My hand lettering progression

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I am alive, i am kicking. If you noticed! I won’t go into a huge amount of detail to as why i haven’t been blogging, but i let my depression get the better of me. That’s all i will say BUT on a lighter note, next week i am going to the zoo 😀 – AND i will be doing a very lengthy March what i have been reading seeing as i didn’t do it February.

The past few days, i have been trying to keep myself busy and occupied in order to create a positive frame of mind – Whilst i have been neglecting my crochet and other crafts i took it upon myself to try and get stuck in, not with crocheting i just have no motivation yet but with my hand lettering and what not!

I went shopping with my mum and i wanted some sketch book type paper thick enough for me to practise one as i was using a dotted book and as much as it has been great, i wanted to transfer some of the practising onto nicer paper – Which benefits the pens i am using much more.
So i drafted out with pencil in the dotted book and then went over with the pens, once i felt comfortable with that i went and did the same thing in my mini sketch book.
Even though i am not very good, i am not at a loss with how much money i spent as the sketch book only cost £1. So i can get more 🙂

I also bought another adult colouring book, an adult do to dot and an adult mosiac book.
If you think of painting by numbers, its like that but stickers!!

So here are all the photos from my little practises. I still have a LONG way to go, but i am improving and i had such a sense of achievement when i saw the difference from last year. I still struggle with the Tombow pens (the coloured ones) and my mum got me some brush pens for Christmas which i also struggle with as the brush is so much more flexible and soft but i am not doing too bad.

The black ink i used was a Tombow Fudenosuke pen and i highly recommend getting a few if you are a beginner. They are firm and it allows you to control the thick and thin lines more easily.







That’s all for now, i am slowly catching up with blogs! I hope you are all well, and would love to hear what you’ve been upto 🙂


Kind of a WIP Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday!

It’s supposed to be WIP Wednesday but I’ve been waiting on my yarn and not even lying right now – 5 minutes ago it came and i took pictures and thought I would blog straight away.
I’ve got issues.

So I’ve been making some progress on my spring blanket but it just feels like it’s not growing with having the colour changing and then the block stitch to do in between. I kind of feel like I should of done a granny stripe or just a basic stripe, but I will stick with what I have chosen as I need to stop changing my mind about projects!

Anyway, I started to make hexagons but that’s on hold, it really isn’t a project to be finished straight away like the Charlotte’s squares and I think i will tackle my hexagons on the weekends so give me a break from everything else.

As you know, I didn’t buy any yarn from my trip on Sunday – I ended up buying 6 balls of King Cole Drifter from Wool warehouse.
I wanted a variegated yarn as did my mum and we spent around 2 hours literally browsing and then drifter spoke to me! I looked at Stylecraft Cabaret and King Cole riot and I LOVE them but I wanted something a little more relaxing.
King Cole Drifter is the one! – What i loved about this yarn (Which I’ve never tried by the way it was all first opinion) Is each name is named after an American State. How cool is that?
I’ve been in love with America since I was a teen, I don’t know why but It’s my dream to go travelling and see some of those hidden gem places that people don’t really mention.
Because when people go to the U.S they always head for New York or Disney world and the well known spots, I want to stay at some little town that’s in the middle of no where!
THOUGH speaking of well known, I need to go to San Fran.

MOVING ON LOL – This yarn is 100g and 25% cotton, 6% wool, 69% premium acrylic. It’s so soft I can’t even describe. I think King Cole is spot on with his variegated yarns and I will buy more of this brand and some of the others.
It also has 329 yards 300 metres. I actually compared it to my DK that i usually use and it has a lot more metres in it so I guess you could say you get a little bit more value for money.
I should hope so because it was £4.99 a ball – BUT SO WORTH IT. Especially if its for yourself, and I’ve learnt that sometimes spending a little bit more on yarn (depending on the brand etc and i tend to compare before deciding) it feels nicer, just the quality itself.
But I know some people have spent a lot of money on yarn before and it’s not very good, which is why i am fussy and take my time when I decide to up the price on yarns.

The shade i got is called Alabama 😀

So what kind of blanket am i going to do? I’m all for simplicity and I don’t think fancy stitches are needed with variegated yarn and I was toying with the idea of a C2C WHICH I aren’t really a fan of but when i started to look for inspiration I started to fall in love with C2C :/ SO it’s looking that way.
OR I was going to just literally go for a HDC because it’s easy and effective.

But then, the past few days I was messing around with Stitch fiddle thanks to Tami – Tanglewoodknots , I was planning on doing a c2c graphgan so would i get bored etc

So I’m going to have a little think about it as I want to start it by this afternoon.
I have an amazing opportunity tomorrow I can’t say much yet but I am excited – It’s a job. I did have a new job but it sucked so bad – Don’t judge.
But this is something truly fascinating.

Though all i can think about is blankets and yarn ARGH!

I hope everyone is having a great week, its half way now. I am still shocked actually how quickly the days seem to pass and this year already? I still haven’t shifted my arse to lose weight.

Hope to browse through and see some wips abit later I love looking at peoples work!



Bina the bear 

Happy Monday folks. I really dislike Mondays,  it always feel like it should be an extended Sunday. I also hate how quickly weekends pass – so much for tackling all of my washing! 

Woke up today with a stuffy nose and felt like I could sleep all day so I am guessing a bit of a cold is on its way. Im surprised I’ve survived the winter with not having real central heating and just storage heaters. I checked the weather and it looks like we’re back with winds, rain and maybe some thunder. 

So the point of this post is to show you some of my recent project. If anyone can recognise the name then you get a gold star. 

