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Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1

Howdy all! Everyone enjoying the Summer? I hate it. I am a Summer Grinch, sorry. It kills me with my allergies, i hate being hot, i am too chubby for my clothes. No really, i just don't like being super warm lol. We're supposed to be having a heatwave, but where i am it's cooled… Continue reading Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1


Open up.

  I've not done a post about mental health for a while but i wanted to do one today. So i realised over the years i wasn't fully comfortable in saying i suffer with depression and anxiety, but the past four years i have had no issue in defining myself as someone who suffers with… Continue reading Open up.

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Crochet hats, chit chat and a little moan. (No surprise then)

  So I've been really busy making things for my December stall, my mum is also making things as she is doing it with me - We both have different styles so it will be pretty awesome to have a partner in crochet crime to join me 😀 I just finished this shiplap Cowl  last… Continue reading Crochet hats, chit chat and a little moan. (No surprise then)

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Goodbye July – Short story

I drew back the curtains and took one deep breath, it was dawn once again. I had slept little and had been doing so for such a long time, I couldn’t even remember the last meal that had satisfied my appetite. My eyes were tired and my bones felt numb – Was today finally the… Continue reading Goodbye July – Short story

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Wednesday BLEUGH     My song trying to get through all the finishing touches, projects not done and my life.     Quick post, no wips today i've been out all day. I went to a local vigil this evening in respect for the events recently in Manchester. I don't really want to remind everyone on… Continue reading Wednesday BLEUGH