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It’s technically the 31st here in the UK so i am announcing the winner 🙂
I wanted to record some kind of video but i only have the basic plan on here, and it doesn’t let you embed videos unless i upload it to Youtube and copy the link. I really don’t fancy uploading a bloody video to YT of an app picking a winner.

I used an app to generate a winner as i really couldn’t sit and pick one myself. I felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders and super guilty as i don’t like losing let alone anyone else LOL!
So here is a print screen of the winner!




If you could email me at

Thanks everyone for taking part, i hope to do more in the future!


Deep pan pizza – Mary Berry

Waaaaaaaaasup guys! We are kicking off January 2018 – YUP Its officially a new year! I hope you’ve all had a good one, and didn’t get too drunk.
I spent all night in my pjs and dressing gown, playing monopoly and having a few beverages.

I don’t know if you have noticed but i am slowly changing my blog, and one of my goals for this year was to bake more. My boyfriend bought me the Mary Berry’s complete cook book for Christmas. It is a big heavy book and has around 650 recipes. He was moaning at how much this thing cost him!

Anyways, she has a section called yeast cookery and i wanted to make own pizza – Obviously, the legend that she is she has pizza dough and recipes!!!
I followed the Spicy deep-pan pizza recipe, and if you have the book it’s page 456 (ill post a link later BECAUSE ITS ON SALE FOR 9.99 on amazon instead of 30)

I didn’t do the spicy toppings but followed the dough recipe, it’s been a long ass time since i made dough.

Dough ingredients:
500g strong white flour
1 x 7g sachet fast action dried yeast
1/2 tsp salt
2tbsp olive oil
300ml (half a pint) of lukewarm water

Mix it all up in a bowl, it should be quite sticky and i was worried it was a little took sticky but once you started kneading it – with a floured surface (lightly for 5-10 mins) it becomes a little bit better.
It makes a MASSIVE pizza you could easily split into two and make smaller deep pan pizzas.
OH by the way, i didn’t have a round pizza tray so i went with the rectangular shape LOL

So you want to let it rise for about an hour, and make sure that when you put it in a large bowl. Add a little oil in the bowl and give the dough a good rub around til its covered. Then cover bowl with cling film and put in a warm place. I literally used my grocery cupboard

Roll it out, and then you want to start with your toppings. – Don’t worry about the shape because if you have a rounded pizza tray like any normal well prepped baker would, you can shape the edges (trim, or make a stuffed crust)  – MAKE sure before you add the toppings you actually put it on the tray before hand. K i didn’t do that so i messed up.

I used tomato puree, mature cheddar cheese and german pepperoni. I don’t like mozzarella etc so when ever a recipe calls for it i substitute it will mature cheese or something strong. MY GOSH was it tasty.


K so one end of the pizza edges was abit burnt because my oven is cheap the heat doesn’t distribute very good and yep its fan assisted. So maybe in the future, ill have a beautiful kitchen with a proper cooker.
It was very filling and really tasty, i was like yeah we need wedges and stuff but no it is supposed to serve 4 people – I made this for two, and we did leave some.

I am so proud that i made this, it makes the world of difference when following a decent recipe and now i know how to make deep pan pizza dough i can make shit loads of pizza 😀

So that was my first bit of cooking for 2018 – Ill catch up with posts tonight and i can’t wait to share my new plans for this year.

I will get a slight commission if you purchase through this link, but this is an offer i cannot help but share the cook book is £9.99 instead of £30 so seriously consider grabbing it.  (Click the picture)


Happy new year folks! xo


P.S I’m thinking of changing my blog name – If you have any fun suggestions i’m all ears!

CLOSED. Let’s send – Christmas cards: Blogger join in.

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Hey guys, just a quick post today! I’ve just been sitting on the toilet and i had this really cool idea. It maybe already happening or has been done before but i thought about how Christmas cards are really cute and i never get many because i don’t have many friends. I usually get from my mum, boyfriend, his family etc. My mum doesn’t get many either because she is older now and hasn’t got a partner and lives alone, and most of our family we don’t speak too.
Which got me thinking about how many people in the world are alone, or have something horrible going on and at Christmas time nobody should feel sad, or alone.
A Christmas card can cheer you up, because it’s the idea of someone remembering you or shows that they thought about you to send a card. Just that little gesture can make someones day.

So, i am declaring a Let’s send Christmas cards to each other! This is open internationally if you wish to send cards over seas, but make sure you check the postage cost. I think this would be a really nice thing to do as i know some friends of mine on here that I’ve made have had some really tough times lately and cards cheer people up.