Lalylala dolls – they are the most precious amigurumi I’ve ever come across and it’s been a long time coming to actually make one – It took me a good day to decided what pattern / character I wanted to make and I went with the basic Bina the bear. Just because it’s super cute and that this has the base body which means once you have this pattern you can mod it and make your own characters. With recognition to the designer of course.

What makes the Lalylala so popular? I think because they are very different and special. The designer is highly talented to of come up with such precious things and Im falling in love even more with amigurumi as I make it.

It’s taken longer than expected to do the head and hood and I think peoole forget from an outside point of view how long projects can actually take, which brings me to another discussion tomorrow about how to sell and price items.

I am hoping to get this done in the next few days as yesterday I was out all day at the mothers having Sunday dinner and I got home around 7pm started the hood and didn’t finish it until before midnight. Perfection is key with projects like this and other amigurumi especially if you do alot of free hand work.

The pattern is easy enough to do and I’m quite happy with how well written it is. I am scared about joining her as I want it to be perfect. I also need to make a start on Pooh bear – my hands are aching I feel like I’ve not stopped.

This beauty will be for sale after I’ve finished it and I want a good home to have her and and appreciate this design.

If you want to make or look into lalylala dolls then head over to the official Etsy store 

Lalylala < click to view.
I hope you all have a great Monday and stay safe! 

Designing crochet patterns.

No crochet project to share today as the one I started yesterday afternoon won’t be finished for a few days – Just got more toy stuffing and safety eyes so take a guess. 

I didn’t post yesterday as I was having a lazy day and wanted to be 100% sure of what I wanted to crochet next. I’m still not giving anything away.

I’ve also been planning a design for my own crochet pattern which hopefully I’ll be releasing to sell on Ravelry, possibly Etsy.

My mum treated me to some yarn a week ago and I’ve got some lovely neutral colours BUT ALSO RETRO 70 COLOURS. Yes I’m obsessed with the 70’s and made sure all my yarn was for projects in mind. – not sure what to do with the neutral pastel shades but my pattern I’m designing is screaming retro. 

Its going to be a blanket with possibly a matching pillow case – not a sleepy pillow case one of those throw/show. 

Ahhhh so I’m being mentally challenged at the moment. My mum who’s being working crazy hours bought a pooh bear collection pattern and wanted to do winnie the pooh but she won’t have time so she’s asked me to do it for her. I have said yes so that’s another on my to do list. – it’s also mothers day next month here in the UK so it will be nice for her.

AND one more thing. I sliced my finger opening a tin last night so I had to put the crochet hook down. I cleaned it and put a plaster but woke up today with dots of fresh blood so I’ve had to go out and get some proper dressing and cream. It’s not a huge cut in length but it’s deep – not deep enough for stitches. I get paranoid about things, part of my anxiety so I had to convince myself I wasn’t going to get it infected and die. 

True story, a local man worked in a warehouse. Had a small cut on his elbow – it got infected which he didn’t know he had a cut and he became ill and died because it was too late. The infection had spread now I’m talking about a inch cut. 

Stuff like this doesn’t help my anxiety and paranoia so I’m going to look after it. 

This all sound silly and quite embarrassingactually but it’s me.

Hope you have a great weekend, I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have a update on my current project if not Monday. 

Stay safe! 

Mr fox amigurumi – completed 

Mr fox is done! I finished this little chap last night.  Oh I went in on him for 6 hours – I only had to do the legs, arms and tail and it took that long. BUT I did stop take breaks, had to also stuff and sew the things on. I also get distracted by Facebook!  

So in all honesty I like this pattern. In fact I think I like amigurumi abit more now. You know what’s loveable? The fact you only need to know basic stitches. It still amazes me when I head over to Pinterest for ideas and I’m like wow a sc stitch can create some amazing things!

The cons of this is that a start of a round will say magic circle (6) which if your a beginner you probably will get confused to as how many you need to do in your magic circle – The numbers in brackets tend to be what stitches you should have, but it’s not rocket science if you can read patterns and figure that you need to do 6 sc in the magic circle. So that’s just a little pointer for anyone that is totally new to crocheting and reading patterns. 

(I really didn’t like my toy stuffing that I have as it seems to just stick to my fox and I’ve had to pick away at litter fibers. It was all over my clothes after i finished.)
PROS well as per it’s adjustable. so I did make some changes to the stuffing and didn’t stuff as much in the body parts as I wanted my guy to flop a bit – I also did straightish lines for his eyes as I am a dark evil person and wanted my fox to look serious rather than smiley face things for eyes. On the other hand if you have any safety eyes they would totally work.

As per I was using dk yarn (stylecraft: spice, white, and erm brown???) so always go down 0.5mm on your hook if you are using dk. Again as always i didn’t so he probably turned out bigger but you know what? I really don’t care any bout how accurate my projects turn out from patterns.

I like mine to look a little bit different because then I know I have made it! 

So he’s finally done, follow this link for the pattern > Sleepy fox amigurumi pattern

IF you are unsure of how to do a magic circle, follow this youtube video > Bella coco magic circle

Funnily enough I don’t do mine this way haha but if you struggle youtube has lots of videos on this. If you still can’t grasp it, chain 2 and slip stitch to your first making a small circle and sc your count into that centre. Some chain 4 it’s upto you.
That’s at all for now, my yarn came today from my yarn swapper partner so I am just looking at all of the glory and figuring out what’s next. We also have a crazy storm today called Doris so I won’t be leaving the house at all as the winds are really severe.

Happy thursday? I think ha, stay safe xoxo