Goals | 18 for 2018

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I’m jumping on the bandwagon, well technically i wrote my goals out in my bullet journal and now i am sharing them here!
SO i never actually really understood this, i kept seeing it last year and 17 goals for 2017 and i’ve seen it cropping up more since the new year. Seeing as 2018 is going to be focusing on setting goals, achieving them and pushing myself to make shit happen i thought ah why not.
The point is, and do correct me – You set 18 goals for the year. It goes up a number by each year, so in 2019 it will be 19. Anyways, don’t feel the need to set crazy goals! A goal doesn’t have to be a big dream, it can be as little as de-cluttering or finding a new way to stay organised.
I brainstormed mine on a page in my Bullet journal, and i am going to write up a system on how to keep track.


Here it is, my 18 for this year – If you have your list, feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

#1 – Make videos: Last year i wanted to start a Youutbe channel, and made video content. I did record some videos and i wanted to blog them first, but looking back and watching them, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and you could smell the fear. I feel ready to it this time.

#2 – Drop two dress sizes: I’ve gained weight, piled on the pounds even more since quitting smoking. No excuses, eat healthy and exercise 5 times a week for one hour.

#3 – Find a new job: Last January i lost my job, and i had a little supermarket job which i HATED AND QUIT. Judge me all you want, i’ve done a lot of different jobs. I need something challenging and that offers me a future.

#4 – Take more pictures: I bought a new camera, and i have yet to really do anything awesome with it.  So once a week (like i did previously plan) go out and take pictures. I need to use it more for my craft, blog etc. But it really is just easier sometimes to whip out the phone.

#5 – Complete all unfinished crochet projects of 2017. Already on it sir!

#6 – Get better at calligraphy: My mum bought me some decent watercolour brush pens for Christmas. I need extra practice with those as i didn’t realise that so many techniques existed, as well as different pens do different things.

#7 – Write my novel: Or atleast some of it. I need to be 100% inspired to take my writing to that level. Short stories are easy enough for me, when i think of trying to making them into something longer the feeling doesn’t stick. So let’s say have a plan of some kind.

#8 – Save money for decent watercolour paint set: I have the brush pens but i would also like to get better at painting and i have some cheap ones which are perfect for my level but eventually id like to be the watercolour version of Bob Ross.

#9 – Visit Europe: I want to go see Rome, maybe Paris. Somewhere but here, with history and good food.

#10 – Enter 4 writing competitions: I entered two last year. One being the most prestigious and quite costly to enter. I have found 4 ready to enter, some with deadlines within the next month or so #oops

#11 –  Finish a jigsaw puzzle: I bought some puzzles for my mum at Christmas and had to get myself one, it’s of the Titanic. Id like to finish it and frame it.

#12  – Learn how to paint with water colour: This kind of ties in with my saving up and stuff.

#13 – Attend church atleast twice a month: I don’t know why, but i bought a Bible. I’m not religious and the last person going to heaven. But i feel like i need some positive people, energy and just good vibes around me. Whether it be just making friends at church coffee mornings, i just find it peaceful. Something is pushing me towards faith, so who knows.

#14 – DE-CLUTTER THE FLAT: I have shit everywhere, i hoard. I even have a old bed that needs shifting, its hard when i live in such a big tower of flats but it has to be done.

#15 – Get help for my mental health: We all know the story, i’m sorting it.

#16 – Bake every week out of cookbook: So my christmas present off Josh was a massive Mary Berry cook book, i aim to make atleast one thing each week out of it.

#17 – Read 4 books monthly: I suck when i wanted to review books and do a book club but i hope you can understand my brain isn’t always happy. I don’t know if this goal is achievable this month, as my current read is MASSIVE.  Read more, write more.

#18 – Look at college courses & apply: Nothing too major, i am not looking to apply for NASA but i would like to take a course in something creative, or language class. Not sure yet this is a goal but i actually might change it…

So that’s it folks, my goals. Don’t feel bad if you don’t achieve them or even from last year. The trick is to not set goals that will stress you out or put on lots of pressure.
My goal to write a novel might not happen this year, but i will create little mini goals in order to reach closer to that ultimate one.
Ideally, set little goals if you want to boost your motivation.
– Once of my first videos is going to be about my bullet journal and my goal setting. I will go into detail with why, who what blah blah. So don’t fret little ones.


