Bye bye Twinklehook….Madness Monday


K so i admit that is a bit click baity LOL – Well no because Twinklehook is going to be going but don’t worry the blog is staying!

I started my blogging adventure last year with the mindset that i would only ever blog crochet – I then tried my hand at selling my craft and becoming some kind of super woman business owner but it wasn’t for me. So i stopped.
I continued the Twinklehook name because it was my first proper branded name and most of my names on social media are Twinklehook.

I’ve done some thinking real hard thinking and i cant shout from the roof tops enough to tell you that writing, being a published author is my dream. It’s more of a dream than crafting, blogging or selling crochet these are all just ideas and lower class kinda dreams – Shit to fill in the blanks with.

So, the end of April my domain name is due to be renewed and as much as i want to keep it at twinklehook i am retiring it to something more professional… Can we see where this going?
I want to be branded as an author and then a lil bit of crafting on the side 😉
So in order for me to be taken seriously (i think) i need to approach this in a way i see authors on social media etc.
The blog is going to stay the same but i will be moving around categories and making it more professionally organised for my taste.

HOWEVER – I am keeping my Twinklehook logo for my crafts, so my logo for my crafts will also be that because i think its beautifully made and i want my writing and other hobbies/crafts to be two different things completely

Why not just make another blog? Social media accounts? I would but do you know how hard it is to keep up with blogging, writing, crafting, posting on social media, learning new stuff, living life. YUP so can you imagine adding another blog to maintain!? (well actually i am setting up a author instagram)
I know a lot of people do that but i don’t want to extend my home…

What to expect then. K so here is the stuff you might see, my social media. Twitter and Instagram – I am keeping my instagram, but i will be creating another account for just my writing/author community. So i can solely keep my life/writing etc on that. With twinklehooks domain kinda going, i don’t want to give up its brand on social media incase someone snags it LOL but i need to define myself in the author community and start to get my writing recognised etc.

Blog will be a boring domain, it will probably just be a wordpress one from the end of April until i can think of one but it will more likely to actually be my name.
I will post the same stuff, but any writing will be dedicated on one specific day so i can keep that schedule going.

My headers on the blog will change and my logo will only feature on my crafty posts.

It’s not that bad right? I am still here, posting – The content isn’t changing, i am not changing just a few words 🙂

I am going to pay attention to my Youtube channel and try and emerge myself in the author/book community. I will work on this at some point but i am planning on doing one video blog a week so it captures my writing, my processes and just a chit chat i guess on my progress.

I hope you all can understand! & i am looking forward to embarking on my writing journey.

I am constantly trying to figure my life out and changing things to make me feel better or fill a hole, and the only hold i have had is me not pursuing my writing sooner. It’s time guys, it’s now or never!

Oh by the way – The book i started to write is on vacation right now and the short story i posted a few days back, has turned into a full blown outline and i am writing that.

Title will be coming soon!


Happy Easter – Help me support mental health

I don’t think a such a time ever exists when we have to talk about taboo topics or the bad shit that exists in this world. We can either choose to ignore the problems or face them – And let’s be honest, how many people ignore them?

Male suicide is the biggest killer of men and believe it or not its three times higher than female.
85 men take their own life each week, that’s 336 people a month, 4032 a year. Doesn’t seem real does it? But it is.

I recently learnt that a childhood friend of mine at the weekend recently lost his life due to the evil and cruel illness we call mental health – A disorder that’s close to my heart as you all know. Due to the respect of his family, friends i won’t name him – But he struggled with mental health all of his life. He was a funny guy, i remember me having a big of a crush on him when he was into skate boarding and i went out of my way to beg my mum and buy a skateboard so i can chill with him and his crew.
I and my friends have so many memories with him as kids and teens – But as we got older, like all of us we went out separate ways and lived our own lives.

I heard of some struggles and things he had done – mistakes and bad choices he made as an adult. I bumped into him a few years ago, with two men. He was overly happy to see me and i didn’t judge his glazed eyes and two straggly friends next to him. Because he still had that cute baby face, huge happy grin – Something i’ll never forget.

