WIP Wednesday: Crochet Gingham | And a hi from Peter Rabbit

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the previous WIP Wed!? What is even that all about.
I did mention that i would be trying out some cable crochet blanket, but i actually started another project.
Its the Gingham blanket by Daisyfarmcrafts – I spotted this a while back on her Instagram

So me and the mother as usual, went on a bit of a yarn splurge, and i bought some Caron Simply soft. FIRST OFF, why have i never tried this yarn before? I find this to be my new favourite and really tops the love of Stylecraft, its so soft i can’t even explain it. I got the shades victorian rose i think and off white.
The pattern i used, (which is linked above but i will link again later on)- uses this yarn, and for the first time ever i went by the pattern. She doubles up the yarn, so i used a 10mm hook – It also asks for 3 balls of each shade, i got 4 just in case i wanted it bigger.


It looks a little different from hers as i have used more subtle colours and the pattern is sc in one HDC in next, but i am doing HDC throughout because i am lazy. She also has 8 different patterns for this, as it can be done with different colours and stiches which can be found here

Thoughts so far – It definitely isn’t a project i will be in a rush to finish. Partly because i aren’t enjoying the constant dropping and picking up the next colours after working so many stitches. I think that’s because its double strands and even though chunky blankets etc are quicker it annoys me – That’s not the pattern writers fault, it’s personal preference and i should of really frogged it and went with just doing one strand, but i wouldn’t have that mix of cream and pink in the squares.
After so many rows of using the pink and white mix, it will go onto plain pink and then plain off white. You just then alternate to create the Gingham style pattern, which when you look up gingham so many crochet designers have a different take on it.

The last thing i am not 100% about is that you have to constantly carry the yarn over. So in total you have 4 strands all the time, two on your hook and two being carried over which then will be swapped around etc.
The reason i don’t like this is because you can see the yarn being carried over in your work – It is unavoidable as she has mentioned this i think in a Youtube video, so i should of really given it a better thought.

That picture above you can see some of the cream being carried along.
I feel like such a b*tch for reviewing a pattern but again it’s personal preference, i am fussy and i DO like the finished look. I don’t use big hooks all the time, so that might be playing a factor in it, so i have ordered some larger hooks that are more comfortable and a bit better quality.
Meh, so i think i will drop this project for a while as i really want to do this cable blanket 😀

So whilst i was taking some pictures today, Peter Rabbit flew off the shelf and sat next to me wanting to be in the limelight. I did explain to him that he couldn’t just barge in on my photo’s but he insisted. I don’t think Roman is a huge fan of his ego either.. He kept wanting to kiss him!


In other news, i have been editing my first Youtube video which is a Sims 4 speed build, my other thing for my mic came last night (yeah amazon at night!?) so i can voice over, then i will film my bullet journal video and edit it.
I am also a proud owner of a Kindle LOL! I went to CEX  and got a 2016 edition for £42 so i am pleased with that, i don’t mind second hand stuff.
It’s still not the same as reading a book but when i had the app on my phone i would read so many books a week – So i am hoping i can read more.

Last but not least, i have made my Youtube channel banner, what do you guys think?
Twinklehook (1)
I hope everyone is having a great day, i will be baking tomorrow eeeeeeek. Mary Berry of course! So i will have to make sure the kitchen is clean urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh cause atm i have pans everywhere LOL

Take care folks! xox

C2C Crochet blanket | COMPLETE OH MY!

Some days i amaze myself


Happy Sunday folks! Just a little update – I may of done one of my goals. Not my 18 but you know the generic small goals.
I FINISHED MY C2C BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, after 6 months of it being sitting alone. I can say 13 balls of King Cole drifter, its done. I only have two ends to weave in, the beginning and when i tied off but tbh i cba.

Here it is folks:


I am never EVER making a blanket this big again, well maybe i will but seriously. C2C is so quick and fun but because i increased too much it was so tedious to get it done. Then once i started to do different projects, i really didn’t want to go back to it.
About 20 hours of work in the past few days (YES I SLEPT) but in total.
I can’t explain to you how soft this is because its a mixture of acrylic and cotton, its perfect.

