A photo shoot with my cat

Hey guys, just a little bit of a happy post lol. I love taking pictures of my cat i think he’s the cutest lil guy ever and he really knows how to work the camera for me.

I got out my Nikon on bank holiday Monday and basically shot some pictures! They aren’t the best because the first lot he was so annoying and i didn’t end up with many. The second scene in the tunnel was my favourite as he moved his head to the left right up etc lol – The random ones of him on my bed at the end are not part of the photo shoot. More like the after party at night, as i was in the living room eating my dinner and i came in the bedroom to relax with my laptop and he had stolen the side i like to relax on – Had to take some of him but i didn’t get super cute ones of him as i was too busy giving him attention and kisses for those.

I hope you like these random pictures, Roman may i add was a little bit of a diva today!

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Plan with me | April bullet journal & catch up


It’s been a long time since i paid any attention to my bullet journal because i have lost complete interest for everything. I am however blogging my ass off today to get some posts out just in case i get lost again and don’t show my face. – I have seemed to of cheered up massively today and link you one of the reasons why at the end of this post.
I am hoping to do a catch up on my 2018 goals, books I’ve read (not a lot but some) and sadly i don’t have anything crochet related to show off but i have some short stories up my sleeve.
Progression with my book is slow as my depression took a toll but another idea for a story has popped up so i am working on two things now. No rush right?

Anyways, i won’t bore you with my life because that’s for another post but here is my April bullet journal set up – Everything like my pens and book i am using will be linked at the end.


As you can probably tell, the right side where i introduce April (monthly cover) has been re done and covered up. I had the same design under neath it but i wanted BLUE because it’s my favourite colour and it fits April perfectly as April is known for it’s rain and showers – OH blue is also really calming! The light blue Tombow pen doesn’t photograph very well as its REALLY light and pastel which i am a lil annoyed with – Well, i could of edited my pictures but bleughhh who has time.


This is my monthly over -view. I really like the quote ‘bloom where you are planted’ – You might see a lot of quotes because i like them, especially positive ones it really helps. They are also a nice addition to your bullet journal if you are looking to fill up some space.
I decided that this bujo would be basic and not to over the top – I like a little bit of colour so each month will be one colour. April will be blue – I mean that’s just personal preference. Simple the better.



So the quote here i didn’t put much effort in and it looks a bit shite but haha i really don’t feel like editing it – I have so much stuff in my bullet journal like my lists, yearly trackers that i want to change and re-do because i feel like this time i am going to stick with it.
I didn’t go over board with having loads of trackers, i feel like setting myself up with lots of goals and things i wanted to track was too over whelming. One of the reasons why i probably stopped coming to my bujo. I am learning to take things step by step and that i don’t need to have a hundred goals for one week.
I decided to track the most important things for me, i left a few spaces on the habit tracker just in case i think of anything else – But i have learnt to not add things for the sake of tracking, track what is important and relevant to your life.
My mood tracker is a bunch of diamonds all split into three sections. I found this on Pinterest and i will link my bujo board at the end of this post. I like that for each diamond it’s split into three sections – So each day you can colour in your mood for morning, afternoon and evening.


And this is my first week – The idea is to plan each week as it goes etc but sometimes i get this itch to keep going but i am making sure not to lol! I tried my hand at drawing some flowers but i am hoping to add a bit of watercolour somewhere down the line. Again nothing special. I started the week on the 2nd of April which is a Monday because i don’t like weeks starting on odd days to me mon-sun is a week lol! I also didn’t leave much space for Sunday which is my fault as i drew the flowers before planning my weekly layout. Which isn’t too big of a deal as i literally do nothing on Sundays anyways but i know now for next time.


I also had to sort out my desk shelf again because i am literally running out of room to put books. My book shelf is full and i did buy some more last month, they were just sitting in a corner stacked up. So i decided i need to move them, and yup they are on my desk. About 12 books have been added LOL so erm yup.


