What I’ve been reading – Not much!

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Sup folks! I am around two months late on staying track with my monthly reads – And it’s been a bit of a sham to be honest! I haven’t read much at all but i have read some!
This post i will share with you four reads and mini reviews! If you follow me on Goodreads  then three of the books i have already put my reviews on because i read these way back at the end of Feb/ beginning of March.
SO the first book i am going to mention i haven’t gotten around to posting on Goodreads.
As for the other three, i will just copy and paste LOLOL – Not sorry.
By the way as for spelling mistakes i am tired so i have re-read this post but my eyes are stinging meeeeeeeeeee
GONE! FORGOTTEN! DEAD?: A Chief Inspector Joseph Hughes mystery (C I Hughes Mystery Book 1) by [Berryman, Janet]
Gone! Forgotten! Dead? – Well firstly this author is my boyfriends friends mum Janet Berrryman. I never new his mum was a self published author and i would of read her books long before! So when i found out i actually bought the book and did mention i would post a review on my blog – Nobody asked me to, i just thought i would because i am trying to stay *cough* consistent *cough* with monthly reviews.

Here is what it says on back! 
Chief Inspector Joseph Hughes is the very best in his field; renowned for capturing the worst of human kind; Serial-Killers, Human Traffickers; rapist’s. murderers etc…. C I Hughes receives a letter from a distraught mother, her teenage daughter had been missing for a number of years; the local police treated it as yet another teenage runaway looking for the bright lights of the city; her mother new better
C I Hughes looked into the area’s past; he noticed that this small town of Lettersby which was expanding rapidly; had the highest number of runaways in the country
C I Hughes who is nearing retirement asked to be seconded to Lettersby where a Police College had been opened in the aptly named Lettersby Avenue; there C I Hughes could lecture at the college one day a week to the new recruits, the rest of the time setting up a small team to investigate the area; little did he know what a minefield he would be walking into; was this case bigger than any he done previously? Will this be the biggest case ever recorded in Great Britain? Only time will tell……..

What did i think? 4/5

Honestly, that rating is not biased. I legit loved this book, i think because i am a sucker for British police and good old detective work. Janet is an absolutely fantastic author and i did not get bored at all with the story. NO spoilers, because i don’t like ruining good stories! I have been finding it so hard lately to pick up a decent mystery, crime or thriller book because they seem to be the same. Predictable protag, rushed endings and MASSIVE false claims at being ‘a unstoppable read’ – This book was a breath of fresh air, Janet is a breath of fresh air when it comes to self published authors.
The story is interesting and realistic. It reminds me of a really good police drama and you want to just figure it out and get to the bottom ASAP. If you want something different to read that’s not full whinging crap and fake jump scares. Then please consider reading this book! – I mean, read a quality story not a tacky one lol – #Sorrynotsorry
I like the characters and her writing style. No over use of words to make the author sound Oxford intelligent or ridiculously pompus. Janet is a perfect writer and has such a great talent of telling a story and captures that realistic feeling of the police without it feeling force or badly researched – Which she didn’t do! A lot of writers don’t grasp the realism of policing and i felt she got everything right. It’s a basic read – Which don’t take that the wrong way. I mean, she doesn’t shower her story with sparkles and unicorn shit to make it more than it is. Some authors like to exaggerate the story because the plot is boring or the protag is flat. You will real this book, not feel bored and just really get stuck into a good story. She is a dark horse of an author and i wish her the best of luck in her writing path!
(A detailed review on my Goodreads will be some time next week ’cause i am behind on everything.)
To buy this book then click here 


Brave by [McGowan, Rose]

5/5 – Just honestly read this. 

About the book

Rose McGowan was born in one cult and came of age in another, more visible cult: Hollywood.

In a strange world where she was continually on display, stardom soon became a personal nightmare of constant exposure and sexualization. Rose escaped into the world of her mind, something she had done as a child, and into high-profile relationships. Every detail of her personal life became public, and the realities of an inherently sexist industry emerged with every script, role, public appearance, and magazine cover. The Hollywood machine packaged her as a sexualized bombshell, hijacking her image and identity and marketing them for profit.

