Free printable – Bullet journal/April


Sup guys! Just a quick post as i am really busy. Honestly, where has the time gone? I feel like i have done nothing today. Sunday i spent jut relaxing because last Thurs, Fri and Saturday  i was out in the heat. Friday killed me because of the monkey forest, being in the heat that long was a death trap! Saturday i had to meet mum, i walked two miles in the sun but it seems SO much when its warm. – But i have been relaxing my mind etc because i have been go go go with my novel and i feel like i need a break as it’s all i have been thinking about and doing.

I’ve been going out ALOT and walking, which is doing my back good as it doesn’t seem to hurt me straight away, give or take 4 hours it will hurt – But so do my feet. I am looking into getting some comfortable trainers, i want some converse. My current Nike ones are okay but i have a arched heel so i need those comfy soles.

Anyways, bit late on posting this as its the beginning of the week already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO hopefully you planners haven’t planned, and if you have then here it is anyway lol.

As usual, download with adobe PDF and print with Adobe not the IE pdf file viewer.
Print ‘actual size’ or scale to fit whatever it’s going into – The actual size is A5 so will fit the standard A5 bullet journals after giving it a quick trim.

Will catch up with posts this evening! I am so behind WHERE ARE THE HOURS GOING!?


*PLEASE note, depending on your printer – Colours may vary (Mine prints greenish blue)


(bake along tomorrow) – Crochet amigurumi mouse



Happy Saturday! I am a bit behind on everything, i had scheduled Friday to do my bake along but i ended up being really busy and tired, so i popped out today to get stuff and i had hoped to blog it but i honestly believe someone is fast forwarding time! The days are lighter but it’s still not good enough for me.

So i will be making my caramel tomorrow morning! I am eager because i have been watching GBBO from season 1 an taking in all the tips LOL

Anyways, meet this little guy! I started him a while back, probably Jan or Feb and kind of shoved him away because i couldn’t be bothered to sew him, i honestly had sewing together pieces of amigurumi it really annoys me and with this guy being a little bit smaller i was like nope can’t deal.

I saw a instagram post of Simplenaturalhandmade and i was like okay what is stopping me from finishing this little guy?
So i did, i got him done and he is ever so slightly cute – BUT i had trouble with this legs. I don’t read instructions when it comes to sewing parts together, i wing it because i don’t like being told LOL, so anyway i might of made the legs a bit too bit at the top thigh. Though i don’t think it makes a difference, his face is a bit off with the eyes but i think he’s cute.

Can’t believe a hair of mine is just chillin on him LOL 

I never did that type of nose before where you like thread it, but glad i did it because i will okay doing it when another pattern calls for it.
I’ve made him my official writing buddy, because he is small and he looks quite intelligent. I don’t have a name for him but if you can think of one let me know!

The pattern i used is by Bubbles and Bogo and it’s not expensive. I have a few of the patterns by these because i think they are ever so cute, and the unicorn one you might of seen me make a few times.

Well, that’s it for now i have been writing a lot and getting things done but i am tired this weekend i think i am exhausting myself by trying to get a million things done.

See you tomorrow with my bake a long!

WIPS – Free April weekly bujo printable

*Edit* – The grids on the water and date are not visible on the actual PDF, its just the way it saved as a PNG

Well, i would of had a WIP Wednesday post as i really hoped to finished the baby cardigan. Then something happened over the weekend – I was weaving in ends and i cut the wrong piece and i ended up cutting the back of the cardigan. I wanted to cry because i didn’t really enjoy the pattern, even though it was cute to look at.
So i sat and thought hmmm do i make another, nope – I am going onto cardigan two, and its a hooded thing but i am unsure because everything measures how it should in the booklet but it looks small for the size i am doing.
Once i progress a little with it, i will take some pictures, i have been writing a lot as well.

I realised i hadn’t made another weekly printable, and i won’t make another one now as next week i will be designing a May monthly one and a bunch of other trackers.
If you have any idea of things you like to make lists of or track, let me know and i will add them to a list of things i can make for planners.

I am also hoping to add more quotes to my Etsy store this week as i have neglected it a bit with my writing and i had a doctors appointment yesterday so i was a bit anxious the day before.


Here is the free printable for another week in April – I put the calender of the month at the top as this is what i like to do with my weeks, and i just highlight what the week is.
I will take a picture of my bujo, as this design is based on what i have for next week.

Click the link below – To Print open with Adobe to get the best quality as it is a PDF – It is A5 sized, but scale and size to fit to your liking or planner.



Thanks all! xo


PicsArt_02-16-04.14.08 (1).png

Free printable journal cards / postcards


Sup folks, i wasn’t going to post again today but i kind of wanted to get these out for you!

I’ve been printing stuff off like crazy today all my prints and my mental health poscards
so i can stick them up on my wall by my desk.
I whipped these guys up today and here they are for FREE yeah kind right? I also have another bullet journal freebie coming up at the weekend i am just tweaking the alignment – BUT it’s going to be a blog tracker, track the days you blog and what days you don’t etc. Perfect for those who want to be consistent with blogging or need to get into a routine (not me ’cause .. *sarcasm*)

Click the PDF file down below to grab these really cute printable postcards or journaling cards, whatever you decide to use them for! Card making blah i don’t know, go crazy.

They measure like a postcard so 6×4 and if you want that size and not waste paper then look at the image below to get them all on one page! They will be the perfect size.
I would rec printing in Adobe as it gives you more flexibility with printing.

If you want them bigger or smaller, scale and play around with the sizing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Postcards set of 3

WIP Wednesday – Crochet baby cardigan


Can we just take a minute – CHANNING TATUM IS GETTING A DIVORCE! Seriously, i have no hope for couples if he is getting a divorce, plus side he’s single.

On today’s list of WIPS i have rummaged through my WIP box and pulled out a baby cardigan i started a little while back for that order – Still plugging away. I think it was a mistake to of let it sit for so long as my tension has slightly changed, so when it came to doing the right panel it feels a little bit different than the left one i made previously.
That being said, i can always make another left one if when joining it doesn’t quite look right. I think with blocking it all after it might not be at noticeable.

I only have the sleeves, collar and button hole to do then i have to join it all up. I must say this pattern i am using which i will show in a sec, looks very cute! The pattern booklet does look more for boys, but honestly just change the colour right?




What i like about making baby garments like this is that its work in separate sections, i don’t mind the joining up etc. I think it looks a lot nicer, i did make a cardigan once that was worked in one but i didn’t love it. Personal preference i suppose?

This is the pattern i am using so you guys can find links to buy the booklet, i actually ordered mine from Ebay at a pretty good price! They aren’t to download they are actual pattern booklets. I got a few of these because you actually get three patterns in one and they have ALOT of size ranges so i think its bang for your buck.
Image result for 3476 pattern

I am trying to hard to get stuff finished and my WIP box is so full – I look at most of them and think, i wish i never started them! SO i think this month will be a lot of finishing projects and unraveling.


Before i go i would like to mention my mental health printable postcards i am selling on Etsy. All earnings from this purchase will 100% be going to the charity Mind
Please help support a great cause, mental health is over looked and i want to help make a difference and i want to help spread the word.

Also, i have a bag of spinach and kale i wanted to freeze for smoothies – It’s a few days out of date so do i throw it out or is it good?

Chow for now xo