I know about suicide, i know of people who have attempted it and some succeeded but this one hit home because it was home. I’ve had these thoughts, i won’t lie. I cried when i thought about taking my life because it’s a horrible scary thought. I think i will always suffer but i know i won’t ever do it – Some of us are able to fight harder than others, and some just can’t – That’s the sad thing.

I can’t help but think what was going through his mind, or what his lasts thoughts were why he felt that low – Questions we will never be able to answer for him.
I wont forget that he left a baby behind and a beautiful caring family. I can’t stop thinking about what they are feeling right now, the questions they will be asking themselves – What could we of done?
Mental health doesn’t just effect the person, it effects everyone  and the aftermath of suicide is so self torturing.

My point here is, i have been sitting on this idea for a while to fight the fight and raise money or contribute myself to making mental health out in the world for people to see and not ignore and i didn’t think it would wake me up as soon as this. I have plans in the near future but for now i am asking you to help me.

I designed these three postcards – For each purchase, all money i accumulate from the sales of this set of postcards will be donated directly to the mental health charity Mind
These postcards can be printed off as many time as possible – And sometimes someone might just need that reminder we are here. We want to listen, please open up and talk to us. I wasn’t going to make anymore of these until next week as i have some crocheting to get on with but i honestly didn’t expect to hear this sad news of my friend.

We have to fight the stigma, we have to fight with the people that are fighting every single day.

PLEASE help by purchasing my set of three postcards – You can scale them so print them at the actual A6 size or whatever, use them for good or for yourself. Hand them out to someone who might need a ear, show someone you are willing to listen.

Buy the postcards here


I wish everyone a happy Easter!! Don’t eat too much chocolate.

For help in the UK please check out Mind, they are an amazing charity amongst all the others that exist. >> Mind

Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – for men
Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day

Papyrus – for people under 35
Call 0800 068 41 41 – Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm, weekends 2pm to 10pm, bank holidays 2pm to 5pm
Text 07786 209697

Childline – for children and young people under 19
Call 0800 1111 – the number won’t show up on your phone bill

The Silver Line – for older people
Call 0800 4 70 80 90



Plan with me | April bullet journal & catch up


It’s been a long time since i paid any attention to my bullet journal because i have lost complete interest for everything. I am however blogging my ass off today to get some posts out just in case i get lost again and don’t show my face. – I have seemed to of cheered up massively today and link you one of the reasons why at the end of this post.
I am hoping to do a catch up on my 2018 goals, books I’ve read (not a lot but some) and sadly i don’t have anything crochet related to show off but i have some short stories up my sleeve.
Progression with my book is slow as my depression took a toll but another idea for a story has popped up so i am working on two things now. No rush right?

Anyways, i won’t bore you with my life because that’s for another post but here is my April bullet journal set up – Everything like my pens and book i am using will be linked at the end.


As you can probably tell, the right side where i introduce April (monthly cover) has been re done and covered up. I had the same design under neath it but i wanted BLUE because it’s my favourite colour and it fits April perfectly as April is known for it’s rain and showers – OH blue is also really calming! The light blue Tombow pen doesn’t photograph very well as its REALLY light and pastel which i am a lil annoyed with – Well, i could of edited my pictures but bleughhh who has time.


This is my monthly over -view. I really like the quote ‘bloom where you are planted’ – You might see a lot of quotes because i like them, especially positive ones it really helps. They are also a nice addition to your bullet journal if you are looking to fill up some space.
I decided that this bujo would be basic and not to over the top – I like a little bit of colour so each month will be one colour. April will be blue – I mean that’s just personal preference. Simple the better.



So the quote here i didn’t put much effort in and it looks a bit shite but haha i really don’t feel like editing it – I have so much stuff in my bullet journal like my lists, yearly trackers that i want to change and re-do because i feel like this time i am going to stick with it.
I didn’t go over board with having loads of trackers, i feel like setting myself up with lots of goals and things i wanted to track was too over whelming. One of the reasons why i probably stopped coming to my bujo. I am learning to take things step by step and that i don’t need to have a hundred goals for one week.
I decided to track the most important things for me, i left a few spaces on the habit tracker just in case i think of anything else – But i have learnt to not add things for the sake of tracking, track what is important and relevant to your life.
My mood tracker is a bunch of diamonds all split into three sections. I found this on Pinterest and i will link my bujo board at the end of this post. I like that for each diamond it’s split into three sections – So each day you can colour in your mood for morning, afternoon and evening.


