Weekly diary 7

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost: The old that is strong does not whither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring, renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be kind. – J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of The Rings.


(I would like to say sorry for any spelling mistakes blah blah – Its been a long day and i am super tired!)

Well, its that rambling time again and I’ve been so busy today as i started training for my new job and again tomorrow except it will be a longer day!
I kind of felt okay and i think i will do just fine at this place – I have it in my mind that i will keep my head down and work.

As i write this i am so tired but i kind of needed to blog. This past week on WP has been amazing! I’ve seen so many positive posts and beautiful creations, who would of thought this world was full of so much talent eh?

Wrestling was on Sunday but we didn’t watch it til Monday – One being its not the best of pay per views and if anyone follows the WWE, they have a brand split now so this pay per view was for the roster on Raw & i don’t think they are as strong as Smackdown. Also, i wanted to watch more films with my boyfriend! We don’t seem to do that very often anymore as i am always crocheting or staring at my phone for hours at patterns and he usually entertains  himself with the Xbox or his weird Anime tv shows – Which i can tolerate but the two he’s been watching recently i can’t get into. So every night, actually it’s been since Friday we have been watching movies and guess what…. PREPARE FOR THIS! He looked at me Sunday and was like, shall we watch Twilight? LOL I’m like did you just suggest Twilight? Like, what? I am laughing and of course i agreed. I actually kind of like the films but at the same time i don’t but because i hadn’t seen them for years (had to get them out of the hundreds of boxes of dvd’s i have yet to sort out.) But oh well he was only thinking that we would watch that one…. NOPE does he no know me? I have an issue with films and if they are a trilogy etc. The film might suck ass but i have to buy EVERYONE to complete the set as it bugs me knowing i don’t have them all. I think that’s a tad OCD, and if we watch one, i have to continue watching! So we have watched 4 so far, and i will say  i am also a hoarder and have so many films. Like i have never seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but i bought that SO many years ago because it was on offer.



Oh by the way, The Lord Of The Rings picture and quotes – Well it’s my favourite thing. Yes it beats yarn and cats and crochet. I can’t explain how much i love LOTR, it’s beautiful. The books, the quotes and the films. I have been a fan for a long time and always will be. When i think of LOTR, i smile. It’s my little bit of joy.

OH OH OH…If you have Netflix, knowing me i may of mentioned this i don’t know who cares. A programme called lock up, its just about people in prison. It’s real and everything, i am addicted. Its American and what amazes me is the harshness of jail sentences – Which is a good thing! I guess actually i saw a few that just did some drug trafficking and got like ALOT of time, but the serious stuff. I actually applaud America for that! We should take notes. What i was trying to get though was the death penalty, some guy got the death penalty. I think he was in a gang, drugs, murder etc but he managed to get himself off deathrow and now serves a sentence. So is the death penalty not something that sticks? Anyways please watch, i love real stuff ha it amazes me! I sit back and wonder what the people are doing right now who got out or the staff.

What else?

A friend of mine has asked me to do a baby blanket for her brother and his wifes baby shower in April. She wants the soft chunky yarn so i have decided to use Bernat baby. I was going to go with James C Brett Flutterby as i used white for her daughter as i made a comforter (I am actually having that back as i have said will extend and make it bigger for her now as she is growing!) But when i looked at how much i would need for James C around 600g i thought i would go with Bernat and i think two balls of the 300g will make a 30×34 blanket.

I was also going to Spring clean, i think i did one room and was like ew i don’t have the mind for this. I need plenty of black bags! Its awkward as i live on the 3rd floor and we have a trash schute and can only put so much down it. – Like i don’t think an exercise bike would fit. The large trash bin things are all the way out back of the flats and i really can’t be bothered! So i think i will do it, but because of the trip i need to make to dump stuff it will have to be one room a day or every few days. As i mentioned previously i plan on moving so i do need to do this. I’m just so lazy, i used to be a cleaner and i loved my job. I took pride in cleaning offices and all sorts but when it comes to my own home i can’t do it. My mother seems to think its because i hate where i am living, which i do. I haven’t decorated for two years it’s all plain cream through out and brown carpets. I had plans to make this my real home but things changed and problems arose and i literally don’t see the point in making this place look nice – You cant expect to sprinkle shit with glitter and make it sparkle in the sun. So, once i have a nice home i will feel more happier and look after it. This makes me sound lazy! I do clean of course, i just hate doing it.

Literally my face when i know i have to clean, wash and iron.

