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Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1

Howdy all! Everyone enjoying the Summer? I hate it. I am a Summer Grinch, sorry. It kills me with my allergies, i hate being hot, i am too chubby for my clothes. No really, i just don't like being super warm lol. We're supposed to be having a heatwave, but where i am it's cooled… Continue reading Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1


My year 2017, Bye bye

  I put off writing this post, because i can't say that 2017 has been 100%  good to me. The low moments over took the good but what kind of new leaf would i be turning if i continued to allow the bad suck me into a black hole. 2017 has been tough, not just… Continue reading My year 2017, Bye bye

Crafts & Hobbies

Beauty & The Beast colour palette (Free)

  Happy Saturday guys! I hope you are all well, the weather is a bit gloomy here but in all honesty I am kind of feeling it. Something about the grey clouds and rain makes me feel more inspired than when the suns out. Because basically, I am a really miserable person. Anyway - I… Continue reading Beauty & The Beast colour palette (Free)

Crafts & Hobbies

Crochet – Blanket update

  Happy Tuesday! I thought I'd keep this post more chatty than a whole lot of detail about my current projects. But i will give a brief on how my spring blanket is going! The edges look a little wonky but I am enjoying the block pattern, though take away the block bits and it's… Continue reading Crochet – Blanket update