And this is my first week – The idea is to plan each week as it goes etc but sometimes i get this itch to keep going but i am making sure not to lol! I tried my hand at drawing some flowers but i am hoping to add a bit of watercolour somewhere down the line. Again nothing special. I started the week on the 2nd of April which is a Monday because i don’t like weeks starting on odd days to me mon-sun is a week lol! I also didn’t leave much space for Sunday which is my fault as i drew the flowers before planning my weekly layout. Which isn’t too big of a deal as i literally do nothing on Sundays anyways but i know now for next time.


I also had to sort out my desk shelf again because i am literally running out of room to put books. My book shelf is full and i did buy some more last month, they were just sitting in a corner stacked up. So i decided i need to move them, and yup they are on my desk. About 12 books have been added LOL so erm yup.


So i managed to spend some time doing my mosaic sticker book thingy, i have done two page so far. The first one i did was a jellyfish which is up on my fridge and this one is a whale. I really like the book, the only problem i have is that the stickers don’t seem to stick properly and lift up so i might have to find some kind of surface glaze glue if that exists LOL –
I also wanted to show off my small Tombow dual brush pen collection. I have a few colours the same as a while back i bought the pastel pack from Amazon and the brush has frayed a little bit and i don’t know if they were fake? But i got all my new ones from a proper art website and they seem to be much better quality.

So thanks so much for reading, i am slowly catching up with posts i am trying! I always feel guilty. Here are all the links as promised, these are supplies i literally use all the time for my journal and crafts- The amazon links are affiliated. (These are UK links) 

Tombow Brush pens

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush/Calligraphy pen black

Stabilo pastel felt tip 

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Staedtler pigment fineliner drawing pens

My bullet journal 

Need some ideas for bullet journaling? Check out my Pin Board


OH as promised. So my mood has picked up MASSIVELY! The reason is cheesy, it’s mega corny. So i get nostalgic and listen to old music, cheesy pop from when i was a teenager or whatever.
Well my favourite band was Westlife, i saw them live when i was 9 years old! I cried, Nicki waved at me. I remember being so happy full of excitement, no worries just enjoying my favourite boyband.

I started listening to them again – I thought my mood would go back into a depressed state because some of the songs are really sad but singing along with them just really lifted my mood.
I am listening to them today as well – Never too old ay?
Here a few of my favourites






Blogger-versary | Give away (international)



Happy Saturday folks, i am that behind on life this week i thought it was Friday and all my usual plans are out of the window. I need to film my kindle tutorial tomorrow, i don’t know what it is but its been so busy that this week has flown and now i am sad because it’s almost the end of January – Which makes me feel like the year is ALREADY going quickly. Might just be me though going into panic mode!

Okay, so the title says it all. On the 23rd of January, which is 3 days – BTW i was going to do this competition on the date but i can’t resist.
It will one one year since i embarked on this journey of blogging. Honestly, i never thought it would stick. Like crocheting, i expected myself to throw in the towel and i’d never be seen again.
But something about blogging, (which i tried before and i hated it) – This time round i’d feel kind of lost without it. Even thought i had my days when i was a goner, but we all do that right? Life gets in the way and when we plan it never sticks.

I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for making my blogging experience here at WordPress so enjoyable! I found lots of new blogs to read that satisfy all of my interests, and all sorts of people. Which still amazes me to this day, all these people me and you living on one planet. Craaaaazy!

So to celebrate my one year, i thought i would do a give away. Honestly if i had the money i would do amazing gifts and pick 5 people so this is going to be mega hard for me. I was hard choosing a winner when i gave away a hat in December.
I collected some items from a local store here in the UK and thought of things that might be cute but really helpful to all of you crafters, writers, bakers, mothers, planners. And mixed it in with the things i also like, or i try to make my blog about.



