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Hey guys, this might come in handy if you want to keep to blogging schedule or track your blog etc.

I created this because i made a yearly one in my bullet journal but i haven’t really stuck at it, so i plan on using this for each month.

Click the PDF links below to download and save. Make sure that you open with adobe and print with that for the best quality.

To change the size big or small just simply play around the scale option when you go to print.

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Ten things to do when you’re feeling depressed

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It’s no secret, i have depression. I will probably continue reminding you of that just so the world understands the seriousness of mental health, which isn’t just depression by the way.
Anyway look at Pooh bear isn’t he cute?

We get depressed, we shut ourselves off into the darkness and the majority of the time we can’t control this little tick in our minds scratching away setting us off to think even deeper and darker thoughts. Everyone at some point in our lives has felt depressed – It doesn’t matter the circumstance, we’ve all felt like shit and most of us battle with trying not to everyday.
So what can you do to help take the load off? – Here are my top ten things that i do, or try to do to maintain and balance my depression. Sometimes it works, sometimes well it doesn’t that is the truth – But if you are trying, you are already a step ahead.


1. Talk to someone – Thought this list is in no particular order, i needed this to be at the top. Talking to someone is SO important i can’t even shout it enough. You need to talk about your feelings, trapping yourself into a corner isn’t the answer. Feeling the way you do IS NOT embarrassing! Reach out to a friend, family member your GP or healthcare professional. It’s hard to come to terms with, how do you just sit and tell someone whats going on? What if i am a burden? NO NO NO – TALK! Do it. You are not alone.

2. Get up, dressed, showered, style hair or if you like to wear makeup (male or female), brush your teeth,  present yourself. – Washing, brushing teeth etc are all basic things we do to look after ourselves. DO THEM, but at your own pace! It can come to a point when getting out of bed is challenging so if it takes you an hour to sit up and another hour to stand and walk to the bathroom so what. The important thing is you are doing it. Take a break if you need to, whether its a ten minute break or half an hour – Treat these little things as task, reward yourself after. So i did my hair and make up today? I think i will eat that chocolate after all.
Not only that, it makes you feel good – It actually does. Doing those things makes you feel like you are apart of this world. If you aren’t planning on going out that day so what, you look good right?

3. Exercise or go out. – Let’s get the going out part out of the way first. I don’t go out often, partly because i don’t want to or i don’t actually have any friends to meet up with. BUT i do need to buy food and post letters and visit my mum. So i make myself go out – IF you are feeling upto it, get out into the fresh air. Walk in the park, take a packed lunch and sit relaxing. Take a trip to the library, perhaps you do need to pick up some groceries or the basics like milk, bread.
If you don’t feel upto it, or you physically can’t – Find some way of exercising and getting yourself moving (Again if you do have health issues, please contact your GP and discuss any form of exercising before doing any. ) Sitting doing nothing is boring yes? We sit feeling depressed, makes us well more depressed yes? Exercise is not only good for you, but it releases endorphins and all sorts of other posh words. You don’t have to jog on the spot for half an hour but maybe doing the basics will help or i like to do some basic yoga.
If you have a computer, pop on youtube for some videos, Google or use what you know.
Cleaning, ironing, etc are all things that i like to class as exercise – No seriously cleaning really can get you moving. Maybe you could plan to go out.. to that library.. borrow a computer.. print off some exercises.. go home and do them! SEE – We are getting somewhere.

4. Volunteer  – If you work, your job isn’t always a place of leisure is it? Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders. If you don’t work, volunteering is a great way to get out, meet new people and build up that confidence. You don’t need to commit to full time hours – Volunteering is really flexible, one day a week for a few hours will be perfectly acceptable. Trust me, who ever you volunteer for will be thankful that you helped out! Contact churches, community centres, charity shops, schools, local community meetings and see if they need any help. Maybe a homeless shelter or food bank could use a spare set of hands. You never know, you might actually enjoy it, make friends and it gives you something to get out of bed for.