Here are the rules and what you have to do:

  • Comment that you would like to take part and i’ll add your name in a list on this blog
  • Email me at with your Address, name and blog name so i can gather a list
  • You have until the 24th of November to comment and take part
  • You may send as many cards as you want to whoever you want.
  • You may make your own
  • You can send a card anonymously if you want it to be a secret!
  • On the 24th, i will send a bulk email to all those that have taken part with the blog names and address, you may choose from the list who you wish to send.
  • I would recommend that if you are posting internationally, you post the cards within the first week of December.
  • If you are sending locally, make sure you check the cut off dates for your postage so you don’t miss the last post – This will apply for international posts too.
  • DON’T DELAY!!!! I have OCD with Christmas post so sooner rather than later as it’s the shittest time of year for mail.



Any questions feel free to ask! Spread the word, and let’s make someones day with a card 😀


Rebecca xoxo


List of people taking part

Tami @tanglewoodknots


Robin @Imperialcrochet


Imperfect Beauty 

Hannah @quietwatercraft


Toot toot, just passing through!



Well, whilst i play catch up the next few days on blog post  i thought i would just say hi and give you an update on life, not that many of you read my shit. Let’s me honest here, our likes are sometimes just likes. Your lying to yourself if you some of yours likes and followers on here and social media are genuine, some are of course!!! Was that too harsh, i don’t care. Which goes onto me saying, i found something new i love about myself – It literally is that i have the ability to not care. Most of the time, my star sign is Libra so i have this balance shit i don’t know.


I’ve been gone for a bit, because i’ve been working on orders and life has been busy as fuck. I was ill for a bit, and if you follow my Instagram and read my stories i wasn’t able to work on orders for a while then my mum’s had some hospital shit to deal with THEN my boyfriends birthday has just passed. Not enough hours in the day right? Every time i got a moment to say right i will work on my orders, it was time for bath and bed. So i took some time to relax and i hit the gaming hard. I haven’t had time at all this week or over the weekend just to do much gaming if any at all, not by choice – Time really is nothing.



So i finished another order whilst things were busy and it was for a customer, she picked a pattern that’s been growing increasingly popular but she wanted it for a boy. The unicorn pattern was very girly and so i made the hair short but i had to be careful with how much detail and things as this was for an IVF baby, so i wanted to keep it simple and of course i used cotton. Which is literally my go to now for toys. If i posted about this i am sorry haha, the picture was already in my media i was like wtf did i already talk about my unicorn??
I am working on two other toys an elephant and a mini unicorn which i’ve made before for people because they seem to be the most popular! But i don’t want to give much away as the customer needs to see it first.


New ventures

Okay, i haven’t written much recently and i’ve neglected my bullet journal but anyone that really knows me, should know i love makeup. I mean i really do, i love beauty stuff and i love making myself look pretty and trying different eye looks. So i’ve sat on this idea for a long time now. I am going to start up a Youtube channel!
It’s going to be lifestyle, so i can get away with making all kinds of videos – Can you guess the main two subjects?? Crocheting and beauty!!! I’m shitting myself honestly, the internet is a vile place sometimes. I could do mini crochet tutorials, yarn reviews, makeup shit. I’m still going to blog on here, and show and tell my crochet makes or my adventures & my stories. I love talking and i think videos will be a great way to express myself AND I CAN FINALLY DO A VIDEO OF BULLET JOURNALS AND THE WHOLE T SHIRT YARN MAKING. I am forking out for a camera, i’ve found a reasonable one and buying a camera again has inspired me alot go out and take pictures like i used to do.

About 7 years ago, i started to self teach myself photography, i bought a DSLR and just went for it, times were hard and sadly i had to sell my camera but i really would love to get back into that hobby as this time of year is my favourite and i would to capture some woodland animals in my local parks etc.

So here is some of my BEGINNER photography i did a long time ago – So be prepared they aren’t that great lol! I tried my best with editing and i had no clue about photography i was just starting out with a book and my head. So i have picked out the ones i believe are the best.




So i hope you enjoyed those! I have taken a lot more and some of which i don’t think exist on my social media any more so here is to making new photos and new adventures in life. If it doesn’t work out on the Youtube at least i have my old hobby back. I aren’t doing the videos for money or whatever, just for fun. For my to connect with people who enjoy the things i do on a different platform.


So i hope you have a great week, i will be pottering about catching up. If you don’t have me on Instagram follow me by clicking here

CAN I JUST SAY i try my hardest to like your posts if your on here and my insta, so if you randomly get a million likes on your stuff one day its because i have a hard time finding people on my feed. I’ve set up alerts for some people so i don’t miss posts but sometimes thats annoying so i log out of it and then when i log back in i don’t get them. Plus my feed is riddled with 3 days before, so i am scrolling for ever to try and find recent posts fucking annoying.


bye, the end