A photo shoot with my cat

Hey guys, just a little bit of a happy post lol. I love taking pictures of my cat i think he’s the cutest lil guy ever and he really knows how to work the camera for me.

I got out my Nikon on bank holiday Monday and basically shot some pictures! They aren’t the best because the first lot he was so annoying and i didn’t end up with many. The second scene in the tunnel was my favourite as he moved his head to the left right up etc lol – The random ones of him on my bed at the end are not part of the photo shoot. More like the after party at night, as i was in the living room eating my dinner and i came in the bedroom to relax with my laptop and he had stolen the side i like to relax on – Had to take some of him but i didn’t get super cute ones of him as i was too busy giving him attention and kisses for those.

I hope you like these random pictures, Roman may i add was a little bit of a diva today!

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I know.. I swore off doing these buy a lovely lass nominated and i am all for a bit of sunshine – Sunshine makes me happy, being happy is good yes?
Thank you Girl In Glasses for giving me this nomination!

The Rules:

1.Thank the nominator and post a link back to their blog.
2.Answer the questions the nominator has set out for you.
3.Nominate new blogs and set out questions for them to answer.
4.Notify the nominees of their nominations by commenting on their blog or social media
5.When creating your nomination post, list the rules and include the Sunshine Award logo in it.
1.What is the most valuable thing to you?
My Cat! I should say someone dear to me, but my cat is my therapy!

2.Where do u see yourself in a year?
Thinner – LOL Or atleast a bit more healthy, can i also say that i want my novel draft done? So two things.

3.Would u consider urself as a happy person?
Hmmm, i’m as happy as i allow myself to be.

4. Which three things do u consider is a must for being happy?
Damn, this is hard. Love yourself, love others, love the world were apart of.

5. Which three things u cant live without?
My cat, a book, my loved ones


My questions
1. Whats the last thing you dreamt of?
2. If you could be in a film, which one and why?
3. What keeps you motivated daily?
4. Three things you want to achieve this year
5. If you could choose a super power what and why?


I nominate
Robin @ Imperial crochet
Julia @ Julia’s creative
Hannah @ QuietWaterCraft

K getting tired, please anyone else that reads you are nominated! If you want. Night xo

Talk it Tuesday | Blog advice

Give me back

Hey readers of the world! Happy Tuesday.
Okay, so the picture ‘Give me back my flowers’ EEEEEEEEEK. It’s my novel title. No seriously, well it could be a novel – If not i think i will get it to atleast a short story/novella.
That is all i can tell you at this point, but let the words take you to a place and i would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what kind of story/plot it will be?

Also, quickly! January is my Bloggaaaaversaaareeeeee, see what i did? lol I think around the 23rd of this month i allowed the world to see my first post and i am still here. I can’t believe i have lasted a year, where does the time go? So it will be really fun as i will be heading back to the beginning and reading my first post, which will be mega cringey. WHICH also had no likes and no views – That’s all i will say.
Ok, i lost the plot, i will be doing a little give away, nothing special just more of a thanks really and it will be international BECAUSE, did you know the top country that views my blog is America? Then Aus, then Canada THEN THE UK. Seriously, i think was meant to be American.

Let’s forget all that popcorn for now and i am introducing Talk Tuesday, so i have a blog schedule and to be honest i want to blog MOST days at the moment so the days i want to blog that aren’t ‘scheduled’ will be my chit chat diary posts. Wanted to film but i am still waiting for this bloody extra piece i needed to get my mic to work, so Tuesday as in today will be mega busy as i hope to film two videos and get them up by Thursday/Friday and blog for WIP Wednesday.

Topic today is…. Drum role please…..

Blogging with ads and earning from well ads and shit.

I just recently upgraded my blog to the personal account, and then i mapped my domain from my website. I noticed i am still quite limited to the stuff i can do with my blog and, i know many successful  blogs don’t rely on having an official domain, but i like the look it gives off. Anyways, the next one is personal, now if i do decide to upgrade again i actually get discount. But i noticed a thing called ‘monetize’ your blog.

What exactly is that, and what can it do? I know WordPress probably has a bunch of posts and forums etc with answers but i want to hear from you guys that do use this, or use the features that make you a little bit of money from your blog.
It’s not a decision i want to jump into as i am still a small fish. However, i have noticed a massive jump in my views since the new year, and my 18 goals for 2018 is one of my most popular posts, followed by blog changes, Mary berry and c2c which are all getting strange views everyday.