Hollywood expected Rose to be silent and cooperative and to stay the path. Instead, she rebelled and asserted her true identity and voice. She reemerged unscripted, courageous, victorious, angry, smart, fierce, unapologetic, controversial, and real as f*ck.

BRAVE is her raw, honest, and poignant memoir/manifesto—a no-holds-barred, pull-no-punches account of the rise of a millennial icon, fearless activist, and unstoppable force for change who is determined to expose the truth about the entertainment industry, dismantle the concept of fame, shine a light on a multibillion-dollar business built on systemic misogyny, and empower people everywhere to wake up and be BRAVE.
What i thought

OK i do have spoilers because its hard not to as her life is so out in the world already and she has spoken in interviews and been vocal on social media.

We all know her from the Harvey pig face of Hollywood or her relationship with Manson but don’t expect this book to be literally about pig face – It’s about EVERYTHING. From growing up as a kid, teenager, all the sexual abuse she had to face with all kinds of people, drugs etc etc. MAINLY so about her life being raised in a cult, which was fascinating, sad and then very disturbing. Alot of her memories in the cult are minimal because she was so young, but it has effected her in many ways.
This woman has been through some shit, pardon my French. I read this book in a day and a half because i wanted to know more about how to dealt with each bit of crap thrown at her.
You do get to have the uncomfortable experience with Harvey pig and even her experiences and thoughts with Tarantino. To over come what she has, i understand why she is the way she it and that she is like the book is titled BRAVE.
Get this book, read it, educate yourselves and be amazed and shocked.
You can read my full review here and buy it here


The Magpies by Mark  Edwards

5/5 – Don’t read the follow up. The story is perfect the way it is. 

About the book

When Jamie and Kirsty move into their first home together, they are full of optimism. The future, in which they plan to get married and start a family, is bright. The other residents of their building seem friendly too, including the Newtons, a married couple who welcome them to the building with open arms.

But then strange things start to happen. Dead rats are left on their doorstep. They hear disturbing noises, and much worse, in the night. After Jamie’s best friend is injured in a horrific accident, Jamie and Kirsty find themselves targeted by a campaign of terror.

As they are driven to the edge of despair, Jamie vows to fight back—but he has no idea what he is really up against . . .


What i thought 

This book creeped me out – No it SERIOUSLY freaked me out. Stalky neighbours *cough* and just odd shit. I mean i love watching nightmare neighbours so i think thats what drew me to this book and that FB kept showing me the AD for it – So screw it, i bought it and read it.
Because i have already reviewed this book i am going to just direct you to my Goodreads review instead >>>>> READ  – I am being a lazy person right now and because i read this book AGES ago the excitement of telling you about it has gone LOL plus knowing the second book is pants, it ruins my mood.

I will however not that this author is a brilliant writer and he captured suspense REALLY well, to a point where i read this book in the day. Buy the book here 

A Murder of Magpies: A Short Sequel to The Magpies (Kindle Single)


Whats the book about

he terrifying sequel to the #1 bestseller The Magpies.

Five years ago Jamie Knight lost everything: his home, his wife and their unborn child. But at least the woman responsible, ‘Dark Angel’ Lucy Newton, was in prison, and slowly Jamie was able to rebuild his life.

But now Lucy has been freed on appeal, and before long Jamie receives a message from a desperate stranger. Lucy is up to her old tricks—ruining lives for fun.

Jamie agrees to help. But once again, he has no idea what he is getting himself into…


What i thought

Sorry but i am not wasting my time talking about this book and i cant fathem the fake 5 star amazon reviews. The author is so good and i am shocked that he went down this route with the short sequel. It was un-realistic, rushed, forced, shite. He could of turned this into another masterpiece, but he got lazy.
Read my full review here and buy it here


Thanks so much for reading folks, make sure to check back for an edited post once my full review for Janet Berryman’s book and if you are not following me on Goodreads then please do – I promise to be more active!