Right well, i mean this post has been so pointless. I think I’ve gone past caring if any one reads these diary ones. I just like to talk LOL i am so poor right now so i can’t even give you some exciting adventures but its Spring and i wouldn’t mind heading into a place called Stone which is an hour away on the bus or Trentham which is also about 30 minutes away as they are really nice and quiet places to just walk and i’d love to spend the day with my mum and boyriend. Trentham gardens is what it’s known for and they have a monkey forest! I went many years ago when it first opened and its a trail, the monkeys have complete freedom and walk right up and around you which i think is amazing.

23:28PM – I need to quit rambling and get myself to sleep! 7:00am to get up. I need to wash my hair get ready and head to training for half 9. I know i can do it… Cue the Gollum face.

I hope everyone has had a great Tuesday! I feel bad that i haven’t spent much time on WP reading people’s posts but i will be catching up with most tomorrow evening.


Adios my fellow ramblers – Stay safe! 🙂 xoxox


Crochet reversible egg & chick -PLUS diy light box

Happy Friday folks! As you know if your someone that crochets you can’t just have more than one WIP (Work in progress) and i was browsing the crochet groups i’m in on Facebook and saw this really cut egg and chick that was reversible, now i must be really behind on crochet trends so i have never seen anything like it!  I clicked the pattern link and sat staring for ages, should i buy or just crack on with my current projects. No i bought it alright and within 20 minutes i had my hook and yarn out crocheting away.

The pattern itself didn’t cost that much at all and i’ll be sure to link everything at the end of this post.
What made this so special i had to do it? If your like me and when doing soft toys i dread the parts where you need to stuff the damn things, its not a quick task! So this little piece requires NO stuffing at all… What else might you say? its cute and reversible i mean what else is more fun – The pattern also comes with instructions on how to do a rabbit as well if you want to make two lovable characters for easter. It’s very flexible and i used a 4mm hook and DK yarn. You can change up the thickness of your yarns etc and go big!
I am pretty sure that you could even make some other cute animals ready to hatch free!
These are so perfect and such a great concept, i think i may have to plan and do some more animals in the near future like baby dinosaurs – OH here we go, my crochet brain.

See my video below on how this little cutie unfolds – I will say sorry for the crappy quality, i was holding a selfie stick in between my legs whilst filming lol! (Scroll to the end for pattern link)


Wait this blog isn’t over – DIY light studio

So not only have i been busy trying to finish up stuff, i made my own mini photography studio. It cost me around £10.00 to make. I tried to follow the man on the tutorial i found but i couldn’t find everything exactly and it hasn’t gone as perfect as his but i am actually really happy with the results.




What i used:

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Tape (I would suggest what the tutorial says as get some of the duct tape)
  • White fabric (I got it from my local craft store – i paid £2.45 for a large piece which i could probably use to make another one or make some plain pillow cases)
  • White card – Now the guy mentioned some special name but i just got craft card ( i didn’t have enough so i also used some white printing paper
  • Lamp – I bought this for £4.00 at a local shop called Wilko’s, again its not the exact fixture as his but it really does the job.
  • Daylight bulb, i think this also cost around £4.00 and that was for just one!!


DIY light box   < < < CLICK for full tutorial 


Click for crochet pattern >  Reversible chick pattern


So that’s it, i didn’t want this to be a long blog as i had two things i wanted to show you guys and i am going to be busy now getting my Bina doll finished and make a start one Pooh bear (Yup not even started it) IF and i really do hope she is finished i will blog tomorrow if not i guess it will be a pretty random one!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe & thanks for reading xoxoxo
(P.S I had an interview today and i have a good feeling.)

Crochet Diamonds

Nasty practice yarn – Don’t throw away the crap, keep it for trying out new techniques!

You know before we start, i am getting lazy at taking pictures – I am though investing in some of those daylight light bulbs. I hate how my bedroom doesn’t get the right lighting and especially since my left curtain doesn’t open properly.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I’m planning this post so i have some time to do things tomorrow. Also, because I’ve been doing so much i think i might get into the routine of doing this. My minds been running wild with ideas and crocheting that i just cant stop.

So i don’t know if anyone remembers me saying i was designing a pattern and i was going to use some yarn that has this retro 70’s vibe – (Yeah i am currently stuck in the 70’s and i don’t care because i love it.) Well i am still designing a pattern, it does take a while and i just don’t have the patience. I mean i have the patience but i want to do something with this bloody yarn! I’ve been sitting on some ideas for a few weeks now, i was thinking the Harlequin stitch or  the Harlequin diamond blanket, then i thought about more shapes. I was swerving into the geometric point of view & then granny squares came to mind but i did a lap granny blanket (one big one) so then i got distracted. Google images and Pinterest helped me decide. Then i went back into the diamond idea, as much as i wanted to go for the Harlequin diamond, though who ever gave it that name is beyond me! I think it should just be diamonds stitched together or something! I did try this concept of diamond and in all fairness, i am a quick crocheter and i just thought this was too much of an effort just to make a shape. – I don’t know if that’s just my lazy mind and i couldn’t be bothered at the time.



