12 point star ripple blanket – Monday Madness



Lord help me! It’s done. I did it, i finally bloody did it. Not going to lie it’s been tedious due to the fact that this yarn isn’t exactly fun. As beautiful as it is, it’s thin and light which is hard for anyone that never crochets with 4 ply.

View the first post i made about here where i posted a link to the video tutorial >>>>>> Star blanket
This will be a pre – made item on my store which in case you didn’t know launches this Friday the 26th. Bet your so sick of my shitty website talk LOL!
I’m going to launch it an hour early than I’ve told people so WP friends can see it first not that it makes a difference but i want to blog it before hand.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – I got two more things to finish before Friday. Laylala  and my soft chenille blanket. It won’t take long to do because its chunky and quick. As for the doll, i have the arms, tail, cap, ears, pouch and baby kangaroo to make FML! I don’t know if i will have enough time to do Bina the bear? I mean i should do as it’s literally basic – Head, arms, body, cap, ears you know the the normal so i might start that Thursday possibly Wednesday night.

I won’t have time to do all of the little things this week but i can do them as the days/weeks go by and slowly add stuff. I think the first few weeks is getting my name out and promoting.

If you have me on Insta you will probably see my pictures first LOL! So i aren’t repeating it’s just my first place to go when i take a picture.

I’ve been pretty random on it, i even ate cheese cake on a video. Oh and I’ve been trying to tackle my anxiety and the dreams of having a nice sexy body hahaha!!!

So my tummy always looks like i am pregnant yup i am actually sharing my insecurities with you guys. I am pretty sure Tami pointed me in the direction of Chamomile tea.
I got some on Friday & i didn’t get the pure one i got it with honey as i had never tried it before.
I have actually been really enjoying it and i am thinking about swapping my 5 cups of normal tea with some fruit teas. I will still allow myself to have my morning tea cause we all need that boost.
Yesterday was the first day i had two cups of Chamomile, i had one in the evening and one late at night before sleep. I should of spread it out but i was at my mums for Sunday dinner and forgot. Saturday i had one cup before bed and it really helped with my bloating because i made a pie that night and pastry does not agree with me!!

That being said it’s also calming me at night and i have been sleeping REALLY well. I still have a long way to go with my anxiety but i have noticed about a 20% difference.
I also bought myself some slimming shakes, i think i will head to the market Wednesday and get some meat, fresh produce and some fruit. I am thinking shake and fruit for breakfast, shake and  some kind of fruit salad for lunch then a good protein salad/meal for dinner.
I will also get in between snacks so i have like 2kg of raisins :/ i had to stop eating them because i was literally munching on them all day and they basically detoxed my f*****g bowls LOL.
Tomorrow i will go light as i am going out for a meal and it’s not until like 7PM so i don’t want to feel fat and heavy when i go out. I am also going to start doing some yoga for a few weeks and then i am going to try my zumba DVD – I want to do yoga first as i have been getting lower back ache recently especially when i walk so i need to maybe take care of my posture a little better first.

HOLY shit this is a long post. I like talking about getting healthy, i am looking forward to it. I really want to do it this time as i have already quit smoking and correct me if i am wrong but i think this is the start of my fifth week smoke free?
I do really feel like it’s time to make these changes because, 1. If i don’t do it i never will and 2. I am kind of sick of being unhappy.

I just also want to say that don’t ever feel pressured that you need to get healthy and live a certain lifestyle. If you do want to make changes do it when the time is right, because you don’t want to be in the wrong frame of mind. I tried to do all of this last year and i really just wasn’t feeling it and i ended up back to square one within 5 days.
This time i feel it, so don’t rush yourself. Make gradual changes if you need to 🙂 It doesn’t need to happen over night.

That’s it for today! I will post the pie recipe tomorrow, well the way i made it. I have such a lot to do today. I am currently waiting for my washing machine to clean, had to buy stuff because it was smelling and i need to do laundry GRRR. Also bedding change again.
I bought some beauty things today, i got a sheet mask, day and night cream, lotion, cleaning stuff so i am going to have a nice bath tonight and pamper. I keep breaking out in spots and with the weather being warm recently my skin needs to be looked after as i have oily skin and i don’t want it clogging.

Ramble ramble ramble.

Going to catch up on blogs as well! Have a good one folks 🙂

WIP Wednesday – Making progress yay!



Firstly, i can’t remember if i showed you my business cards LOL but yeah here’s a picture of them. That’s the front, on the back i have my social links and blog.

Happy WIP Wednesday, I am recovering from having to frog the bloody star blanket and I’ve been crocheting like mad to get it done. It WILL be done by tonight I don’t have much yarn left and it’s looking very promising.
With that I have a Lalylala almost done – Not the two I’m making for a friend as i need to get my website stuff and everything important done first because I only have until the 26th LOL FUCK!


I got this right!? So i will be continuing with the doll tomorrow and get that finished and also IF I have finished star blanket tonight I will also continue the fluffy soft blanket i started.
AND IF i stick to schedule, this weekend should be quite relaxed and i can crack on with making more hexagons.
I had some set backs this week so it’s kind of put me on a halt.