Writing excerpt | (Chapter 1 scene 1) – NOT edited

The walk back from work was cold, dark and miserable. Alice had to walk home from work every night as she didn’t like to sit on a bus in traffic for over an hour, when her walk home was just a mere fifteen minutes. But it always felt longer in the winter, as if she had the sudden urge to get home quicker than before – though time wasn’t moving any faster. In the summer she took her time, enjoying the 9-5 job and a beautiful summer’s evening walk home. Feeling the little gnat flies touching her skin or the odd one bouncing towards her face as she passed green bushes, some blooming with flowers and others buzzing from the bees. Dog walkers and joggers taking advantage of the lighter evenings and people sitting by the swan pond enjoying the sounds. Winter was dark, cold and why did places look so different at night? Unrecognizable, especially walking through the park. Alice didn’t remember the benches sometimes, and often wondered if she ever did pay attention to this place in the summer.

The cold air became unbearable, Alice made sure she was wrapped up warm and her bag safely zipped. She walked deeper into the park, the middle bit as she would describe it when meeting up with friends in her younger days. – The legitimate half way meeting point.
It became a wider open space, and more grass with trees and a little path coming off the main walk down to what was a smaller pond. She liked the smaller pond, it was almost unnoticeable – Even in the day time, the bushes and old trees made it look very private, as though nobody should be there. It gave her the creeps at night, remembering the stories she heard growing up about children and adults going missing around that area in the olden days – When it was much more of a bigger pond and less greener pastures. Some people were never found, and they always left something behind though – Nothing like a shoe, but a fragment of clothing. It was a place very strange to Alice, but also fascinating. At times she imagined it to be a little world of it’s own that nobody could see but a community living amongst use everyday, invisible. Somewhere that would be the perfect place to escape.

The cold fog began to rise from the floor and surround the trees like someone had let off one of those fog machines at a bad 80’s disco, but it was light fog and lingered eerily – Clinging to the air, and just like that the little pond had vanished.
Alice looked back, and couldn’t see anything anymore – Not even a street light from back where the park toilets were. She began to feel colder, and became more alert as tonight the walk home unnerved her.
‘Don’t be daft now, you’ve done this walk a million times. Chill out’ – she whispered, almost tempted to reach for her phone and call her mum to ease the rest of the walk but her hands were too comfy inside her coat pockets.
She was however, grateful for the early Christmas present from her mum, she did need a decent winter coat. Alice was even allowed to choose it, dark navy parker with a faux fur hood and fleece lining. A bit more pricey than her usual coats but her mum insisted on getting a decent one. ‘You can’t go round wearing that tatty thing thing, you need a good coat.’ She would express in the middle of the shop floor. Her mum always expressed herself, and sometimes a little too often. But that was her, she liked to speak her mind and didn’t care what the outcome or reaction.
Alice respected that, even if it did embarrass her from time to time – She understood why her mum was like that. Coming out of an abusive relationship with her step dad changed her. After sinking into depression and pulling herself back up, her mum was a new woman. A little less happy than what she remembers but stronger and still fighting to live like the rest of us. Alice wished her mum would find happiness and joy again, her mum was her best friend. If she was down, Alice was down and worrying until she knew her mum was okay. They were all eachother had, Alice had nobody but her mum – Not even a friend to hang out with or meet up for drinks after a long Friday at work. A twenty seven year old living like a loser.