Have a good one! Let me know your goals in the comments 🙂


My year 2017, Bye bye

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I put off writing this post, because i can’t say that 2017 has been 100%  good to me. The low moments over took the good but what kind of new leaf would i be turning if i continued to allow the bad suck me into a black hole.

2017 has been tough, not just mentally but my life as a whole and i haven’t really shared me true struggles and i don’t think i am quite ready to tell the tale of bad luck and poverty. That’s depressing? We need lifting up, especially in these times where the world itself is changing and we can’t always predict what the universe has in store.

What i remember are some amazing moments with new friends, old friends, a trip to Liverpool and endless photos taken of my cat. I mean, what kind of cat mother would i be if i didn’t snap a shot everytime my cat did something cute LOL!

I’ve had more joy being around the blog, and seen a lot of you grow as people, or new ventures arise in your lives. This made me quite envious, envious because i was too weak to grab the things i wanted most. But i also felt happy, that people like you exist.

So here are some things in pictures i achieved or attempted to do in 2017.
I crocheted alot, and some stuff I’ve made hasn’t even been photographed because as you know, (if i told you before) i don’t like crocheting at the moment but i think it will come back to me very soon.

I’ve collected a few pictures of each month of this year – Enjoy!


This of course is all the blogged stuff and things i have created.

Other stuff i have achieved


  •  I quit smoking and i still haven’t touched a cigarette
  • I entered a writing competition, i didn’t won nor get short listed but i pushed myself.
  • Got rid of ALOT of stuff and donated plenty of things like food, clothes and anything that could be of use.
  • Sent a BUNCH of christmas cards and got some back from the most awesome people to be apart of WordPress!
  • Bought a bible, yup idk why i am not religious but i feel like i want to be more churchy and take part in the community more.
  • Stopped myself from doing any harm or giving up on life as my mental health took a toll – I am still here, for some reason and that i will take note of.
  • Cute ties with toxic family and friends. It was needed i am free
  • Tried my hand at selling online, learnt a lot and what to do next.
  • Began the journey of bullet journaling



I mean the list could go on, 2017 doesn’t seem so bad. I started the new year by losing my job but i turned it into a positive and made this blog, this has been a journey of finding out who i am, what i want, what i need to do, what works and what doesn’t. Yup, a whole lot of what’s.
I don’t 100% know the answers but i am confident enough i know some.


So 2017 was meh an odd number. Don’t like those.
Here is to the new year, and i wish you all a happy one! Take care xo

Weekly diary 5


Congratulations to me, i have made it to week 5 of doing these bloody diaries. I actually feel better in doing them. I set out to make a crochet blog but i wanted to add me into it, i wanted it to be personal and not some robot who never seems to not have yarn in her hand. I ALSO HAVE A LOGO!!!!!!! YAY – I did it all myself, though it wasn’t hard so i don’t expect huge kudos.
Well this weeks been a strange one, ive battled with my depression but i am feeling really good about life today. Touch wood it stays that way.
I’ve been planning on opening a store, online store that sells crochet toys etc. I know i aren’t the first person to do this and i did have an Etsy store but it was rushed and i sort of just put items on it because i wanted to make money and that was it. This time round i actually want to create a brand, i aren’t setting any goals too big – I won’t be your next John Lewis. I shall remain small and thats how i want it.
I love seeing people who turn crafts into businesses it amazes me, and its becoming so popular. Some see it through which great custom, some don’t and they just end up reverting back into selling to friends and family.
As i said, i want to do this properly so i wont be rushing. I have a lot of things i need to cover with trading standards but this is super fun right? Hopefully this will set me in the right direction of where i want to be. I also have to plan to move out of this shitty flat within the next month so i will be juggling crocheting, looking for a new job and clearing out clutter. I think its best to clear stuff out i don’t want now rather than doing it a week before i move. I aren’t sure of a date or even a property HA! but it’s not hard to get a home round here as long as you have a deposit. I also know an area i want so i have my mum looking around closely as she has seen some really nice properties just around the corner from her.
This means i will have more space, no damp or mould, no bugs, HAPPY ME because i will feel happier, my cat will also feel better and i can get him a friend!!
Speaking of my cat, i have to call the vets this week for a check up. He was due his flu vaccine in January but i can’t afford that til next month but anyways, when we first had him he was riddled with fleas like badly. You could see them crawling on him, it took a few months to get rid as he was only a kitten! My poor little man – He was also under weight which also makes me very angry at the previous owners. SO anyways, i think this all must of effected his skin, as he is so fluffy and cute but he bits and over grooms himself. When i brush him i see a lot of dry skin and he’s also been scratching his ears alot. I checked for fleas as per as he has his stuff every 4 weeks but last year he had ear mites LORD knows how he got those as he is an indoor cat – I just want to check everything is good. Something is irritating him and i don’t like it. That being said he still is himself and loves to piss me off by opening and closing my door and takes up all the room on my bed. So its not emergency!
Also, i have good news on the job front. I have an interview in a few weeks for a Solicitors as an admin. I know admin work will probably stress me but how exciting, learning about law whilst photo copying? Its a long way yet so i am still looking for other stuff in the mean time. I think they have a job fair tomorrow for care work, so will check that out.
My 70’s inspired blanket is almost done, yes it will be done by tomorrow afternoon. Heck maybe tonight the way ive been going. I have been trying to weave in the ends as i go but i haven’t got much to do on it so i will just leave them til the end. I don’t know whats spurred me to crochet this badboy so quick over the past few days, How to get away with murder has helped me!
Oh, another thing i have taken part in a yarn swap with a group i am in on Facebook. I posted my parcel today and hopefully will get mine this week. Its so exciting!! She is also in the UK as its not cost much for postage and we decided to swap out of own stashes. You can whoever you pair up with set an amount to spend if you decide to buy for them which is also a good idea – We discussed what yarns we like and colours and went from there. So maybe in the near future i will get to swap with someone that get me Caron Cakes and whatever else we cant get here in the UK! Speaking of yarns, i really want to try Cygnet and the paintbox brand. They have some gorgeous colours!



