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Happy Monday folks, I have been so busy this weekend, I wanted to bake and do other stuff but I had crocheting orders and all sorts of boring adult things to do. I spent a lot of time reading but most of all WRITING. I have been pushing out 2500 words average, and I know most of it will be edited it out – But I wanted to share my main character Alena’s café date with Joe, who is actually an elf but she doesn’t know this yet. Joe is actually around 30 years old in human for, but I can’t help but picture Patrick Dempsey when I write about him.

I hope everyone Is well, and I am making an effort to kick this month in the ass!
Peace out xo



He sensed a kindness to her soul but saw sadness in her eyes. He knew she didn’t have friends, it was obvious, but he didn’t quite realise how much she desired to be loved. Not romantically, but just loved.



Crochet baby cardigan | Free pattern link

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Happy Friday! Woop woop – Honestly, its February already and i am REAL scared. Where is my life going 😦 I also don’t like how this month started on Thursday, i am pretending February starts on Monday, this works better for my bullet journal LOL

This week has been a bit of a downer, so i spent most of it playing my PS4 and cracking on with my baby stuff but i have until May so i don’t want to stress myself with it.
No progress made with my baby ripple blanket as i am waiting on the rest of my yarn order (GRRRR) – BUT i did manage to finish a baby cardigan, which now that i look at it doesn’t look as nice as the pattern but i have never made baby clothing that’s all in one go. Most of the patterns i have are all separate pieces. I also don’t like the TR (DC – u.s) i find it too gappy but again it might just be me.
I may of also started ANOTHER RIPPLE BLANKET but this time for myself LOL

Today though i added some buttons and did the finishing touches to the cardigan before heading to my mums for a lovely afternoon of crocheting. My body has also been feeling ill not just my mind,  so i need to ring the doctors Monday and get a lil check up.



This was a pretty easy pattern, it is 0-3 months in size. The yarn i used was King Cole candy stripe  – WHO by the way commented on my Instagram post! I used 100g ball and a 4mm hook.
Click HERE for the FREE pattern, i did actually buy the PDF version as i can’t stand pages with loads of ads lol and i wanted a nice PDF to print off.
If anyone has any cute baby cardigan patterns to share please let me know in the comments!

I hope you have a great weekend, and stay safe
OH this is what i have been doing and will be doing for most of it lol..



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Competition/give away winner

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It’s technically the 31st here in the UK so i am announcing the winner 🙂
I wanted to record some kind of video but i only have the basic plan on here, and it doesn’t let you embed videos unless i upload it to Youtube and copy the link. I really don’t fancy uploading a bloody video to YT of an app picking a winner.

I used an app to generate a winner as i really couldn’t sit and pick one myself. I felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders and super guilty as i don’t like losing let alone anyone else LOL!
So here is a print screen of the winner!




If you could email me at

Thanks everyone for taking part, i hope to do more in the future!


WIP Sunday LOL – oops

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Super late  WIP post but who makes the rules anyway? I’ve been majorly off schedule this week, as i mentioned previously i have a massive baby order. So i wanted to plan and count my yarn stash and work out what i need and make lists because why not? – I also went out Friday and had some drinks, surprisingly i wasn’t drunk even though i had about 7 bottles of cider. I don’t smoke anymore so going outside didn’t really happen, and my throat didn’t feel like crap the next day. I’m super glad i am not a smoker – I thought i would be really drunk because i don’t drink often. But i wasn’t in the mood and at about 11PM and my head was banging. I met up with my nan, who is my dads mum. I always get nervous meeting her as i never like to bring up the subject of my dad but she talks about him and i can’t stop that. We actually had a nice time, and my head the next day was fine. I felt tired as you do, but i did go bed late and had no sleep thanks to the cat!

I keep meaning to film my Kindle sleeve video, but round about Thursday i started to feel depressed and so i am concentrating on other things that will pull me of out of the deep end. IDK it might take me a week or so to get out of it, but i had a dream about a tornado and i knew that my mood was about to take a turn. Writing lots as well but today i am going to chill with my PS4 and become an Assassin for the day!

I did however finish Downton Abbey which i am sad about, but i have started a Ripple Blanket for the baby order. I got all my yarn this time from and i got Paintbox Aran – Abit miffed that i am missing two balls from my order, so i can’t continue it now as i am almost out of the white so i will have to wait until it’s resolved.


I also went on a bit of a book haul, Thursday was it or Wednesday? Can’t remember. Soup book is for my diet and the fairy book is specifically for my novel research, yup i won’t curse myself my telling you what i am writing incase my mind says nah its crap. The two Phillipa Gregory books are from the RSPCA charity shop, they have opened a RSPCA book store which is AMAZING – They had too many books and thought it would make sense to open a book shop. I mean two quid for these books that are brand new? Instead of 8? Plus i love the author, not as much as C.J Sansom though when it comes to historical fiction.


I also started a baby cardigan, mum gave me some pink yarn and i ask for some more mushroom (stylecraft dk) as it’s really subtle. The order i am doing can you tell its for a girl? She wants pink girly shades. Which i don’t mind – It doesn’t look much like a cardigan yet but i have the other panel to do, two sleeves and then the collar then button holes. It’s actually a paid pattern by King cole – which i bought from a shop as it’s one of those booklet types and the pattern number is 3476 🙂


That’s all for today! I will be mooching around later catching up, i can’t even cope with looking at my emails – i tend to delete unwanted stuff everyday but i haven’t bothered in WEEKS so i need to spend some time organising my emails. I have three email accounts, i only had two but the first one which i’ve had for ages just gets clogged with crap and so i use it for anything i have accounts with – Second one is gmail which is now my main one but i also made a third for my blog. IDK why LOL

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

Crochet tutorial | Heringbone HTR (Uk terms)

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Well i did it! I filmed my first tutorial, and then tomorrow i will follow up with the how to video for that kindle sleeve.
I re-filmed this so many times because i was nervous, and my set up wasn’t perfect! I may of had some trouble with the camera focusing and the background noise (white noise) from my mic. But that’s the first time i have filmed using my Bridge camera, so i need to get used to the settings. I mean, voice over is so much easier and better quality mic all around than the built in ones but hey ho i did it! I also thought it would make my how to video shorter if i did the tutorial on the stitch first.

So if you would like to watch my tutorial on how to do the Herringbone HTR then please watch – U.S terms is Herringbone HDC – If you see this written on patterns it will look like this > HHTR or HHDC 🙂



Feel free to check out this crochet terminology conversion, print it off or make a note somewhere for you to keep as this always comes in handy!




This tutorial is in prep for my kindle sleeve video, i am sorry it’s taken so long to film but i have been busy with a few other things. I haven’t had much time to make progress on my scarf lol!

I hope the video was okay! Thanks again take care xoxo