WELL hours went by and i went onto Youtube and of course the brilliant Bella Coc0 (Sarah Jayne) popped up and i saw this granny diamond. Well that was it, played the video got my practice yarn which is the one in the top picture and did it. Only took about 5 minutes as once she explained the first two rows i was away doing thing.

What i like about these diamonds is that they are crazy quick, i really do think they are quicker than a square. I think it’s because you only have to points to work rather than 4 corners! I usually suck at trying shapes out as the granny square took me a LONG time to master – So this was refreshing as i managed to do it with out watching the full video.

image source

(I know i am shoving retro down your throat but i freaking love it!! I assure you that at least 2 rooms of my house (when i move) will be 70’s – You will feel like going back into time! )


The only thing about the granny diamond is that, well i didn’t end up with sharp points. BUT once it’s blocked it looks amazing – I have blocked one but forgot to take a picture and right now i don’t feel like sifting through my wips and yarn! So take my word for it 😉
Though i kind of  like the not so sharpness of the diamond, also i think once you join these badboys they will straighten out so i don’t think it really matters but hey ho.

So, i used a 4mm hook and style craft special DK – Spice, Copper & Mustard are the colours.
I really want to name this blanket or set some kind of tone and do it in all different styles. So example ‘retrospective diamond blanket, retrospective cosy stripe, retrospective chevron… You get the idea?

Do you get a retro vibe?


VIDEO TUTORIAL USED: Bella Coco – Crochet diamond


The lighting isn’t brilliant as its night time and you know what i am not a pro blogger ha! I love these colours, i searched for hours online for 70’s colour palettes and these ones caught me eye. I also have some black & cream that i might use – I am thinking black to join and maybe a few not too many cream diamonds. Finishing with a simple black border, all might change! I do have some other stylecraft shades that i got with that large order but i wasn’t sure they would go. Mocha (my most used colour EVER) and camel, i like the camel shade but for some reason it doesn’t sit right with those 3.

I will post up an update in a week or two with progress on this as tomorrow which will be today by the time this posts i need to crack on with Bina & Pooh bear!

Hope you all have a great day and stay safe! xoxox


Picture overload but 70’s show was one of my favourite TV shows!

Weekly diary 6 – I think?


It’s that time again for me to ramble on and i quite enjoy it! So what have we got?  It’s the 28th of February already and i’m still struggling to remember that it’s 2017. Two months have gone by so quickly and nothings been achieved for me and my crochet as planning takes a long  time.

What i can say my Etsy store is up and running but i haven’t listed anything as of yet – I may want to keep my Etsy as just a way to market my name when purchasing. I know that sounds bad but i feel as though it’s a difficult place to start off and with so much handmade and craft its quite competitive. I will however consider using this as well to sell my patterns – Which the designing has been put on hold for the time being.
I don’t want it to take up most of my day as i still have a few projects that i want to complete and i can fully commit myself. That being said, the pattern i was writing for my retro colour yarn i wont be doing. I’ve just decided to make a ton of diamonds – So watch this space.

In other news, if you have noticed the picture at the top i have just started to read this book. I’ve had it for over a few weeks now maybe longer and i really wanted to get into it. So last night i read a few pages, i love Tolkien and it’s been a while since I’ve read any of his books and so it took me a while to grasp his style. I am excited though to read this as a huge Lord of the rings fan. I do believe i want to buy the other books of his the middle earth collection i think its like 12 books? But i need to commit to reading all of my books ive purchased within the last 6 months. Its alot, i think i have an addiction to buying books and then just not reading them. That being said, even though i have continued to buy i have a shit load of ones that i haven’t read since moving into this flat. Think i may have a mini library. I am running out of room to store stuff, not just books but yarn and everything else.

Let me just say, i hope this isn’t just me but you know when you do a big spring clean and a huge clear of stuff – Why is it a month later more stuff appears? Honestly, whats annoying is i struggle to find a pair of socks or enough hangers for my clothes and all the must have things disappear but random junk like paper always piles up. Seriously! i have about 2 or drawers full of paper. Bills, letters, christmas cards, random crap. I can’t cope!

So this week, i promise myself i will slowly sort out each room and throw out crap – I need to do it as i said i think last week we are planning on finally moving so yeah.