Whats next for me? Well i have a ton of boxes with yarn in it and really wanted to use these two balls of 400g dark teal in aran to make something HOWEVER.
I may of ordered some Caron simply soft yarn, and i have already got an idea of what to make. Never used this yarn before and so excited because its AMERICAN. I am a little sad that the shades i wanted, which were blue – were out of stock so i went for this vintage pink. It will more than likely be a bedroom blankets pink/cream aren’t my living room colours.
I have jungle green, brown and grey so i hence why i wanted blues etc. But i might use that dark teal aran for a living room throw.


ANYWAYS – my super professional mic came yesterday from Amazon. I am going to set it up and have a play, do some filming tomorrow.


That’s it for now! WIP wednesday will be my next crochet post and hopefully by then i will of grasped this pattern i am doing. All i can say is crochet cables.

Hope everyone has had a awesome weekend, share your adventures! Lots of love xo

Wipith Wednesday-ith | Jan 3rd 2018

Well hello, i bet you didn’t expect a wip post from me LOL – SO I have had this C2C blanket since last year and i am almost finished but because its quite big, like i mean it’s the biggest blanket i have ever made. My mum has made about 5 throws in the past 6 months including a bloody double bed – Me however i find comfort in baby blankets.

This blanket was for me, i went all out and spent probably in total about £80 on yarn for this because it’s my favourite yarn. King Cole drifter.
I think i started this project about 6 months ago – YUP! My first crochet goal of this year was to finish this and all unfinished projects, even though i am about to start two more maybe 3 *oops*
This means i have my crojo back, and i am freakin excited!! CROCHETING FOR ME!!!

THIS IS AN OLD PIC OF THE BLANKET and this was when i had just started it, its waaaay bigger now and i did take a more recent picture to show my mum but i can’t seem to find it on my phone. wp-1491604088020.jpg


So imagine this blanket way bigger and imagine that i only have about 20 rows to do – Do you guys thing i can get this done by the weekend?
Once it’s done ill have a full post with measurements, how much yarn etc.

Happy WIP day, and let me know what  your crafting away 🙂 xo

V stitch crochet blanket & pattern kinda



Happy Saturday folks, whats this you say? ANOTHER crochet post. YUP I am in such a positive mood as well that. I won’t jinx is by saying anything mean to myself, i have all these awesome ideas and plans for the new year and i just feel good. Like NOW is officially that moment to put them into place – That also counts for my writing, now is the time it really really really…………………… REALLY IS.

So this is another order for a customer, and it was inspired by a blanket on my pin board. COLOURS not actual pattern, i went for the v stitch because its quick, pretty and easy. This person didn’t want the blankets too big and i think a v stitch is a great way to control size as you don’t need to think too much about how many times you need to chain multiples of such and such.


How did i do it?
Well i aren’t claiming the v  stitch as mine, but i will talk you through what i used and how i did it. I know many people use the V stitch differently and sometimes i do, you don’t even have to do trebles! (UK TERM for U.S DC)


So i doubled up and used two strands robin DK. So in total i used 800grams as each colour i used 200g as one ball is 100g. BUT due to the size of the blanket, i only actually fully used the navy. You don’t have to do this, use whatever colours weight etc as this will not effect the v stitch or how it looks.

Here are the colours i did use:
Silver (027)
White (040)
Navy (043)
IVE LOST the label for the green colour i THINK its Seagreen (071)

V stitch blanket how to – UK TERMS

1. So you want to chain in 2’s so as long as you end up on an even number, you will be fine 🙂 Don’t ask how many i chained LOL  – Then add two, so example 44 + 2

2.From the 4th chain from the hook, do two Trebles in that stitch – That is your v stitch.

*Treble: Yarn over hook, insert hook, YO pull through. You should have 4 stitches on your hook. YO, Pull through 2, YO pull through 2.

*V stitch is two TREBLES in the same stitch

3. Skip ONE stitch, then do two Trebles in that stitch – Repeat this until the last stitch and do ONE treble at the end.
Turn your work

4.** Ch2 – TWO trebles in between the previous V stitch created. Repeat til the end and do ONE treble in the top of the chain.