So i managed to spend some time doing my mosaic sticker book thingy, i have done two page so far. The first one i did was a jellyfish which is up on my fridge and this one is a whale. I really like the book, the only problem i have is that the stickers don’t seem to stick properly and lift up so i might have to find some kind of surface glaze glue if that exists LOL –
I also wanted to show off my small Tombow dual brush pen collection. I have a few colours the same as a while back i bought the pastel pack from Amazon and the brush has frayed a little bit and i don’t know if they were fake? But i got all my new ones from a proper art website and they seem to be much better quality.

So thanks so much for reading, i am slowly catching up with posts i am trying! I always feel guilty. Here are all the links as promised, these are supplies i literally use all the time for my journal and crafts- The amazon links are affiliated. (These are UK links) 

Tombow Brush pens

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush/Calligraphy pen black

Stabilo pastel felt tip 

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Staedtler pigment fineliner drawing pens

My bullet journal 

Need some ideas for bullet journaling? Check out my Pin Board


OH as promised. So my mood has picked up MASSIVELY! The reason is cheesy, it’s mega corny. So i get nostalgic and listen to old music, cheesy pop from when i was a teenager or whatever.
Well my favourite band was Westlife, i saw them live when i was 9 years old! I cried, Nicki waved at me. I remember being so happy full of excitement, no worries just enjoying my favourite boyband.

I started listening to them again – I thought my mood would go back into a depressed state because some of the songs are really sad but singing along with them just really lifted my mood.
I am listening to them today as well – Never too old ay?
Here a few of my favourites






Monday | Oh i have a confession

Image result for monday quotes
Hi de ho! So i made this blogging schedule and i am kind of not sticking to it as i am all over the place at the moment – February 14th is when my grandad passed away and it will be ten years this Valentines day so i guess my mood is either up or down.
Plus i went for a job interview Friday and i am eagerly waiting to hear from them! Its houskeeping at Alton towers which is a theme park near me, well it’s about an hour or so on a bus. It’s only a contract for a year, which is better than my old jobs only being contracted for three months – So this will me more hope that i can save up and move out of this flat. I really wanted to move last year, but money and bad luck kept getting in the way and i don’t know how much longer i can cope with the damp and small spaces. I can’t use the second bedroom because its damp and mould and our housing won’t really do anything because they will say it’s our fault.

Anyways, i just wanted to show you guys what i have been busy NOT doing.
I wanted to read 4 books this month and i have started none, i was supposed to get into Dissolution by C.J Sansom but i kept getting confused with reading Revolution but Dissolution is the first in the series, and i am all over the joint. So then i look at all the books i have and ones on my Kindle, and Goodreads shelf but nothing is interesting me.
For some reason i am being drawn to reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, which is a book i’ve read lots of times but i can’t get it out of my mind. So i think i will chill out with that.

I also keep putting off dieting, and so i have a notebook i am dedicating with my diet. I am going to write detox smoothie recipes in it that i can pick and go to, some quick healthy lunch and dinner meals, and create a list of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then set up a weekly spread for my food log and write what i have ate and just some emotional thoughts as well – Like was it tough, how is it making me feel not eating this or that etc. I will take some pictures and blog about it tomorrow, as well as my February bullet journal.


I have also decided to NOT making a video on my kindle sleeve, but write it up as a free PDF pattern. So i am going to make another one this week, so i can get everything right.
I also sorted out all of my stationary, and kept all my pens separate from each other.
Because i am using my Staedtler fineliner pens today i felt the need to keep these all colour coded LOL. IKR – It helps me because i have LOTS of pens.


The winter Olympics started so i have bee trying to keep on top of it, i love this more than the other Olympics its a bit more excited – I am waiting for the bob-sleighing to start which isn’t until the 15th i think, so today i am chilling out with the movie Cool Runnings.


I started making a shawl over the weekend using the Scheepjes whirl yarn. Its super pricey but i have got two of these just been sitting around for months now and needed to do something with them. So i thought of a shawl.

I am using the Dragon belly pattern by Mijo Crochet  i highly recommend her as she has some beautiful patterns, for shawls as well. This one caught my eye as its more casual and that’s who i am! I also liked that its supposed to replicate a dragons belly.
The pattern doesn’t call for this yarn, its with another brand and the use of a 4.5mm but she does mention about the Scheepjes.

I wanted to use a full ball of this to get all of the colour used but i don’t know if it would end up being too big, we will see!