As a nosey neighbour, the block of flats across from me almost burnt the place down last night. I heard a fire alarm, and because it was that loud i thought it was our block. Wasn’t sure if it was the HUGE main alarm for us to evacuate or just someone above. I was walking around trying to figure out the sound so i looked out the window in case it was the HUGE alarm and saw people outside but then i saw the block on the left people were looking on the window so i was like what the heck? Looked across the block in front and i saw all these windows open and smoke, saw the person open up the kitchen window and place the pan on the ledge. I was like phew thankfully i didn’t need to leave my home and STUPID people not being able to cook!!! Because literally – NO JOKE, an hour maybe two hours later a fire alarm started to go off and i was like damn really? I thought it was the man above this time as sometimes his does go off and i heard him banging about. (He hammers, drills, does all sorts of weird shit at stupid times) Looked out the window again, looked across. SAME people setting food on fire, the smoke was even worse this time and they even turned the lights off. Not sure why maybe i was being paranoid and thinking insurance job but i dont know. It was annoying me more because i was relaxing and crocheting and i had to keep getting up to see what the hell was going on. Fuck, idiots!
Apart from that, i’ve not had an exciting week because i haven’t gone out much but i have a busy week this week SO i am pretty sure it will be fun.
Also its a by election for my area, which means all parties have been campaigning to elect someone for a seat in parliament. The vote is this Thursday and i cant wait for it to be over! So sick and tired of people knocking on my door asking for who i am voting for and posting leaflets. I have had to write a note and leave it out because i don’t want any more – They are posting the same crap, funnily the parties that are posting shit, i aren’t even voting for them! So if i see some crazy protesting this Thursday and probably for the next day once we know the winners i will get some photos. It’s always fun seeing people get annoyed when the person they wanted didn’t win! I also aren’t really that political but i wont waste a vote.
That’s it for now, i have rambled on for a bit and i am feeling hungry. Think i might have Feta cheese salad with some sausage chopped up need a bit of meat. Only had toast and jam all day!

Have a great day wherever you are and stay safe 🙂

Weekly diary 3

Well hello, feel free to enjoy the picture of clouds I took from my flat window.  Alright view for the 3rd floor.

So what’s happening? 4 weeks of unemployment. I had a job interview today, been called back for a trial on Thursday. Unsure of pay and realised I should of asked.  9-5 hours so can’t complain… Fingers crossed! I was kind of hoping I would find something part time to fit in my crochet & other plans I have but I need to get some money in place so I can move into a house. Hopefully by March, I have my mum who said would help with a deposit If I’m struggling.  I can’t cope with not having real heating, I have mould and damp in the spare bedroom, BUT touch wood after I got some super expensive bug shit I’ve not had any since….also my washer smells. 