I have bought something for you to plan/list in (the cat project book) Something to write with (pens) Something else to write in (exercise books) Something to read (the book) and i am working on something cute that i am crocheting, which will be a surprise and i won’t show 🙂

I know it’s not much but i just wanted to thank everyone who’s been so welcoming and nice. It isn’t easy starting a blog or fitting in a social media circle when so many of you have been around for a while and created relationships, but the community here are exactly what humans should be! So many of you get me and my personality, because trust me i didn’t want to show that for a while – Trying to get to know and interact more with writers as well and i will say i have come across some f*cking snobs recently, ones that didn’t even approve my comments on posts. But the good people outshine the nit wits.

Okay shall we move on? So how to enter:

Give away rules


– Must be over the age of 16 unless you have parental consent ( I would need proof – sorry but it’s only comfortable for me to make sure that people have safe experiences on the internet.)
Follow this blog
-Open to any country

Lastly – Comment on this post as to why you started to blog?
I’ll read through comments and i will pick my favourite story.
I shall post on here on Friday the 26th of January.

Share, spread the word – And take part!


Thanks again guys for making this such a fun happy place to be! I will post on instagram
at some point but do not enter on that platform.

I hope you all have a awesome weekend! I am cooling some beers for tonight, drunk crochet or drunk writing we will see 😀

(P.S – Here was my first ever blog post, just for some cringe reading :D)

Blog update | Changes

To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble.

Hello folks! I’ve been pretty regular with posting, it feels good to be back on track with blogging again. I wanted to use this week to really have a think about where i want to take my blog, and the things i’d like to change.
We all know i did start off just posting about crochet, that was my intention but i made friends and found that i could be myself. So slowly, i added my other interests in with it.

Now, i know some of you are crafter’s and i don’t expect you to be interested in some of the stuff i might post in the near future and that goes with anyone that follows my blog. Stick around, because i enjoy the friendships and the awesome people that i have been so fortunate to *virtually* meet.
That being said, i am who i am and i love SO many things in life, and lots of stuff i enjoy doing. I have already set up my blog menu with things i will be adding in the future months, and don’t get scared because some of it i won’t be posting about all the time. It’s just visible categorically so if anyone ever wants to know why i have 500000 babies and cats in my sims game, they can read it.

Without babbling on for much longer, here are some of the things i will be adding and current stuff to change/ schedule

-Writing: I want to write and post on here without limit, if i itch and need to write and share something i will do it. May it be a few times a week or whenever. It’s my absolute passion and i cannot explain to you how driven i am to write a novel. So lots of writing!

-Crochet: DUH! I have my crojo back, and i will crochet and post when i can. Hopefully the projects don’t take a year like that blanket i posted, which i finished by the way. I will try and do one secure post a week – WIP Wednesday.
-Cooking/baking: I did take part in the bake off, i will casually take part in this but i will also post every now and again about any new bakes or things i have made. Partly because i have a lil task of me cooking out of my new cook book LOL. Maybe weekly or fortnightly.



-Books i am reading: I liked writing book reviews, but i hated giving myself a schedule on when to finish a book. The book i am currently reading is quite big so unsure when i will post. Plus found new authors on here to read! So i will say once/twice monthly i will talk about books and my current reads.

-Beauty: I put this here because i love make up and beauty and REALLY did want to start regular posts, but i get too distracted! As much as i love this side of me, i have waaaay too many priorities. So once a month i will post a lil post about any beauty products that i’ve used and are empty and give mini reviews. I mean, whether that will stick who knows.

-Diary posts and ramblings: So i love a good blog about my life and catch up/ chit chat. I love sharing things with you like my Liverpool trip. I have added to my list a lil photo thing i am taking part in. It’s 52 weeks of photos and when i can i will join in and post to the diary. Basically this is the category of RANDOM!!! This will include bullet journaling and other crafts.

-Sims 4: I love this game so much, its my life. I also love my PS4 but i always have time for sims. This section will kind of just be a place to give my sims stories and more life! It will have links to my Tumblr, and eventually Youtube because YES i am doing videos.

And that’s basically it! Gotta wrap it up because i am about to get into the bed and watch The Office.
To be honest, i don’t really know why i felt the need to explain this to you but i think its just incase someone sees THE SIMS 4 FAMILY FIRE and you think what in the lords name!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend xox