The walk would be almost over, but she wasn’t even sure herself now as Alice felt as though she had been in this park forever. The fog got thicker, and the night was dark leaving the distance and shadows around her look like a deep navy black hole. She stopped for a brief second – Everything around her fell silent the air still and nothing moved, except a small cracking noise coming from behind her. Alice turned and saw nothing, then a rustling noise came from the direction she was walking – She faced forward and again nothing. ‘Hello?’ she croaked, her face cold and throat dry.
The snapping and cracking got louder, and her mind convinced her she heard a little laugh amongst the trees. Alice did a slow three sixty turn, squinting her eyes to concentrate slowly on what she was looking for. Another rustle and this time she decided to walk, fast. ‘It’s okay just a squirrel, just a squirrel’ she breathed out.
She heard another laugh, and this time she felt eyes watching her burning deep into her skin. Was she hearing things, or could this be the moment something happens to her?
Not looking around, she focused her eyes straight ahead and picked up her pace which gradually turned into a jog. Alice got faster and the rustling picked up the same pace eventually both of them turning into a run. She tried to find what side of her it was coming from, but every time she looked to her left or right a figure of black would move quickly, so quick it left the fog unsettled. Who was following her? Her arms moved forward and back trying to give herself momentum to pick up the pace, she wanted this park to reach its end but it was as though the other side was nowhere to be seen.
Were her eyes playing tricks, or was it that dark that she really didn’t know when it would end. – Her legs were getting tired, and everything around her got darker and darker. Fast footsteps still copying her pace and little giggles echoed around her. – What was going on? As she was about to allow her legs defeat her, Alice saw a glowing light ahead. ‘I can make it, come on come on’ She shouted out, making sure whoever was following her heard.
Why hadn’t his person tried to jump out? Or did they have a gun, maybe they could of shot her. Guns didn’t seem to be a regular thing in Bluefield, the oh so lovely little town of Staffordshire. Who would want to shoot up a place that was made up of countryside, farms and hikers walks. It had the elements of a city but the outskirts were for the people that wanted peace and those who had the money. Working and living in the centre of it all reminded Alice of what a shrunken down New York would be.
The glowing light from a distance looked like one ball, which tricked Alice’s eyes into thinking she was nearing the end of the park – And as she grew closer she saw that it was what appeared to be fireflies. As she slowed down they all dispersed around her. The rustling and fast paced footwork stopped and the park was silent again, she looked around and could see her surroundings being lit up, she was safe and almost at the end. ‘Wow, how beautiful’ she whispered, thinking that if she spoke loud these little gifts of nature would fly away. As she reached out her hand, a sharp ‘psst’ came from behind a tree and within a flash the fire flies vanished. As if they had been turned off at the plug – Alice’s heart jumped and realised she was alone once again. But strangely, she felt safe and her body was a lot warmer. The fog slowly vanished and the black dark park wasn’t so black any more, her eyes had adjusted somehow – A little too late she thought, and without hesitating she walked at her normal pace taking in what had just happened.

Who was following her? Did the fireflies really just vanish like an instant. Maybe it was all a in her head, the fright of being alone playing tricks on her. Feeling confused, she pulled out her phone as it was vibrating. Her mum was calling.

‘Hello mum, you okay?’

‘Alice where in Gods name are you, I have been texting and calling you since five o’ clock. I am out of my mind with worry.’ Her mum almost bursting into tears.

It couldn’t be no later than half five? It was only a fifteen minute walk or so home, surely her mum wasn’t that worried. Alice checked the screen, it had just turned seven. That can’t be right?

‘Alice hello? Where are you?’ Her mum sounding a little angry with her now, as she would be if she’s driven herself to such a state of worry.

‘Mum, I am so so sorry. I had to stay behind from work then I must of left my phone on silent. I’m..nearly home now can we speak then my hands are freezing.’ – Alice said trying to sound calm and not a little worried about what was going on. She didn’t want to frighten her mum anymore.

‘Okay, make sure you tell me as soon as you get into that apartment and get warm. Speak in a bit love you’

‘Love you mum bye’

Alice fumbled putting her phone back, her heart was racing and her head was spinning. All that she could think of was to get home, be somewhere safe and get warm. She had no time to stand any longer in the dark trying to figure out where two hours of time had vanished too. She continued to walk and finally reached the end, she saw lights and a few cars parked along side the road where a small street of houses were. ‘Thank God’ – Alice picked up the pace with feelings of relief, as she exited the park she looked behind her and a flicker of light appeared and vanished once again.

Sunday Chit chat | I did it, i wrote my first chapter.

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You know how i mentioned about writing a book a million times? Then i mentioned that ‘this idea was the one’ Then i said it again and again, then i had the ‘Give me back my flowers’ Was going to be the ONE! – K that is still will be something, eventually – One that i am in no rush to finish. So i technically aren’t lying, because i  did say it might not turn out to be anything – It’s more likely going to be an entry into a short story competition.

OKAY OKAY GET TO THE POINT.  – Firstly you need to enter my give-away all you have to do is tell me why you started blogging. It’s open until the 26th of Jan but i am more than likely going to let it run until the 31st. ‘Cause i am hopeless at scheduling.

