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Sew | Book sleeve/pouch

  Hey folks how's it going? It's a real nice sunny Monday today but i've already seen one Magpie... SO this week is off to a superstitious start. Yesterday (Sunday) i was set on making myself a book sleeve/pouch. These can be quite expensive when bought online and they are cute thing to have at… Continue reading Sew | Book sleeve/pouch

Crafts & Hobbies

Happy Easter (bit late)

Happy Easter! It's been super sunny and hot today, which is nice given the day we are celebrating. But I hate the heat and sun as this time of year always brings out my allergies, and oh mannnn I've been suffering this weekend. Not managed anything crafty other than trying to get my bfs chunky… Continue reading Happy Easter (bit late)


Life update and the future of my blog

    Hey guys, long time no blog. I guess by the title you may or may not be wondering what's going on but i want to keep this short and sweet, without me over rambling. Firstly, i do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and i hope you all had a lovely time… Continue reading Life update and the future of my blog

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WIP | Current project – Elephant baby blanket

  Hey guys! Just a quick post i managed to schedule in as i have only one day off work and i am in now for the next five days. Not too happy with things ATM but i don't have much time to rant. That being said, i have ALOT  of projects on the go,… Continue reading WIP | Current project – Elephant baby blanket

Crafts & Hobbies

I have a problem.. Crochet.

This is on my hook, I started it a few days ago. I have a problem with starting projects and when it's ready It's right at the end of finishing it, nah I start something else. My solid granny square hasn't grown much since, and I have still yet to finish the Caron cake scarf.… Continue reading I have a problem.. Crochet.