Crafts & Hobbies

Crochet chunky blanket

  Hey folks, WIP Wednesday i guess. I had to check the day today because i didn't realise we hit Tuesday (when i'm writing this) - Housewives of Beverly Hills is on a Tues so i don't know why i got mixed up but when its a bank holiday that tends to happen. I hope… Continue reading Crochet chunky blanket

Crafts & Hobbies

Happy Easter (bit late)

Happy Easter! It's been super sunny and hot today, which is nice given the day we are celebrating. But I hate the heat and sun as this time of year always brings out my allergies, and oh mannnn I've been suffering this weekend. Not managed anything crafty other than trying to get my bfs chunky… Continue reading Happy Easter (bit late)


Happy Easter – Help me support mental health

I don't think a such a time ever exists when we have to talk about taboo topics or the bad shit that exists in this world. We can either choose to ignore the problems or face them - And let's be honest, how many people ignore them? Male suicide is the biggest killer of men… Continue reading Happy Easter – Help me support mental health


Free Bullet journal April printable

  Happy Easter weekend! I have been siting at my laptop all day designing this free printable bullet journal for you guys for the month of April. I am confident to make more in the future and i think i might venture into other printable designing for other stuff too! So watch this space. It's… Continue reading Free Bullet journal April printable


I’m back – My week in a nutshell

  So i took that break from the blog, and i didn't think it would also mean i took a break from crocheting and writing. But lets be honest my writing has gone and I've hit a brick wall - Alex doesn't want to come back and I am okay with that for a while.… Continue reading I’m back – My week in a nutshell