Pre-Order my poetry collection

EEK! I've kept this secret, well technically i posted on FB and IG first but i didn't have any active links to share so i wanted to wait til KDP approved my stuff before announcing to you guys. Funny, i was like okay i won't have time to blog but I HAVE SO MUCH TO… Continue reading Pre-Order my poetry collection



  It can bring you joy, Maybe sorrow, Sometimes luck, Or a darker tomorrow, It's glare is vacant,  But beautiful to see, This nosey little Magpie waits for me.    I know magpies bring a lot of superstition, and i still salute and wish the wife well. But i also think they are very strange… Continue reading Magpie



Raindrops fall and hit my cheek, As I cry over secrets you all fight to seek, I scream out loud for I cannot keep, the secrets that haunt me whilst I am deep in my sleep, Raindrops fall and hit my cheek, as I burn all my secrets I do not wish to keep.


Poem – Away with the Fae

This is a poem i quickly wrote when i was a little blocked in a writing session. It's simple but is linked to my character Alena and i hoped to add this into the book either the end or beginning. I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!   Away with the fae, Away being free,… Continue reading Poem – Away with the Fae

Book reviews

Poetry book review | Meet me at dreamlight

  So apart from being scammed out of £430 this weekend, i have had a pretty okayish one. I have also had the pleasure of reading this amazing poetry collection by Nina V. Rye. Nina is a self published author oh and a published one - Can't forget that! She also has booktube channel over… Continue reading Poetry book review | Meet me at dreamlight