It’s been a good productive week, i did have some low days. Mainly because i don’t have many or if any friends. I really don’t. I must spend 99% of my time alone in the other room doing my own thing whilst my boyfriend does his, which is perfectly fine but in regards to conversation with people its quite low.
I have people on social media, sure it’s people from school and who i have met over the years but they aren’t friends. I get the odd comment or like on my posts and once in a blue moon i will meet up with a friend but that’s about it. I got really sad as i really thought about how lonely i actually am… The only two people i speak to are my mother and boyfriend.
I cant remember the last time i got invited out for a girls night and have drinks and fun. I do have the people i met from work message me every now and again to meet up and go out but in reality i have no social life.
I see all the people i used to go out with doing all the things i want to do regularly – Ladies that lunch, random trips out for ice cream or something stupid. I don’t do much with my boyfriend either, something has fizzled and that makes me sad. No lets go do this tonight, most of the time i have to beg him to  come chill and watch films and I’m lucky i get that.
Sometimes it’s not even about going out, where are my friends who want to message me daily and talk? I have thought i should be the one to make the effort and totally i should, and i have and sometimes i get things like message you back in a bit I’m just in the middle of something and i am okay with that because we have lives but it can be like 4 days and i wont hear anything. Which makes me wonder that i care more than others care about me.

I saw something on FB that made me upset and i won’t say what but i didn’t get invited – I always seem to be someone that’s a last resort. When no mother fucker can do what you want, they see my name oh yeah ill just drop this person a line.  It doesn’t help that i no longer have anything in common as most of the people i know have kids, and for some reason mothers tend to hang around with other mothers and i can’t help that i don’t have children i can show off.
I also stopped speaking to a lot of family, which in all honesty this was my idea – I can’t say why i did it but at the time i was a bit upset with how someone close to my mum was treating her and i thought at that moment i should just delete that part of the family incase arguments and drama happened or things got awkward. I don’t like explaining why this person or that person aren’t speaking so i got scared and thought that i would be hated and my mum would also. Which i guess my anxiety plays a huge part in that as when i think about it, i shouldn’t of gotten myself upset and made decisions based on those feelings. I don’t know if i ever will speak to them again as i am quite stubborn and i hate saying sorry and explaining why. I feel like i shut the wrong people out, when i should of cut out those that were making me sad.

I still have hope that this year will be my year and i will be a lot happier – and i have been happier this week. It’s just little things we reflect on that made me sad. I have my hobby to keep me busy and make me happy.

Okay, so i mentioned before that i was thinking about setting up a shop – Online. I’ve been trying to figure out how on earth i would keep up with orders? SO would a waiting list work? But then i think people would get tired of waiting and then i thought about slots, I know what i am saying is quite confusing but i understand what i am trying to do which is most important. Though it may of been done before so i need to market research – OH i did some research on Etsy, was curious as to how much some people sell stuff and no joke, a very popular person on my Instagram was selling a blanket for like 145 i think the most expensive one i saw was 245. – So this is my next question are people willing to spend that much on hand crafted items?

PLEASE HELP ME – If anyone reads this all, let me know if your a crafter how much you price? Or if you are a buyer what does your price range tend to be? I know rule of supplies + time blah blah  – Some people don’t like to charge that much and some do. So yes please let me know.

& with that i will leave it here. I have taken some pictures of diamonds for tomorrows blog so i am all prepared!
Have great afternoon where ever you are, stay safe 🙂 xoxo

70’s inspired granny blanket

I know what your thinking, it isn’t a 100% 70’s.

My mood just lately has either been pastel shades or retro and 70’s. After my complete fail of a sea coast blanket I looked at my boxes of stash and saw this bright green. I got it last year from a UK store called pound stretcher and was used to make a multi coloured sock monkey for a friend. I then saw the left over yarns from my bundles purchased from the Bella Coco store. I love the orange and burnt mustard colour and I combined all of these and thought okay granny square continuous, easy and quick.

This is for myself, I love usual colours and I can’t help but think of this blanket sitting on a mocha leather sofa in someone’s home in the 70’s. I have a name for it, but I won’t reveal til I’ve completed.

Also I have every shade available to list once it’s done including the bright green.

Back to the granny square. I’ve never actually been a huge fan, I made a baby blanket in drops cotton last year and it looked really nice. I think I just loath the pattern when I see colours I don’t like but everyone has different taste and I’m pretty sure people will look at the colours I’ve picked and puked a little. BUT I like to be different and sometimes my mood needs to be a little edgy.

A granny square is quite easy to do if your a pro and it took me a long time to grasp it, if you want to try the granny square then I suggest clicking this link > Bella Coco – Granny square tutorial

Bella Coco aka sarah Jayne she’s amazing. Her videos are so easy to follow and I managed to master the granny square by watching this video Atleast 100 times. (slow learner)

Hopefully this blanket will be done by the end of the week mane start of next week as I still have the wavy blanket to finish.

For now, happy crocheting! Have a great week & stay safe.