(bake along tomorrow) – Crochet amigurumi mouse



Happy Saturday! I am a bit behind on everything, i had scheduled Friday to do my bake along but i ended up being really busy and tired, so i popped out today to get stuff and i had hoped to blog it but i honestly believe someone is fast forwarding time! The days are lighter but it’s still not good enough for me.

So i will be making my caramel tomorrow morning! I am eager because i have been watching GBBO from season 1 an taking in all the tips LOL

Anyways, meet this little guy! I started him a while back, probably Jan or Feb and kind of shoved him away because i couldn’t be bothered to sew him, i honestly had sewing together pieces of amigurumi it really annoys me and with this guy being a little bit smaller i was like nope can’t deal.

I saw a instagram post of Simplenaturalhandmade and i was like okay what is stopping me from finishing this little guy?
So i did, i got him done and he is ever so slightly cute – BUT i had trouble with this legs. I don’t read instructions when it comes to sewing parts together, i wing it because i don’t like being told LOL, so anyway i might of made the legs a bit too bit at the top thigh. Though i don’t think it makes a difference, his face is a bit off with the eyes but i think he’s cute.

Can’t believe a hair of mine is just chillin on him LOL 

I never did that type of nose before where you like thread it, but glad i did it because i will okay doing it when another pattern calls for it.
I’ve made him my official writing buddy, because he is small and he looks quite intelligent. I don’t have a name for him but if you can think of one let me know!

The pattern i used is by Bubbles and Bogo and it’s not expensive. I have a few of the patterns by these because i think they are ever so cute, and the unicorn one you might of seen me make a few times.

Well, that’s it for now i have been writing a lot and getting things done but i am tired this weekend i think i am exhausting myself by trying to get a million things done.

See you tomorrow with my bake a long!

WIP Thursday 18.01.18

I craft insteadof doing myhousework

Well this week has been a bit off schedule, i wanted to film my kindle cover book but i have got a swollen gum (wisdom tooth trying to make an appearance) so it’s been a bit painful and we all know how toothache just drains you! So off to the dentist tomorrow.

My WIP Wednesday post is late because i just couldn’t be bothered, i have been pattern testing for Emma @ Emmacraftsdesign



So i finished up her Sandy the sea dragon yesterday and i am really impressed with the way it turned out. Emma wrote the pattern out extremely well and had enough pictures to show what she was doing. I haven’t made any amigurumi for a while so i thought i was going to be a bit rusty. The only thing that annoyed me was my white cotton, it was awful to work with and very splitty, so noted that is not a brand i will be using again! Which is a shame as the rico essentials cotton (not baby) was one of my favourites and i always recommend that cotton to people!
The other cottons i used was rico baby so its so different and lovely to use. But in terms of winning brands for cotton, Yarn & colours is just brilliant.
Thank you again Emma for letting me test Sandy, you’re amazing! I’ll link her blog and insta at the end of this post.

So far as crocheting is concerned i haven’t done much or made much progress since i posted my picture on Instagram 


The stitch i am using is a Herringbone HDC (U.S terminology) I will be doing a tutorial on this stitch before filming the Kindle sleeve i made. Hopefully tomorrow i feel okay enough to film and then get all my videos up for the weekend.

I have also been writing and trying to hit my word count, then recorded another Sims 4 speed build which was tiring as this build took a bit longer and thankfully i didn’t have to talk as i do the voice over after the editing.
I also would like to thank Robin over at Imperial crochet  she shared her Zazzle store and i have been wondering what it’s all about. So i’ve opened my own little shop where i can design stuff and basically put them on items to sell.

I have just finished up a tote bag design, which is available HERE  if you use the code ZJANUARYSALE you will get 25% off!

If your not already taking part in this months Bake off over at Tracy’s blog then please consider taking part! Not just this month but EVERY month. I missed lasts, but i am hoping to keep up and try and bake every month 😀

That’s it for today folks, if you want to checkout Emma and follow when the release for Sandy is available  her insta is also here


And i will shamelessly plug my social media right now > Instagram 
Buy my tote bag > Here


Take care folks! xo

June wrap up & July goals




Firstly, DAMN. How quick are the months passing? I can’t believe we are in July and not even thinner than last year. FML.