RIGHT – so i took some advice, and i started to brainstorm ideas for stories and then i thought of one. Then the next advice was to outline – WHAT IS THIS?! I’ve never in my life outlined anything, if i feel an itch to write i do. Hence the random short stories on here, i don’t pre-write them and then blog it. I literally open up a new post and tap away. BOOM. The anxious feeling of writing started to hit me, what if my idea was stupid, what if nobody likes it. So i kinda did one of those brain storms of what i wanted my ‘story’ idea to be. Then i did a second one with more detail, then i wrote with a pencil til my hands ached, paragraphs of a mini structure. The beginning, middle and end, then i re-wrote that so it had more detail, then i well i realised my book idea wasn’t going to be just one book. It’s going to be a series…

And that my friends, i finally FINALLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Found my story.

So i just finished chapter one, of well what will be eventually draft one. And when you put it like that, it feels like my book will never be done. If only i hadn’t put off writing for such a long time? Hmmm, no time to blame myself – Things happen for a reason, this idea has taken this long for a reason. The time is now.

With that, i wish you all a happy Sunday, as i am off to bed! Good night xo

Writing excerpt #2 (not edited, possible mistakes)| Give me back my flowers


_Go on and eatthat cheese cracker_

It was officially March, spring began to peak through and the world started to work properly again. Erin hated the few months of a new year, because everyone was resolution mad. Her social media feed would be flooded with gym statuses and photo’s of food prep or healthy eating. “Eat clean, get lean” – She would make vomiting noises every time some cheesy positive momentum would pop up. Mainly from those who are always trying to get healthy and go back to being greedy by summer. Not forgetting the rush dieters, the ones that moan about not looking sexy enough in a bikini and need to cram in two weeks of intense exercise and vomiting after meals. ‘It’s okay, your only going Spain love. It’s not an exclusive trip to the Virgin Islands, go on and eat that cheese cracker’- Erin smirked.

Spring was Erin’s favourite time of the year for a few reasons, one being she would be able to watch her front garden bloom with pretty flowers. Another reason, lot’s of articles to write for the wedding magazine she worked for. Not jut the writing, the chance to travel to different wedding venues and even more time working at home. Interns and apprenticeships will start, and build up for summer so less room at the office. Of course, it was her brilliant idea in the first place. Allow some of the staff to have flexibility – It seemed silly to sit in the office for eight hours when you’d only need to do a few hours work editing. She will always be known as the girl who let people have more chill time than work time. It went down a treat with some of the parents who struggled with full time work due to kids, which Erin however would always ask why have them?
I suppose she will never quite understand that feeling, she’s thirty four years old and divorced. No children, not even a pet. All of her life she never felt this need to have kids, she did want a loving husband to last at least until she was 60 – He couldn’t resist sticking it elsewhere. ‘Bloody men’ she muttered, not caring if her neighbour who was sitting in his garden heard a word of it.
Erin coped well with the divorce though, she finally saw him for the pig he was. After all these years since highschool, she was finally rid of Pin dick Pete. His name wasn’t really wasn’t Pete, it Wayne but when they moved onto college they students said it fit better. In fact, they said “It fit’s better than his cock” – Oh how funny those days were, now it’s work until your dead.
Each day passed more quickly, the months pass then its Christmas again and everyone is back to making those bloody resolutions. Erin sighs and decides to sit down and stop planting her azalea flowers, her front garden was nothing special. A back one didn’t exist, it was a small grass area and path leading to fence and back way, which then led onto a street with all the other houses. Erin lived in an newly built neighbourhood and thanks to years of saving she was able to buy a home, no mortgage no rent – An actual home. But because she lived in a ‘modern’ semi-detached, her front garden was not separate. I guess this was due to the design, no line or space distinguished who’s half of the front garden was who’s. Both front doors were aligned so close together, that more often than not she bumped elbows with her neighbour – Thomas. He was an ok guy, she believed he was the same age but acted nothing like it. Round about this time of the year and summer, he would bring out his chairs and just sit drinking, sometimes with the radio on too loud. Even hosts mini front garden parties for the whole street to take part in, though this was just an excuse to get the neighbours involved without pissing them off.
His tall cliche dark hair, quirky modern style always caught the eyes of some of the teenage girls living opposite, you can hardly fault them for swooning. He’s gorgeous, but just a complete arse who knew damn well how good looking he was.
Erin laughed, quite loudly about a story Thomas once shared. Apparently, he made such an impact on the female staff at Costa, they insisted on him having a free coffee but had a paper with a list full of names and numbers. Even one that said ‘Find me on Facebook, drop me a message’ – If only Erin had that much luck with men. Maybe she should try women, she often thought about it. How many of the girls she knew at school that were solely into men or were once in a long term relationship with them came out as gay. Would she ever say no If a woman kissed her and they had a night of passion.  Erin was about to laugh again, but Thomas walked on over with his smooth walk, smiley face and logo t-shirt.
He really is a man stuck in a students body.



