Raindrops fall and hit my cheek, As I cry over secrets you all fight to seek, I scream out loud for I cannot keep, the secrets that haunt me whilst I am deep in my sleep, Raindrops fall and hit my cheek, as I burn all my secrets I do not wish to keep.

Crafts & Hobbies

Happy Easter (bit late)

Happy Easter! It's been super sunny and hot today, which is nice given the day we are celebrating. But I hate the heat and sun as this time of year always brings out my allergies, and oh mannnn I've been suffering this weekend. Not managed anything crafty other than trying to get my bfs chunky… Continue reading Happy Easter (bit late)



Sorry for not sticking to my new blog schedule, writing has taken up such a huge chunk of my time and that in order for me to succeed i need to keep going as this is such a huge priority for me as i have a personal deadline and dont want to be stuck on… Continue reading Busy


The change – Short story

  Hey guys! Happy Friday - I hope everyone is goooood. I have around ten minutes to type this up and post before my laptop dies! So i will hopefully get round to catching up on blogs tonight as i haven't at all this week. As i mentioned my blog schedule, Fridays are about writing… Continue reading The change – Short story


One month hiatus – July nanowrimo

  Hey folks, i was hoping to get back into blogging but i am super behind on finishing my craft room thanks to this heatwave making even just going to the toilet a sweat fest. It's also nanowrimo and i have a goal to write 50k words this month, i really want to take part… Continue reading One month hiatus – July nanowrimo