This is what the star blanket looked like around 4 hours ago – I took a break and then did about an hour more of it so it’s grown now and the pink is transitioning nicely into a purple pink an then the next colour after which is the final is PURPLE. YESSSSSSS
I’ve been naughty and ordered another one even though i totally bitched about the price and how much of a pain it’s been to work with but I kind of love the shades.
But once it comes I’m putting it away for a while as i don’t need to start anymore WIPS.

That being said, I also ordered some cotton LOL – and my T shirt yarn came the other day so i’d like to try making some basket things over the weekend.

I will do it, if things don’t get crazy.


in other news

Well as you know May this year is my one year crochet anniversary – This time last year i started a C2C – SEE ABOVE PICTURE.
I am pretty sure this was the moment i decided i hated c2c and would never do it again. Hence why that piece is actually now a half blanket and it’s somewhere with cat hair as i use it to wrap my cat up when i trim his nails or it goes into the pet carrier when he goes to the vets. YEAH that’s what i thought of you C2C

Funny isn’t is how a month ago i started another C2C blanket with that lush yarn and I actually kind of love the stitch lol! I haven’t finished that blanket but because it’s so big I am thinking every now and again i’ll continue it as i think it’s going to be my big winter blanket. But i would like to finish it sooner and use the yarn to make room for more yarn.


SO that’s it for WIP Wednesday, i literally feel like napping. I am so tired this week :/ trying my hardest to pull my shit together but man i need a good ass sleep.
The cat is also going through his phase again of mewing all night so I am not sleeping til 4 am and urgh.
Give it a few more weeks he will as good as gold and sleep all night, i literally wonder if he is a baby in disguise.

What’s on your hooks, needles, paper etc today?

Crochet owl & blanket


Happy Saturday folks! I’ve limited myself on how many days a week i am blogging as i just seem to be so damn busy lately.
The washing just piles up and I can’t seem to figure out why AND socks are going missing.
I refuse to buy any more damned socks!

So I’ve been making progress on what I wanted to do and everything that i needed has arrived. (Safety eyes, keychain blanks blah blah)

I’ve decided to make some itty bitty things for my site – Key chains being one. I made this owl one not so long ago which is a free pattern on Ravelry, click here > Owl pattern
I think i will make a few of these but I’ve had an idea and I am going to make my own design of key chains.
So keep a look out on Monday for a collection i’ll be designing and then i can say this is my own work for my online store.




Also I started this chenille baby blanket the other day. I really needed a break from all the hustle and bustle and needed something that i could flow with. I am actually half way done with this since taking the picture and it should be done by tomorrow. I LOVE chenille yarn, this is a lovely Turkish yarn and it literally feels like velvet! I am doing the v-stitch because i love it and totally forget how pretty it looks. Also it’s super quick especially with this bulky yarn.

OH MY yes my 12 point ripple star piece of annoying shite blanket. I progressed a lot with it last night and it hit around midnight an i thought yes I am right on track, this should be done by Saturday night. HAHAHAHAHA – I am so wrong! I somehow had kept going and going ignoring the end of the row where you ss into the chain 3. I must of done about 15 rows…. YES 15 – I realised wtf where is the end of the round? So i had to frog it all because 1. it was bugging me, 2. I would turn out odd and i can’t be doing that with this expensive ass yarn.
So i have fallen behind with it and quite frankly I am not going to do it until Monday.
Its been stressing me and i’ve been hauling ass to get things done and this just angered me so bye for now star blanket :@ :@ :@


In other news, I was going to go out today for a meal and even make a cake but i cannot be arsed. I have washing galore, cleaning, a tv stand to put together. So tomorrow the day of rest (so they say) I will cook a nice dinner 🙂


So in the U.S it’s mental health month and here in the UK it was only for a week but I think it’s now just being known as the month because yeah.
Anyways, this is something i feel very strongly about as i suffer with mental health issues.
Anxiety, Depression and I’m a hypochondriac. – The last one is easily laughable but I’ve lost a lot of sleep over the years. It’s easy to make jokes about how sometimes i think I’m having a heart attack and that I might not wake up the next morning because I am convinced I have a heart problem. I am not actually joking when i say these things.
It’s very hard to admit to people as it’s used a lot to take the piss out of people who worry and think they have something wrong with them.
I do laugh of course as sometimes i sound silly but it also takes a huge toll over my mind and it can be quite hard to live with.

Please don’t be ashamed of having an mental health issues. Don’t hide your problems, talk about them. Too many people don’t like to admit it and a lot of people find it hard to talk and can have a huge impact on them mentally & before you know it, it’s too late to help.
I don’t want to live in a world where this can’t be taken seriously because the damaging effects are serious.
If you know anyone that suffers with mental health, don’t snigger and don’t judge.
It comes in all different forms not just the issues i have. Help someone if you can, let them know you are around to just listen. Because talking can make a huge difference.