This is your v stitch \/   in between you do TR’s so it would be \TRTR/

**REPEAT steps 4, remember to do one TR at the end of the row in the top of the chain 2.


The reason for skipping 3 chains and going into the 4th at the beginning is because, two of those chains are your turning ch or one treble and that extra is your skipped stitch.
So don’t worry if you think it’s wrong.

This is a chainless v stitch – I am aware that most v stitches skip two stitches or you do TR chain 1 TR – Personally you can do that, its upto. I like this finish as it looks more close together and neater.

THIS IS NOT MY STITCH I NEVER CREATED THIS STITCH. This is just a made up way to make a blanket using that stitch.




And that is all my blanket orders finished, just a few things to make for people now and  i can relax and finally make things for my Christmas stall and play with my new yarn.

What’s everyone been whipping up recently? Have an awesome weekend!

WIP Wednesday – Catching waves, neat ripple crochet blanket.


Ner ner ner, i accomplished one of my goals!!! I finished my sea wave ripple blanket.
YES! So proud right now but i aren’t proud that since the start of this month ive done nothing but eat shit, drink diet pepsi and just meh whatever though.

So happy 4th of July for yesterday LOL! – I spent ALL day on this thing and I started one of my other goals which was to watch Pretty Little Liars as i had never seen it before, i actually think i started it on Sunday? Whatever. It hit midnight i had like 6 rows to go and i was so drained from working it all day that i left it til today.

Why is it when your so close to the end of something it literally takes forever? Please explain that to me, my wrists were tingly i had crocheted that much. I took toilet breaks quick email check etc but honestly i just busted ass.

I followed the Attic 24 neat ripple pattern for this blanket and it turned out pretty well.
I think during the process i had to frog a few rows as my count was off at the end of the row and i usually found that i would fucked up around about the start of a new row so it was such a pain to frog back all that way. FML – I will say that this blanket wouldn’t be done if it was adult size, this is a baby blanket and measures at 31×35 inches so its a nice size for a baby. I kind of hate thinking of blanket sizes because i don’t come across babies that often LOL so when i first ever met my friends baby, i was like shit they really are SMALL. I don’t know why i thought they were as big as a blanket. Honestly – I think that’s a good reason why i will never be ready for a child hahaha Ill be buying my kid cars before they even know how to tie laces.



I actually really enjoyed doing this blanket. Anything blue i love, because it’s my favourite colour. It relaxes me, i mean just look at those shades i feel so close to the sea which is always such a memorable and relaxing place right?
It makes me want to pack up and live in a little wooden house right on the sand 😦

I usually get really bored of blankets even when it’s a request and i tried to do the ripple way back when i started my blog and i never finished it. In fact whatever i did do got thrown out months ago a long with the colours.


The yarn is used is…… Obviously stylecraft. I always go back to this brand and i think they are spot on with the shades that they have especially the blues. I have a few more colours that i wanted to use as it reminds me of being under water and searching for Atlantis. But i don’t know what ill do yet as i just seem to have yarn just for ‘just incase’ type of moments.

Starting from the white and going to the darkest shade here are the colours i used in stylecraft special DK :
White (1001)
Duck egg (1820)
Storm blue (1722)
Petrol (1708)


I used a 4mm crochet hook and for the border i jut went down the sides of where i started and end rounds and did two TR/DC in each space of where i have row of colours. Meaning i did 6 TR/DC for each set of colour.
I tried to follow the Attic 24 edge pattern i think that’s kind of the start of it but I just did my own thing. I didn’t want anything over the top for a border and i didn’t even do a border on the sides that were wavy.

I can’t say i ever use crazy borders on my projects because i like to keep that aspect of it simple, i see it more of a frame and the blanket is it’s own portrait.

And here is the final picture IMG_20170705_170157_831


So for the rest of today/evening and tomorrow well some of tomorrow i am going to relax, check my bullet journal and it’s to do lists then move on to the next.
(I can now record a video without any issues so Saturday will be bullet journal shit cause you can plan next week with me :D)


That’s it for today. I am catching up on blogs BTW So if i comment or like something from weeks back that’s me catching up LOL!
Hope everyone’s having a good week and if your craft happy what you all been making?