I am taking a break from the baby order, as i realised April/May is quite a way off so i really don’t know why i was getting worked up about getting it all done.

I also have to confess that, i opened up my Etsy store again at the end of January. I aren’t a huge lover of this platform of selling as EVERYONE does it and its very competitive but i made my first proper sale last week – Seeing as i am not fully concentrating on making my crochet items to sell a huge part of my life, just a side thing. I think listing things i have made and i want to just sell Etsy is the better option. Thought the more you have in your shop the more you get noticed, which bleughhh i don’t want to stress myself into making loads of things. Though, i have always liked making baby booties? Baby booties in a box? IDK

Anyways, so today i am relaxing. It’s cold, cold and cold. I am now off to do a healthy online grocery shop and tackle my diet book.
I also want to say that i am sorry if i never reply to comments, i forget.. I really do and the same with emails. This is the most amount of words I’ve written in the past few days, my writing game has been poor! Though i have a nice moment with Alena meeting a troll for the first time 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Monday! xo



I know.. I swore off doing these buy a lovely lass nominated and i am all for a bit of sunshine – Sunshine makes me happy, being happy is good yes?
Thank you Girl In Glasses for giving me this nomination!

The Rules:

1.Thank the nominator and post a link back to their blog.
2.Answer the questions the nominator has set out for you.
3.Nominate new blogs and set out questions for them to answer.
4.Notify the nominees of their nominations by commenting on their blog or social media
5.When creating your nomination post, list the rules and include the Sunshine Award logo in it.
1.What is the most valuable thing to you?
My Cat! I should say someone dear to me, but my cat is my therapy!

2.Where do u see yourself in a year?
Thinner – LOL Or atleast a bit more healthy, can i also say that i want my novel draft done? So two things.

3.Would u consider urself as a happy person?
Hmmm, i’m as happy as i allow myself to be.

4. Which three things do u consider is a must for being happy?
Damn, this is hard. Love yourself, love others, love the world were apart of.

5. Which three things u cant live without?
My cat, a book, my loved ones


My questions
1. Whats the last thing you dreamt of?
2. If you could be in a film, which one and why?
3. What keeps you motivated daily?
4. Three things you want to achieve this year
5. If you could choose a super power what and why?


I nominate
Robin @ Imperial crochet
Julia @ Julia’s creative
Hannah @ QuietWaterCraft

K getting tired, please anyone else that reads you are nominated! If you want. Night xo

I hate you Sunday! | Diary 24.01.18


WELL – My weekend has been gross. It’s put me behind lots, and then now i start worrying about Monday because i so much to do.

Okay, so today my new fridge freezer came today because my other one had it’s day. It was second hand anyways, so i knew i wouldn’t a full life span out of it. So obviously i had to spend money i don’t really have!
Then i went to bake last night, i did it. Until i dropped all my cake on the floor and then the frosting went wrong. By this point, i had spent nearly 4 hours trying to do a Devils food cake and i just wanted to cry in a hot bath.
So that means i am behind on my baking post. Which will have to be Monday, as i need to get more ingredients! This time though, i am going for something much more simpler and my skill level – Which means i will be using the ingredient Ginger 😀

Lastly, i wanted to film and write up instructions on my Kindle sleeve, but looks like i will have to get my studio lighting out and film tonight but edit and upload Tuesday.
I also finished a book last night, which left me feeling pissed off because it sucked. So my review will be up at the end of January as i am currently reading two more books and so i can do a multiple review.

I’ve done ZERO writing, well i have done some all in my head though – Planning and changing things. Whatever i ate last night left me feeling horribly sick, i have not had much sleep as my fridge came SO early with the courier. I slept most of the afternoon, i am hungry and had to throw lots of food out – Got a lobby in the slow cooker though so i am looking forward to that.
Tomorrow i need to go the council and sort out bills, but i might push it for Tuesday. Haven’t seen my mum in weeks, hoping to see her Wednesday. I feel like i have just had the weirdest week ever?

I am going to chill out, play some Sims and crochet. Watch The Office because it’s one of my fav’s.
I hope everyone has had a great weekend and catch up with you all soon!