Easy baking: Ginger snaps | A Mary Berry recipe

Good things come


I won’t go into my disastrous baking weekend but i will say MARY BERRY GOT ME MAD. For like a second, then i saw these scrummy ginger snaps – Which if you buy from the shops are jut basically ginger biscuits. Tasty dipped in a cup of tea!
I could go through a whole pack in a day, but my dieting has slowly emerged and i am trying to eat well.

Want to know how to make ginger snaps like the legendary Mary Berry? Keep reading for the ingredients and how i did it – OH and some really bad pictures. I used the Mary Berry’s complete cook book – Which is still on offer by the way (It’s an affiliate code, it won’t cost you more to buy but i might earn a lil something.) Okay and a way we go!!

60g  butter, plus a lil extra for greasing
90g golden syrup
125g self raising flour
2tsp ground ginger
1tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
1tbsp caster sugar

How to  – Makes 15

1. Grease two baking trays with a bit of butter ( I used one but yeah i should of used two LOL)
Combine the butter and golden syrup in a saucepan and heat gently until melted. Leave to cool slightly – I put mine in the fridge til it was cool but still warmish


2. Sift the flour, spices and baking soda in a bowl and stir in the sugar.
Add the cooked syrup mixture, stir and mix to make a soft but NOT stitcky dough.
(By none sticky, she means so it isn’t sticking to your fingers like a goopy mess – It should be nice and soft with a smooth feeling)

keep mixing!!!!


3. Roll the dough out into balls, the size of a walnut. Place WELL a part on the baking tray, and flatten slightly with the heel of your wrist.
Won’t like, i probably didn’t roll them to the exact size who does? Don’t worry about that!

4. Bake in preheated oven at around 190 degrees, for 15 minutes. Leave the biscuits to cool for a few minutes and then transfer to a rack and let cool completely.
I literally just left them on the baking tray too cool down LOL



DONT cook these in the oven til they are rock hard. After 15 minutes of baking they will be slightly soft GOOD, let them cool and they will go hard.

You might want to adjust with the spices – I added exact amount of ginger and cinnamon and i think i could of done without the cinnamon.

That’s literally all you need to do – HOW EASY!?!?!?!!?

If you make some of these please let me know in the comments, link me your blog and show me your bake 🙂

Don’t forget Mary Berry’s cook book is still on offer!!!! £9.99 instead of £30


Thanks for reading xo




Deep pan pizza – Mary Berry

Waaaaaaaaasup guys! We are kicking off January 2018 – YUP Its officially a new year! I hope you’ve all had a good one, and didn’t get too drunk.
I spent all night in my pjs and dressing gown, playing monopoly and having a few beverages.

I don’t know if you have noticed but i am slowly changing my blog, and one of my goals for this year was to bake more. My boyfriend bought me the Mary Berry’s complete cook book for Christmas. It is a big heavy book and has around 650 recipes. He was moaning at how much this thing cost him!

Anyways, she has a section called yeast cookery and i wanted to make own pizza – Obviously, the legend that she is she has pizza dough and recipes!!!
I followed the Spicy deep-pan pizza recipe, and if you have the book it’s page 456 (ill post a link later BECAUSE ITS ON SALE FOR 9.99 on amazon instead of 30)

I didn’t do the spicy toppings but followed the dough recipe, it’s been a long ass time since i made dough.

Dough ingredients:
500g strong white flour
1 x 7g sachet fast action dried yeast
1/2 tsp salt
2tbsp olive oil
300ml (half a pint) of lukewarm water

Mix it all up in a bowl, it should be quite sticky and i was worried it was a little took sticky but once you started kneading it – with a floured surface (lightly for 5-10 mins) it becomes a little bit better.
It makes a MASSIVE pizza you could easily split into two and make smaller deep pan pizzas.
OH by the way, i didn’t have a round pizza tray so i went with the rectangular shape LOL

So you want to let it rise for about an hour, and make sure that when you put it in a large bowl. Add a little oil in the bowl and give the dough a good rub around til its covered. Then cover bowl with cling film and put in a warm place. I literally used my grocery cupboard

Roll it out, and then you want to start with your toppings. – Don’t worry about the shape because if you have a rounded pizza tray like any normal well prepped baker would, you can shape the edges (trim, or make a stuffed crust)  – MAKE sure before you add the toppings you actually put it on the tray before hand. K i didn’t do that so i messed up.

I used tomato puree, mature cheddar cheese and german pepperoni. I don’t like mozzarella etc so when ever a recipe calls for it i substitute it will mature cheese or something strong. MY GOSH was it tasty.


K so one end of the pizza edges was abit burnt because my oven is cheap the heat doesn’t distribute very good and yep its fan assisted. So maybe in the future, ill have a beautiful kitchen with a proper cooker.
It was very filling and really tasty, i was like yeah we need wedges and stuff but no it is supposed to serve 4 people – I made this for two, and we did leave some.

I am so proud that i made this, it makes the world of difference when following a decent recipe and now i know how to make deep pan pizza dough i can make shit loads of pizza 😀

So that was my first bit of cooking for 2018 – Ill catch up with posts tonight and i can’t wait to share my new plans for this year.

I will get a slight commission if you purchase through this link, but this is an offer i cannot help but share the cook book is £9.99 instead of £30 so seriously consider grabbing it.  (Click the picture)


Happy new year folks! xo


P.S I’m thinking of changing my blog name – If you have any fun suggestions i’m all ears!