Book review – NOD, by Adrian Barnes

Alright, well i am back from my few days trip. I actually got back Saturday but I’ve kind of been recovering and trying to get back to reality! Why is it so vile when you come home, like it just all becomes so boring. I am going to do a full post on my trip at the end of the week and share some pictures, i will work in my crochet dolls i have done as i will be a tad busy to do the three post shite.
OK, so finished reading the book NOD – Keep reading if you want my thoughts!



Dawn breaks over Vancouver and no one in the world has slept the night before, or almost no one. A few people, perhaps one in ten thousand, can still sleep, and they’ve all shared the same golden dream. After six days of absolute sleep deprivation, psychosis will set in. After four weeks, the body will die. In the interim, panic ensues and a bizarre new world arises in which those previously on the fringes of society take the lead. Paul, a writer, continues to sleep while his partner Tanya disintegrates before his eyes, and the new world swallows the old one whole.

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd


About the author – Okay, so i could only find bits about the author and i haven’t found ant social media links, which was sad because i know that he had cancer and would love to find out how he is doing and just what he’s up to in general – ALSO, if or when he will publish another book.

He was born in the UK and i believe he lives in Canada now? I have a link here with some information on him and an article which goes into a little more in depth about his cancer and how writing this book plays a huge part in that.

About Adrian
Adrian article


Overall book rating 8/10

I loved this book, it’s everything i could possibly want in a Dystopian novel, i love apocalypses and all things dark and gloomy. This is the kind of writer i aim to be some day and so reading a book like this, that hits all the good parts about a favourite genre or style of writing got me seriously hyped up and excited to write myself.

The way Adrian used insomnia to tell this apocalyptic story is just brilliant. People can’t sleep and turn into insane sleep deprived humans, who will die eventually.
The descriptions and some scenes in this book as well as actions have hidden meanings and are even damn right spot on when it comes to how you feel and act when you don’t get much sleep – What’s interesting is how the world changes the longer they live without sleep. How it turns them less human by the day, sort of monster like.

Each chapter represented a day in the life of the story, so chapter 3 would be day 3. The more you read, the more you wanted to know what happened and how or when they would all die, which sounds kind of grim but this book gives you such huge curiosity. For me, instead of watching or reading something world ending you usually wish the best out come and that everyone or at least some kind of happy ending exists, i wanted to see the death. – I really did want to know what happens in the end if you never sleep, because how many times have you secretly wished more hours in the day, or that you never be tired. After reading this i sure as shit want to sleep but i won’t lie…..

I struggle with insomnia so i totally got the hidden messages and in fact for the first few days of reading this i couldn’t sleep properly because it was on my mind. What a horribly fucking thing to happen. The world is ending by something that we need the most, which is more scary than having zombies come and eat me.

If you want to be scared but intrigued at the same time then this book is for you. It’s not so much scary in the sense of some kind of arsehole like Jason or Freddie coming to get you but something about apocalypses and the end of the world always sets me off and makes me feel kind of odd.
It will leave a mark and leave you shook, it left me thinking if this could happen and books, horrors or dystopia very rarely do that.

It’s a quick read, and could be even quicker if you are someone that flies through books like your change of knickers – What’s even more interesting is the authors thoughts when he had cancer, he said he started to feel similarities to the book. Which is why linked the article above because its quite interesting to read.

I think an 8/10 is fair, i just wish i knew ALOT more about the author because i have this weird urge to investigate and stay up to date with authors i enjoy, i really hope he pushes out some more books because i think he is a brilliant writer.


Book club starts in a few weeks, i am about to start a new book to review and as well as that sift through the perfect one for anyone that wishes to join in after.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be playing blog catch up tomorrow, the joys.