Okay, so as part of my new Blog schedule which i have put into my bullet journal WHICH i have a scheduled post for UK time is around 8:00PM because i wanted to do this post today and i normally don’t post twice a day BUT July kind of started on a weekend and i’ve been making the weekends are ME time.


So July has been kind of hectic, i started off pretty smoothly with my projects. I started a shawl, a wave blanket a giraffe which are all kind of half done i just haven’t posted any more updates on them – Because orders for baby items have been making me crazy.
Whilst I am still adding changes to my website, I’ve been using my FB page more to use for custom orders. I know your thinking wtf is the point in having a website. WELL its my baby, it’s still growing and i had a brain fart to create a section of my store dedicated for babies and toddlers. So whilst juggling that and making items, well planning what to make seems to take over more than the actually making. I thought well, my FB page is my shop window and i can’t turn down a customer if i technically don’t have any of the baby items available online yet… right? SO i’ve been busting ass and as i write this i have a order that needs to go out today etc.

Anyways so here is literally June in a nutshell. I started a shit ton of projects at per and the ones that i kind of should of finished in June will be made priority for the first weeks of July, some of them i am actually going to save for December at the Christmas fayre. I made two more unicorns for someone!!! Started a bullet journal, played more games on the PS4, tried my hand at Calligraphy, NOT attempted to make t shirt yarn – I will, and a whole lot more!!! See some of the pictures below.


So what’s in store for July? Here are my goals

  • Stick to the blog schedule, i don’t think it matters if i stick the 3 times a week mark but it’s more about the content ideas i have i want to stick to.
  • Finish & Set up baby section on the website! I can’t wait for this as i think this will be such a huge hit .
  • Continue to eat healthily, last few days i let myself go but we all deserve treats.
  • Exercise, get my ass up and move!!! That includes going out for walks and getting some fresh air
  • Track your mood, this is part of the bullet journal but i want to track my book for depression purposes so i can see what and when i get low
  • Writing tracker, i set a goal to write 500 words a day. This excludes my personal journal and some blog posts. I want it to be strictly 500 words to do with writing stories. Now i can’t say it will be 7 days a week but i want to at least do this 4 times a week if i can’t stick to the 7.
  • Continue my calligraphy journey, once a week. Even if it’s just half an hour that allows me to sit and take a break to try something new. I really got pissed off with doing it but i am kind of excited to see where my progress takes me!
  • Read more, i have a reading tracker and part of my new blog ideas is that i want to read 5 books a month & at the end of the month i want to do a review on the books which ones i liked and didn’t etc. I think this will be fun, i might even started a monthly book club?
  • Stick to my crochet schedule. Ok so i am going to mention the word ‘depression’ again. Not to milk it at all but the reason why i have all these schedules and trackers in my bullet journal is to not only help me get more organised but to give me something to get out of bed and do even when i  feel like the world is about to eat me up! PLUS it’s hella fun 😀 😀
  • Read more blogs. I am going to set a side half an hour a day or when i’m just taking a break to catch up on blogs. I love a lot of blogs on here so i don’t want to miss anyone’s adventures.
  • Game more! Gaming is my escape i fucking live for it and something about the past 6 months or so i haven’t picked up the controller for gaming purposes. I spent the past two weekends playing games and it felt so good. Eyes hurt after but damn so worth it.
  • Go to the doctors, ok i have this weird rash i think it might be dry skin from like skin issues in the past i’ve been putting it off but i need to go.
  • Print more stickers and stuff for planner – This is purely for fun and therapeutic purposes.

Stop listing goals for the sake of it…..

That’s a shit load of goals BUT it’s all fun! They are all doable and none are impossible. It’s mainly to do stuff which can easily be carried over to August but i do have some that NEED to be done in July.
Like i need to be a little bit thinner this month to make up for the 4 years i’ve been meaning to diet.
That’s a wrap folks, check back later when my bullet journal video will be up on hurrrrrrrrrrrr I am kind of cringing at the sound of my voice. I live kind of up north but not northern I am in the middle so its a mixture of all the surrounding nasty ass accents and it created my nasty ass accent.


Peace out, happy July.