5. Start a blog or journal – I started my blog last year and i had no idea how much it became such a huge thing in my life. It helps me not only vent and get things off my chest but i get to share my hobbies, interests with other people! I also get to chat with others and see some pretty amazing talented folk. Its not scary, because you don’t have to face people and talk you are behind a screen. But do remember to be safe online. If you like to take pictures, why not share them? I have my bad days, and i do tend to move away from blogging but it doesn’t stop me from coming back. Take a break from it when you feel like it. If you don’t want to blog, then buy a notebook or journal. Write down your day to day activities, whether you only managed to get dressed or you attended a crazy party.
I like to write to God, but sometimes i write with to myself and get things off my chest that are too personal for the web. Also bullet journaling or any journaling i am working on a post about this but bujo can be so beneficial. You don’t to work or be student, if you want to create routine, lists and track your stuff then this is so perfect! Each day of the week you could set a task for yourself. For me, i have set the task of every day i will deep clean at least ONE kitchen cupboard. That’s one of my weekly goals.

6. Craft/hobbies – Do you like to paint? sew, knit, crochet, collect stamps, make cards, woodwork, make jewellery – Do those things you enjoy. It gives you something to focus on but it also relaxes the mind as you are releasing all sorts of creativity and you can channel all kinds of feelings and input them into your work. Drawing a big black dark scribble of some kind might seem silly to some but that might mean something to you. The world is your oyster. Arts and crafts are seriously the way to go! It’s not a secret that alot of these i mentioned are actually known to help with mental health like depression and anxiety. You can even use step 3 to go out, join a club or class to do these things. Expression and talking about things are all great ways to release and not bottle up.

7. Read a book – Whether its fiction or non fictions. A self help, or a page turning thriller. Reading a story, is a great place to get lost and forget. I love being deep into another world, it makes me happy and dream all sorts of nonsense. It makes you forget. You are allowing a story, to take you away and go on an unknown adventure, that is cool right? Even if you are reading about a serial killer… Not only does it help expand the brain, it’s another reason to get up pick a book off the book shelf, or go out to the library or book shop.

8. Clean – Anyone else feel kinda up lifted and fresh when you’ve hoovered, polished, bleached the hell out of the kitchen and bathroom? How much of that has an impact on your mood. ALOT! I sometimes neglect the kitchen and laundry, it makes me feel like shit. I can’t even cope when i see my coffee table all cluttered, it makes the room look dirty. If you feel bleughhhh at the dusty shelves or tv stand – Polish it. How nice and new does it look? It helps me get motivated. Once i start cleaning, can’t stop. I remember i did a huge throw out of my bedroom, before i knew it i was de-cluttering the shoe cupboard and donating a ton of handbags to charity. Not only does it give you something to do, but a clean home is a happy home. Living in mess REALLY does effect your mood, whether you want to believe that or not. Don’t fall into that routine of leaving the odd plate to do later, it builds up – Trust, i have been in that place where i didn’t clean my kitchen for a month because i was in such a bad spot, it wasn’t until i wanted to eat a pasta bake that i realised the dish had grown mould that i needed to step up my game. 80% of my mood was happier once i deep cleaned the kitchen… Just saying.

9. Relax / music / tea – Relaxing doesn’t make you lazy. I do it all the time. I have a great view once i get past the buildings in plain view, i see a sports stadium, trees, fields, mist in the distance over the hills. So i sit on my sofa, with a cup of herbal tea and just look out. I take in the beauty of the world. Obviously, not everyone is bless with views and if i turned around to the other side of my building i’d be adjacent to ugly city bleughhhh.
Relaxing though gives you time to unwind. Even after a busy day, or just a day of feeling shit. Grab a cup of your favourite whatever – I recommend trying herbal tea. Particularly Chamomile, it has no caffeine so its perfect for anyone with anxiety. Put on some music, open the windows let a bit of air in and relax. Take deep breaths and enjoy that moment. Play whatever music you want, it doesn’t have to be chimes and whale mating calls. I like to listen to 80’s music or really cheesy songs that i enjoyed as a kid. Something i can sing to or make me smile. That’s my preference though – If i am feeling emotional, Tupac or Eminem plays. Sometimes though, classical is what does it for me.
BUT The Lord Of The Rings soundtrack really hits the spot. Music does help with depression and it has been proven it helps to lift your spirits. Take advantage!

10. Watch something funny – Everyone likes to laugh, its oddly funny. Why is it when you laugh and want to stop it becomes even funnier? IDK but i like it! What makes you laugh? Comedy films or super cheesy films are to serve one purpose – To be stupidly funny, cringey, ridiculous and darn right over the top. Its a way to let loose, and just be silly for a second. Watch something funny! Who is your favourite comedian? Actor? Fav romcom? Watch as many as you like, allow yourself to laugh at the fact that he did slip on a banana. It never really happens but was it funny?
Here are some of the films and TV shows i like to watch when i am feeling a pick me up:

U.S Office
Parks & Rec
Only fools & horses
Still Game
Kimmy Schmidt

When Harry met Sally
My best friends wedding
Look who’s talking
Breakfast club
Grown ups
The hangover
Anchorman 1&2
Cool runnings
Magic Mike – Don’t judge
Step brothers – Honestly i cant even, its too funny
Get hard


I could list forever!

