!?


*PLEASE note, depending on your printer – Colours may vary (Mine prints greenish blue)


Free journal/bullet journal Blog tracker


Hey guys, this might come in handy if you want to keep to blogging schedule or track your blog etc.

I created this because i made a yearly one in my bullet journal but i haven’t really stuck at it, so i plan on using this for each month.

Click the PDF links below to download and save. Make sure that you open with adobe and print with that for the best quality.

To change the size big or small just simply play around the scale option when you go to print.

If you use any of my printables, tag me on instagram


Blogtracker 2


Free printable journal cards / postcards


Sup folks, i wasn’t going to post again today but i kind of wanted to get these out for you!

I’ve been printing stuff off like crazy today all my prints and my mental health poscards
so i can stick them up on my wall by my desk.
I whipped these guys up today and here they are for FREE yeah kind right? I also have another bullet journal freebie coming up at the weekend i am just tweaking the alignment – BUT it’s going to be a blog tracker, track the days you blog and what days you don’t etc. Perfect for those who want to be consistent with blogging or need to get into a routine (not me ’cause .. *sarcasm*)

Click the PDF file down below to grab these really cute printable postcards or journaling cards, whatever you decide to use them for! Card making blah i don’t know, go crazy.

They measure like a postcard so 6×4 and if you want that size and not waste paper then look at the image below to get them all on one page! They will be the perfect size.
I would rec printing in Adobe as it gives you more flexibility with printing.

If you want them bigger or smaller, scale and play around with the sizing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Postcards set of 3