Aurora the unicorn

If your sick of seeing this unicorn don’t read lol! I posted it on instagram first as I shamelessy wanted to promote it. 

So I won’t bore you all with a long post about it. I got this pattern from Etsy – BubblesAndBongo

Check out their instagram @littleaquagirl 

The pattern was fun, cute and pretty easy. I started it last night and finished it off this afternoon. 

I did miss a cute part off which was a star headband. I didn’t have the right kind of yarn or anything nice to compliment it. I still think it looks cute regardless. 

I used a 2.5mm hook and normal dk. I used white and some variegated I had knocking around. 

That just about sums it up! I’ve had a meh day drama and changed my mobile number… TOMORROW I have tickets to go see Wonder Woman, super excited for this film. She’s my superhero inspiration! 

Hope everyone has a fab weekend xox 

Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira


Happy Saturday folks! I have finally finished Kira 😀 You know something? It’s actually quite a lengthy project. I mean i did start this a few weeks ago and didn’t really pick up the pace until 3 days or so ago BUT even on those odd days, the  hours seemed to of passed.
I wanted it finished by yesterday but come 6:00PM i still had the sewing of the parts, the baby ARGH
So I woke up early, did my usual stuff and then at around 11:00am i cracked on. I literally finished her at around 4:00pm but didn’t upload her on my social media accounts until about an hour ago.
I did however add her to the website and she has a new home 😀 😀 😀 – If i am honest the customer isn’t a stranger, they had their eye on her for a while!


I am pretty happy how it turned out, i will make some changes to the yarn i used in the future.

For a one off time only, i have put Kira on my store in the custom section because this one itself has sold out i thought about offering one slot and a chance to customise and buy her.
You can check that out here >>>> Buy custom Kira


What i used:

So i used a 2mm hook. The pattern calls for a 2/2.5 – I have no idea what that is in U.S or other countries.
It requires the stitches to be tight so hence sticking with the 2mm. It also says to use 4ply yarn and i only had white 4 ply knocking around, the grey and brown is DK yarn. Just some random balls i had in my stash.
Now i rarely touched the white and pretty much have a full ball left, i did used almost a full ball of grey so if you are prone to mistakes maybe just stock up on an extra ball.
I have always used DK when making crochet teddies or toys! I rarely use 4ply and probably have 3/4 colours in total of it. SO just saying you don’t need to go by exactly what it says as the sizing and the tightness of my crocheting came out well and i didn’t have any loose stitches or huge gaps.

You will probably need some stitch markers as it works in rounds and some pins for when sewing the parts on. THIS is a must have as you really do want it all to sit perfectly and look straight when all sewn together!
I used 6MM safety eyes for the mother and 5mm for the baby, i think the pattern uses smaller for the baby i can’t remember but the 5mm were the only ones i could get my hands on!

This is a paid pattern and i have said in the past i rarely buy patterns but Lalylala is the only one i would quite happily give my money to. So expect a lot more dolls from me in the future.

The scarf i found some random red chunky yarn chained 5 and did TR/DC stitches. The pattern oddly enough says to KNIT the damn thing and has a mini pattern for the scarf which actually looks nicer than mine but we can’t all be like the designer LOL – She does say you can crochet one. I mean i tried to knit once and it really got on my nerves, i may give it a go again one day but it just isn’t quick enough for me.
I used chunky yarn because at this point i was tired and getting annoyed that it wasn’t done PLUS i think it looks better and worked up quicker.

PATTERN IS HERE > > > > > > > > > Kangaroo kira


It’s bank holiday weekend, so i am taking this time to relax! I am doing nothing until Tuesday lol. Okay that’s a lie, i am planning stuff for the store and finish my baby chenille blanket & probably end up making other things. I now have to finish my friends requests which is the same pattern as Kira but it’s not in kangaroo form – It’s takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to do so i am kind of excited to do it because it looks different but kind of not because of how long it will take.

I will catch up with blogs tomorrow ❤ I literally need to breathe so please don’t think i am being rude or ignorant if i have only liked a post and not commented i am going to really thoroughly catch up on all your amazing posts.

Have a good one folks!!

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(Incase you missed it here is the pattern link again Kangaroo Kira)