If you are sufferer,  speak up. Talk to your doctor or find a local support group where you might feel comfortable in talking. If you ever need to be heard here is a list of numbers and websites you can call or get in touch with  >>>> Help and support


And with that guys, i wish you a  very happy weekend! Take care xoxo

WIP wednesday


WIP Wednesday folks! I’m trying to this star blanket done by this week so it’s out of the way. I literally have one million things to do for the website launch and that includes pre making ALOT of stuff.
I did wonder why i didn’t start the crocheting and getting a head a while back but I am kind of a last minute person. I hate planning because plans never work out – That being said, every day when I’m at my laptop ‘working’ I have a new list of to do things that i check off and if i haven’t completed some from the previous day they roll over. This has helped me say on track so far as some things that will ‘roll’ over don’t need to have as much attention until next week-ish.

Yesterday was crazy as i needed to get my CE tests done and it all passed, i just need to write my notes for my folder and upload all the pictures into a zip file & then get the CE logo and prep things for when i complete and make toys.

It’s May so it is also mental health awareness month, I am going to do a post about this on Friday as this is something close to home and i feel strongly about! It won’t be a doom and gloom post but it’s also a topic that’s not for the light hearted.

OH I’ve also added some mini pre-made stock to my list…… so i’ve got key rings to crochet and mug warmers. Just fun little things 🙂


Measures approx 20 inches in height and width, i did go down to a 3.00mm hook as this yarn is a pain so i may be able to get a little more yardage. It’s not changed much from my last picture but if you can see the green is coming through slowly, i have done more rounds since that picture and the green is more obvious. Like i said this yarn is a gradual colour change and so it’s quite a nice ombre effect. I WANT THIS THING DONE ALREADY!!

Everything i make from now on will be photographed, washed and put in some cellophane bags for storage.


Happy wednesday! Pizza for me tonight as i cannot be arsed to cook.
What do you all have on your hooks you cheeky little hookers LOL.


Crochet 12 point star ripple blanket


Why do i do this to myself?

WIP number 100 – Yup, more work. I used my pretty unicorn (poppin candy) yarn to start this 12 point star ripple.

I’ve been looking at this yarn since i got it and i did attempt a shawl and frogged it. I was like, i did NOT pay £20.00 for one skien of yarn. YUP expensive! BUT the big question is, is it worth it?

Okay well I can’t give you an answer on that one yet because its 4ply and I rarely work with 4ply so it feels different and I am struggling with my tension. Though I know people are massively bigging up this yarn by scheepjes and I think stores do so for sales etc, but also because it comes in such beautiful colours.

I don’t usually review yarns but because this one is costly I will give you a little tell all on how i feel about it but I will do a full review once I’ve finished this blanket (DON’T ASK WHEN)

So apart from it being pricey but beautiful it’s actually really soft and lightweight. It’s 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. Two of my favourite fibers. It is around 225 grams and has around 1000m! YUP so you kind of are getting value for money… In a sense.
I’ve seen a completed blanket with ONE ball measuring in at 35x35inches- Using more yarn will obviously increase but this is a standard baby size so I’m going to do some maths/break downs with you.


The maths

So let’s say i want to make a blanket for someone measuring at 35X35 inches – Now I use Stylecraft DK yarn which comes in at £1.85 per 100g and around 295m per skien.
Now this person wants 5 colours, so thats £9.25 and 1,475m in total.

Now, depending on pattern I probably won’t even use all full balls so i could easily extend the size – You with me? Though stylecraft DK is boring and it’s not beautiful yes I hear you all chewing your tongue – Okay so lets to a price comparison on a colour changing yarn. I will use three types here, Caron Cakes because of the popularity, Drops delight because i want to test the 4ply & 50g  skiens and Stylecraft cabaret because its a lovely colour change.

Still basing this on the 35×35 blanket that one whirl cake made.

Caron Cakes – £9.99 per 200g 350m

Will need aprox 2 skiens  – £19.98 400g 700m – This actually makes a 30x25inches blanket
(Yup, i double checked it was possible)

Drops Delight – £2.10 per 50g 175meters

Will need aprox (going by the 5 skiens of DK) 500g – £21.00 500g  total 1,750 meters

Stylecraft Cabaret DK  £4.49 per 100g 230 meters

Will need aprox 4/5 skiens lets do 5 – £22.45 5oog  1,150meters


So taking a look at just some yarns, I’ve picked ones here because they came at the top of my head. You might see that you end up paying more for different brands in a sense, but the meters is slightly higher. NOW i only compared it against one 4ply yarn. Stylecraft is DK and i believe Caron is Aran weight?

In a nutshell the scheepjes is more expensive if you compare the weight. On the label it says 215-225 gram, BUT the yardage is insane.

IF you were to make a blanket bigger your going to need to pay another £20.00 so thats a 40 odd quid expenditure – Especially if you sell your crochet, you would have to charge a heck of a lot more to make your money and time back BUT hey we are crafters people will pay for our lovely shit 😀 😀


Okay boring stuff over, its light fluffy and good to look at it. I kind of like it at the moment and i kind of hate how much i spent but i think this blanket will look damn gorgeous when it’s done.



Here is where i learnt how to do this 12 point ripple
Jayda in stitches tutorial


Happy monday! I’m off for a lay down, I keep going dizzy so i need to take a break from things. I woke up thinking I’d feel better but I really don’t