I’ve been planning all week for something that will take while.  I want my own yarn store, I’m not sure locally or online but Its all idea I can think about! Business rates in my area are expensive which sucks. So back to the drawing board. I also need to set up a more efficient Facebook page for my crochet. My last one I rarely bothered with, now I have my blog to promote.

Also Ive been writing more drafts for a story time, the reason it’s not happened yet is because I want this to be serious and on going for the future. Weird I know but I’m a perfectionist. 

In other news, local MP parties are campaigning to get a seat in parliament. I’m bloody sick of them knocking on my door and posting shitty leaflets, honestly politics is the least of my worries. Am I wrong in not caring about it? meh…..Which also means I have to vote on the 23rd. 

Oh I’m also trying to diet, so I’m budgeting this week and heading down to my local market for stuff.  I expect change.

OH MY how could I forget…. huge plastic warehouse set on fire. Wow it was so bad. It was about a mile from my flats could see the toxic smoke from our window. People were advised to stay in doors the usual. My mum had a boring day at work because her place was pretty close. What makes it exciting is that people are assuming it was an insurance job, something dodgy with the company. They hadn’t paid staff since October and I don’t think they had a licence blah blah. I love theories.

It’s been a nice week, quite positive. Crocheting alot and keeping myself occupied. For now here is a picture of some more clouds!!!

Have a great week, stay safe. 🙂 

The Peacock blanket



I think i mentioned in my previous blog that i like to create names for my blankets. Or at least try.
The Peacock blanket is one of my favourite creations to date. I can’t believe how far I’ve come with my crocheting.
Last year i started this hobby after meeting a lady who volunteered with me at the PDSA charity shop. She showed me some of her blankets she would make for friends babies and i was amazed. I didn’t know much about crochet, in fact i hadn’t really heard about it until i came across someones You tube channel whilst looking for hand sewn pillow tutorials.
I sat and watched and it truly fascinated me, especially with only using one hook!

A few weeks went by and i took it upon myself to by some yarn and hooks, buying all the wrong things i struggled to figure this out. Of course the lady at the shop would say things like well if you can do it, its not for everyone. No! I was determined to perfect this, and if am being honest i did have a little cry about not being able to figure out just a basic stitch such as the Treble.

One night i did it, and i was cheering. Yes i literally cheered and showed my boyfriend i could actually do it.

Now i am here, creating things i never thought were possible.
I have only been doing it for one year, and would never take a higher title. I still class my self as a beginner, purely because i have seen so much beautiful work from people who have been doing it for a long time. I love sitting and browsing through the Facebook crochet groups and looking at peoples work. I make lists of colours and things i would like to make. It really is a beautiful thing, and i still have a lot more to learn.

One day i was asked to make a blanket for my auntie to keep her legs warm whilst in her wheelchair or just sitting around, relaxing. I was sick and tired of doing simple blankets or stressing myself out about whether or not i should try something else.
I looked at my boxes of yarn and i found some colours that i started to use for something else, it had been put aside as i really did not like the pattern.
As always, i went and browsed the Facebook groups. Cosy strip by Attic 24 is always a popular choice, so i went onto her blog and had a look.
Of course the blanket looked so difficult and so many colours has been used it all looked a bit baffling, but once i read the pattern and figured out i didn’t need as much yarn to make a lapgan i was good to go…. But wait, i looked to the left of her blog and saw something else. Cupcake stripe blanket
It was just as perfect as the cosy stripe, so i made some notes (in my secret crochet book where i jot down patterns in case i need to alter for personal use) of her pattern and grabbed those colours that seemed out of place and went for it.

I chose 5 colours and i chained in multiples of 3, i think i did just over 180.
People have asked me what my shades are and i honestly can’t remember, but i am thinking about going to my local yarn shop and scoping out my colours to get the shades for you guys! Who knows, maybe in the future i’ll be lucky enough to have my own release of yarn packs?!

So here is the Peacock blanket. The colours are an usual mixture, but i think it looks just right. I am so proud of this and i hope you all enjoy ❤


(Please remember the peacock blanket is my own and that if you wish to make this blanket using the Attic 24 pattern and name it the peacock don’t forget to credit the pattern designer and myself as i would hate for someone to take away something i am so proud of.)

Here is the pattern > Cupcake stripe blanket – Attic 24