I hope this is kind of helpful. Please see your GP if you feel the need to talk and discuss other options. These are all things i believe can help, they help me and i hope they help you too! However i can’t speak for for everyone but EVERYONE does need to look at number one and take advantage of some of the help out there.

That’s all from me, it’s Wrestlemania weekend lol. I hope you all have a good one!

Plan with me | April bullet journal & catch up


It’s been a long time since i paid any attention to my bullet journal because i have lost complete interest for everything. I am however blogging my ass off today to get some posts out just in case i get lost again and don’t show my face. – I have seemed to of cheered up massively today and link you one of the reasons why at the end of this post.
I am hoping to do a catch up on my 2018 goals, books I’ve read (not a lot but some) and sadly i don’t have anything crochet related to show off but i have some short stories up my sleeve.
Progression with my book is slow as my depression took a toll but another idea for a story has popped up so i am working on two things now. No rush right?

Anyways, i won’t bore you with my life because that’s for another post but here is my April bullet journal set up – Everything like my pens and book i am using will be linked at the end.


As you can probably tell, the right side where i introduce April (monthly cover) has been re done and covered up. I had the same design under neath it but i wanted BLUE because it’s my favourite colour and it fits April perfectly as April is known for it’s rain and showers – OH blue is also really calming! The light blue Tombow pen doesn’t photograph very well as its REALLY light and pastel which i am a lil annoyed with – Well, i could of edited my pictures but bleughhh who has time.


This is my monthly over -view. I really like the quote ‘bloom where you are planted’ – You might see a lot of quotes because i like them, especially positive ones it really helps. They are also a nice addition to your bullet journal if you are looking to fill up some space.
I decided that this bujo would be basic and not to over the top – I like a little bit of colour so each month will be one colour. April will be blue – I mean that’s just personal preference. Simple the better.



So the quote here i didn’t put much effort in and it looks a bit shite but haha i really don’t feel like editing it – I have so much stuff in my bullet journal like my lists, yearly trackers that i want to change and re-do because i feel like this time i am going to stick with it.
I didn’t go over board with having loads of trackers, i feel like setting myself up with lots of goals and things i wanted to track was too over whelming. One of the reasons why i probably stopped coming to my bujo. I am learning to take things step by step and that i don’t need to have a hundred goals for one week.
I decided to track the most important things for me, i left a few spaces on the habit tracker just in case i think of anything else – But i have learnt to not add things for the sake of tracking, track what is important and relevant to your life.
My mood tracker is a bunch of diamonds all split into three sections. I found this on Pinterest and i will link my bujo board at the end of this post. I like that for each diamond it’s split into three sections – So each day you can colour in your mood for morning, afternoon and evening.


And this is my first week – The idea is to plan each week as it goes etc but sometimes i get this itch to keep going but i am making sure not to lol! I tried my hand at drawing some flowers but i am hoping to add a bit of watercolour somewhere down the line. Again nothing special. I started the week on the 2nd of April which is a Monday because i don’t like weeks starting on odd days to me mon-sun is a week lol! I also didn’t leave much space for Sunday which is my fault as i drew the flowers before planning my weekly layout. Which isn’t too big of a deal as i literally do nothing on Sundays anyways but i know now for next time.


I also had to sort out my desk shelf again because i am literally running out of room to put books. My book shelf is full and i did buy some more last month, they were just sitting in a corner stacked up. So i decided i need to move them, and yup they are on my desk. About 12 books have been added LOL so erm yup.


So i managed to spend some time doing my mosaic sticker book thingy, i have done two page so far. The first one i did was a jellyfish which is up on my fridge and this one is a whale. I really like the book, the only problem i have is that the stickers don’t seem to stick properly and lift up so i might have to find some kind of surface glaze glue if that exists LOL –
I also wanted to show off my small Tombow dual brush pen collection. I have a few colours the same as a while back i bought the pastel pack from Amazon and the brush has frayed a little bit and i don’t know if they were fake? But i got all my new ones from a proper art website and they seem to be much better quality.

