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Sew | Book sleeve/pouch

  Hey folks how's it going? It's a real nice sunny Monday today but i've already seen one Magpie... SO this week is off to a superstitious start. Yesterday (Sunday) i was set on making myself a book sleeve/pouch. These can be quite expensive when bought online and they are cute thing to have at… Continue reading Sew | Book sleeve/pouch

Crafts & Hobbies

Craft/office room refurb – Before and after

  Can i just say i am SO happy it's done. Like.. I still have more to do but my budget doesn't stretch yet. I want some shelving etc. As you know or if you didn't. My second bedroom of my flat was covered in mould and damp and have been unable to use it… Continue reading Craft/office room refurb – Before and after


One month hiatus – July nanowrimo

  Hey folks, i was hoping to get back into blogging but i am super behind on finishing my craft room thanks to this heatwave making even just going to the toilet a sweat fest. It's also nanowrimo and i have a goal to write 50k words this month, i really want to take part… Continue reading One month hiatus – July nanowrimo

Crafts & Hobbies

WIP Wednesday – My first sewing project & everything

    Hello! Hope all is well, i have managed to catch up with some posts but i still have a long way to go lol! WIP means work in progress so i guess these aren't a wip but i did finish them recently, and one being about an hour ago. I didn't make any… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – My first sewing project & everything


Oh yeah i am here!

  Ahhh crap. So i haven't been blogging. Not depressed, just really kind of busy and life is all go at the moment. I have a long list of blog posts to catch up with, which will be my weekend task... I also want to say i am sorry that i didn't take part in… Continue reading Oh yeah i am here!