Fantastic bake along – Apples

So it’s that time where a bunch of you do this bake along and i thought HEY i am going to try this. Feeling really inspired since Mary Berry left Bake off and some bleugh of a new lady joined, i felt the need to take part and do Mary Berry proud – Even though she won’t ever know i did this.
Anyways Tracy @It’s a t-sweets day hosts this every month and it’s actually a really good idea. If you check out the full post ^^^ you’ll see that this month is apples and who inspired it.

-LITERALLY i don’t like apples in food. I won’t lie, but i knew my mum loves apple pie and i thought i would go with something like an apple pie. Its easy enough for me as i don’t to a lot of baking, i cook but not bake LOL.

This recipe was inspired by Mary Berry and you can click here for the link – I might add that mine looks nothing like hers.


Making the pastry was super fun as it was said that it needed to be rubbed until the mixture was like fine bread crumbs. I can’t tell you how therapeutic this was and it felt so nice.
I measured exactly how the recipes states, because i didn’t want to mess it up!!



This next part annoyed me, i had to fold and then fold but it ended up being too thin when i rolled it out – SO i kinda just rolled it and then lined the tin with the pastry rather than doing the foldy thing.



NEVER AGAIN WILL I CUT APPLES!!!!! OH MY GOD. Ok it says peel and core well i didn’t have a core thing did i?!?!!? So i just sliced and then kinda cute around the core and then peeled haha. This was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying because the juice was all sticky.



So then it was all about the sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice. Lemon juice – It says that this stops the apples for browning and gives a great taste. So i did all that, then i had to roll out the second half of my pastry………
NOW i don’t have much room in my kitchen so rolling the pastry wasn’t that easy.  But i did it.

I don’t know how to make those nice edges and fancy patterns, my mum is going to show me but i bought these star cutters today to make xmas cookies but i thought i would just do stars on the pie seeing as it’s like seasonal.




And this is the mess cooked LOL i did about 40 minutes because my oven isn’t the best. I also cut a bit too much off the sides before cooking as you can see, but i am not bothered.



Okay, remember when i said i hated apples in pies. WELL  – I tried this as mum wasn’t here, its delicious. I can’t believe how much nicer apple pie is home made than it is store bought. I think that maybe my problem? I don’t know, i just really enjoyed. I didn’t have much, i didn’t even have a full slice just a little which, i think for me is enough as i did start to hate the texture of apple.

I am actually really proud of myself for sticking with the recipe and it not going wrong. Even though it doesn’t look professional, it tastes really nice.


Thanks to Tracy for letting me join in




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Staffordshire lobby recipe

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Staffordshire lobby


So for those that don’t know, i am from the UK and a place called Staffordshire, and my city is Stoke on Trent. We are known for our pottery and, our nickname is the potters. This thick cheap and easy stew like meal is one of our well known traditional meals, especially in the winter time!
It’s super easy to make and really is a left over stash buster (oh god crochet terms slipping through) And really cheap for anyone that is on a budget.
If you make a big enough batch, it should last you a few days!

This is known to be a poor mans meal, as a lot of the workers or people back in the day from the potteries couldn’t afford to buy fresh food and cook all sorts of meals every day. So they would use leftover meat and shit from a Sunday dinner and make up this awesome tasting stew.
I have kept this recipe as traditional as i can, sometimes tweaking what veg i fancy in it as well.
Normally you would have stew beef but i have been cooking it with chicken a lot more as this is my favourite meat.  Now, the past year or so i have been bunging all the stuff in my slow cooker but i can assure you that you don’t need one of those to cook this! Just a big ass pot to load all the goods in, or a pot big enough for your needs.

Keep reading to find out what you need and how to make it!



  • Braising steak, or whatever meat you fancy. Traditionally its braising steak
  • Carrots, 2/3 depending on how big of this your cooking.
  • Swede
  • Large onion
  • Large potatoes – I actually use baby potatoes and cut them in half because i hate peeling potatoes LOLOLOL
  • ***Celery – Oddly enough growing up we never had celery in our lobby, so i don’t know if this is new thing or it’s down to personal preference. Most people round ‘ere i know bung celery in  – Personally i don’t use it.
  • Pearl Barley, your going to need around a handful, i have shit loads because its yummy.
  • Beef stock 2 cubes or you can make your own – Again i used chicken so i was lazy and used 3 chicken stock cubes.


How to cook  – Slow cooker & without slow cooker

Slow cooker version

  1. Chop up all your veg, peel potatoes, throw it in the slow cooker.
  2. Add your meat
  3. Add your pearl barley
  4. Add water and stock cubes, or add your stock which ever method you do stock.
  5. Season black pepper, bit of salt
  6. Stir
  7.  Cook medium for about 6 hours, depending on your slow cookers temp though. On a low setting it will take longer, so its a good meal to do over night or in the morning before you head out to work etc.


No slow cooker

  1. Throw all your veg, meat and pearl barley into the pot
  2. Add water
  3. Cook/simmer for about 30 minutes – I am someone that tends to go over lol!
  4. Add your veg, preferably chopped LOL
  5. Add stock – Any liquid and this includes when in the slow cooker should be enough to cover the food, I like to go about a inch more or two higher than the food.
  6. Keep this on a low/simmer cook for about 2/3 hours.
  7. Check often and stir so it doesn’t stick to the pan
  8. Don’t forget to season

If you have a pressure cooker, then this is also something you can cooker with that!
This is best served with crusty bread and butter for dipping 🙂


Any questions feel free to ask! I hope you like my hometowns traditional winter warming food!
Its lush ❤

(I also filmed my first crochet tutorial today)

I hope everyones had an awesome weekend and please let me know if you try this meal! xox