So thanks so much for reading, i am slowly catching up with posts i am trying! I always feel guilty. Here are all the links as promised, these are supplies i literally use all the time for my journal and crafts- The amazon links are affiliated. (These are UK links) 

Tombow Brush pens

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush/Calligraphy pen black

Stabilo pastel felt tip 

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Staedtler pigment fineliner drawing pens

My bullet journal 

Need some ideas for bullet journaling? Check out my Pin Board


OH as promised. So my mood has picked up MASSIVELY! The reason is cheesy, it’s mega corny. So i get nostalgic and listen to old music, cheesy pop from when i was a teenager or whatever.
Well my favourite band was Westlife, i saw them live when i was 9 years old! I cried, Nicki waved at me. I remember being so happy full of excitement, no worries just enjoying my favourite boyband.

I started listening to them again – I thought my mood would go back into a depressed state because some of the songs are really sad but singing along with them just really lifted my mood.
I am listening to them today as well – Never too old ay?
Here a few of my favourites







Hey guys just a quick post as I’m super busy this week and haven’t been able to really blog much but ivr just had a massive order for baby clothes etc last night so I have been planning. Also research for my book has taken over a little. Where are the weeks going.

OK so I’m extending the competition until the 31st of January as I’m really busy this weekend.

Click here to enter

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT with your reason to why you started blogging this is the entry and if you only like the post it won’t count.

Okay chow for now! I’ll be filming Saturday and uploading kindle, i also have a crochet post tomorrow and sims story on Monday! Right now time to catch up with emails!

XOXO stay safe

Blogger-versary | Give away (international)



Happy Saturday folks, i am that behind on life this week i thought it was Friday and all my usual plans are out of the window. I need to film my kindle tutorial tomorrow, i don’t know what it is but its been so busy that this week has flown and now i am sad because it’s almost the end of January – Which makes me feel like the year is ALREADY going quickly. Might just be me though going into panic mode!

Okay, so the title says it all. On the 23rd of January, which is 3 days – BTW i was going to do this competition on the date but i can’t resist.
It will one one year since i embarked on this journey of blogging. Honestly, i never thought it would stick. Like crocheting, i expected myself to throw in the towel and i’d never be seen again.
But something about blogging, (which i tried before and i hated it) – This time round i’d feel kind of lost without it. Even thought i had my days when i was a goner, but we all do that right? Life gets in the way and when we plan it never sticks.

I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for making my blogging experience here at WordPress so enjoyable! I found lots of new blogs to read that satisfy all of my interests, and all sorts of people. Which still amazes me to this day, all these people me and you living on one planet. Craaaaazy!

So to celebrate my one year, i thought i would do a give away. Honestly if i had the money i would do amazing gifts and pick 5 people so this is going to be mega hard for me. I was hard choosing a winner when i gave away a hat in December.
I collected some items from a local store here in the UK and thought of things that might be cute but really helpful to all of you crafters, writers, bakers, mothers, planners. And mixed it in with the things i also like, or i try to make my blog about.



I have bought something for you to plan/list in (the cat project book) Something to write with (pens) Something else to write in (exercise books) Something to read (the book) and i am working on something cute that i am crocheting, which will be a surprise and i won’t show 🙂

I know it’s not much but i just wanted to thank everyone who’s been so welcoming and nice. It isn’t easy starting a blog or fitting in a social media circle when so many of you have been around for a while and created relationships, but the community here are exactly what humans should be! So many of you get me and my personality, because trust me i didn’t want to show that for a while – Trying to get to know and interact more with writers as well and i will say i have come across some f*cking snobs recently, ones that didn’t even approve my comments on posts. But the good people outshine the nit wits.

Okay shall we move on? So how to enter:

Give away rules


– Must be over the age of 16 unless you have parental consent ( I would need proof – sorry but it’s only comfortable for me to make sure that people have safe experiences on the internet.)
Follow this blog
-Open to any country

Lastly – Comment on this post as to why you started to blog?
I’ll read through comments and i will pick my favourite story.
I shall post on here on Friday the 26th of January.

Share, spread the word – And take part!


Thanks again guys for making this such a fun happy place to be! I will post on instagram
at some point but do not enter on that platform.

I hope you all have a awesome weekend! I am cooling some beers for tonight, drunk crochet or drunk writing we will see 😀

(P.S – Here was my first ever blog post, just for some cringe reading :D)