Mr fox amigurumi Рcompleted 

Mr fox is done! I finished this little chap last night.  Oh I went in on him for 6 hours – I only had to do the legs, arms and tail and it took that long. BUT I did stop take breaks, had to also stuff and sew the things on. I also get distracted by Facebook!  

So in all honesty I like this pattern. In fact I think I like amigurumi abit more now. You know what’s loveable? The fact you only need to know basic stitches. It still amazes me when I head over to Pinterest for ideas and I’m like wow a sc stitch can create some amazing things!

The cons of this is that a start of a round will say magic circle (6) which if your a beginner you probably will get confused to as how many you need to do in your magic circle – The numbers in brackets tend to be what stitches you should have, but it’s not rocket science if you can read patterns and figure that you need to do 6 sc in the magic circle. So that’s just a little pointer for anyone that is totally new to crocheting and reading patterns. 

(I really didn’t like my toy stuffing that I have as it seems to just stick to my fox and I’ve had to pick away at litter fibers. It was all over my clothes after i finished.)
PROS well as per it’s adjustable. so I did make some changes to the stuffing and didn’t stuff as much in the body parts as I wanted my guy to flop a bit – I also did straightish lines for his eyes as I am a dark evil person and wanted my fox to look serious rather than smiley face things for eyes. On the other hand if you have any safety eyes they would totally work.

As per I was using dk yarn (stylecraft: spice, white, and erm brown???) so always go down 0.5mm on your hook if you are using dk. Again as always i didn’t so he probably turned out bigger but you know what? I really don’t care any bout how accurate my projects turn out from patterns.

I like mine to look a little bit different because then I know I have made it! 

So he’s finally done, follow this link for the pattern > Sleepy fox amigurumi pattern

IF you are unsure of how to do a magic circle, follow this youtube video > Bella coco magic circle

Funnily enough I don’t do mine this way haha but if you struggle youtube has lots of videos on this. If you still can’t grasp it, chain 2 and slip stitch to your first making a small circle and sc your count into that centre. Some chain 4 it’s upto you.
That’s at all for now, my yarn came today from my yarn swapper partner so I am just looking at all of the glory and figuring out what’s next. We also have a crazy storm today called Doris so I won’t be leaving the house at all as the winds are really severe.

Happy thursday? I think ha, stay safe xoxo

Easter chick and egg

Firstly I’d like to say that his is one angry chick. And looks nothing like the pattern (hatching easter chick pattern) I’ll explain why – I can’t do tapestry eyes or bloody noses to save my life. So I winged the face, then when I did the little wings they came undone. At this point I just sewed the winhs on and gave him the name “ugly easter chick” – Essentially he will grow into a ugly duckling and that’s how the story goes. 

I usually enjoy making amigurumi but this was fiddly for me as I don’t make stuff like this all the time. I have no issues doing bigger soft toys but I really seem to dislike smaller makes.

That being said, this was really simple and quick to make. I made him a little fatter than he should be because I used a 2.5mm hook but the pattern does say to go down 0.5mm if your using acrylic yarn – I used Stylecraft special dk. 

For the shell I used a 3.5mm hook due to my chick being fatter. I think because of it working in rounds and sc stitch this can be adjusted and no doubt turned into a big one! 

These are perfect if you have kids and make easter egg boxes or baskets  etc for school. Which I remember doing as as kid – we would have a shoe box some boiled eggs and decorate them for easter. Each class at school would bring them in and a winner gets picked. Things have changed now, they make easter bonnets and all sorts. 

If your looking for something for your kids during easter and any school events these would be perfect. 

Here is the link to where I found the pattern (I did post it further up) > Hatching easter chick
Hope you have a great Sunday! I have a chicken in the slow cooker for a Sunday dinner later. Though the smell is making me very hungry!

Chow for now xoxo

Super easy baby blanket! – beginner friendly.

I would like to say sorry for not posting as much as I should.  Not that it matters as I doubt many read but I’ve been a little busy with my crochet projects and been trying to get them done. I’ve also been feeling a little bit low and have just need to take it easy.

So, here is a past project for you guys and this is a very simple baby blanket that can be adjusted in any way. All I did for this was TR and DC. The pattern is in US terms. But its not hard to follow as it’s using the basic stitches which means it’s perfect for a beginner! 

I chained about 92 – chain in an even number.  Now I used DK yarn so if you were to use a chunky yarn chain less. But its up to you how many chains you do, I have an issue with making blankets bigger than what they should be. The pattern uses a chunkier yarn so she chain less than I did.

This blanket you can do whatever colour, you could do a mixture and add wharever border you wish. Because of the simplicity it’s so versatile.

Here is the blanket pattern > easy baby blanket

Hooe you guys enjoy! Have a great weekend and stay safe.

70’s inspired granny blanket

I know what your thinking, it isn’t a 100% 70’s.

My mood just lately has either been pastel shades or retro and 70’s. After my complete fail of a sea coast blanket I looked at my boxes of stash and saw this bright green. I got it last year from a UK store called pound stretcher and was used to make a multi coloured sock monkey for a friend. I then saw the left over yarns from my bundles purchased from the Bella Coco store. I love the orange and burnt mustard colour and I combined all of these and thought okay granny square continuous, easy and quick.

This is for myself, I love usual colours and I can’t help but think of this blanket sitting on a mocha leather sofa in someone’s home in the 70’s. I have a name for it, but I won’t reveal til I’ve completed.

Also I have every shade available to list once it’s done including the bright green.

Back to the granny square. I’ve never actually been a huge fan, I made a baby blanket in drops cotton last year and it looked really nice. I think I just loath the pattern when I see colours I don’t like but everyone has different taste and I’m pretty sure people will look at the colours I’ve picked and puked a little. BUT I like to be different and sometimes my mood needs to be a little edgy.

A granny square is quite easy to do if your a pro and it took me a long time to grasp it, if you want to try the granny square then I suggest clicking this link > Bella Coco РGranny square tutorial

Bella Coco aka sarah Jayne she’s amazing. Her videos are so easy to follow and I managed to master the granny square by watching this video Atleast 100 times. (slow learner)

Hopefully this blanket will be done by the end of the week mane start of next week as I still have the wavy blanket to finish.

For now, happy crocheting! Have a great week & stay safe.

Simple crochet coasters

So I know I was making a sea coast blanket. Yeah well I’ve frogged the lot of it. I hate it, so I felt quite deflated.  Not all ideas work and I  should of really planned it better and did swatches of all the colours together. So no blanket I’m afraid. 
Any who,  I sat looking at my stash and I still had some drops cotton left from a huge buy last year from cotton pod.

I have this square coffee table it’s not so big but I’m sick of my boyfriend placing his drinks on the floor and I also leave tea rings and I thought I’ll make some coasters. 

Now the reason why I picked cotton is that it’s great to work with but perfect for washing, you can treat it as though your washing a cotton t shirt. I really love drops and I want to just buy more now!! 

I have plenty of cotton left and I have no idea what to make with it, maybe a place mat for the centre of the table as it really isn’t that big. 

Here is the website I found the pattern > crochet coasters

They are super easy and fun and really aren’t that time consuming. 

Have a great weekend!