So what can this do for me? I already signed up with the Amazon affiliate programme, which means if i link a product i will get a commission but it costs NO extra. I will only ever do this if i am talking about something specific and i am passionate about, like the Mary Berry cookbook i linked. And i will always say its an affiliate link. So if i link something and it doesn’t say i get commission, i am just linking it because why not!
I do not intend on using it all the time, and probably be a couple of times a month.

Anyway, i will give it a good thought i think maybe when i hit 500 followers in the next twenty thousand years, i will do it. But then, i am like why not though? More themes LOL
I will drop the convo here, and one shall get on with my day. You know i did a 31 days of January in my bullet journal (Explaining it in a video) And laundry is haunting me. Everyday i will give myself the task of sorting out piles or clean laundry, dirty laundry and shit that needs to be thrown out.
I have boxes and cardboard stacked by my front door because of Christmas and i did a big declutter, and then i kept ordering presents they came in boxes, then when i order from Amazon THEY PUT THE SMALLEST THING IN SUCH A BIG BOX.
I mean, i wanted to sort out the spare bedroom but the stuff by the front door is not allowing me to get into that room. To be fair, during Christmas our trash schute got blocked so i guess nobody emptied it before the holidays as all the local big bins by the flat blocks were also over flowing.
So couldn’t get rid, i have no excuse now. Plus i can’t really cram ALL of the cardboard, the little ares fine down the schute. I will need to flatten everything and get in the lift, head behind back and dump it all in the larger bins. Simple task right? But i am lazy AF!

Here is to hopefully having all the rubbish moved by the end of the week and the laundry.
Happy Tuesday folks xo



Blog update | Changes

To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble.

Hello folks! I’ve been pretty regular with posting, it feels good to be back on track with blogging again. I wanted to use this week to really have a think about where i want to take my blog, and the things i’d like to change.
We all know i did start off just posting about crochet, that was my intention but i made friends and found that i could be myself. So slowly, i added my other interests in with it.

Now, i know some of you are crafter’s and i don’t expect you to be interested in some of the stuff i might post in the near future and that goes with anyone that follows my blog. Stick around, because i enjoy the friendships and the awesome people that i have been so fortunate to *virtually* meet.
That being said, i am who i am and i love SO many things in life, and lots of stuff i enjoy doing. I have already set up my blog menu with things i will be adding in the future months, and don’t get scared because some of it i won’t be posting about all the time. It’s just visible categorically so if anyone ever wants to know why i have 500000 babies and cats in my sims game, they can read it.

Without babbling on for much longer, here are some of the things i will be adding and current stuff to change/ schedule

-Writing: I want to write and post on here without limit, if i itch and need to write and share something i will do it. May it be a few times a week or whenever. It’s my absolute passion and i cannot explain to you how driven i am to write a novel. So lots of writing!

-Crochet: DUH! I have my crojo back, and i will crochet and post when i can. Hopefully the projects don’t take a year like that blanket i posted, which i finished by the way. I will try and do one secure post a week – WIP Wednesday.
-Cooking/baking: I did take part in the bake off, i will casually take part in this but i will also post every now and again about any new bakes or things i have made. Partly because i have a lil task of me cooking out of my new cook book LOL. Maybe weekly or fortnightly.



-Books i am reading: I liked writing book reviews, but i hated giving myself a schedule on when to finish a book. The book i am currently reading is quite big so unsure when i will post. Plus found new authors on here to read! So i will say once/twice monthly i will talk about books and my current reads.

-Beauty: I put this here because i love make up and beauty and REALLY did want to start regular posts, but i get too distracted! As much as i love this side of me, i have waaaay too many priorities. So once a month i will post a lil post about any beauty products that i’ve used and are empty and give mini reviews. I mean, whether that will stick who knows.

-Diary posts and ramblings: So i love a good blog about my life and catch up/ chit chat. I love sharing things with you like my Liverpool trip. I have added to my list a lil photo thing i am taking part in. It’s 52 weeks of photos and when i can i will join in and post to the diary. Basically this is the category of RANDOM!!! This will include bullet journaling and other crafts.

-Sims 4: I love this game so much, its my life. I also love my PS4 but i always have time for sims. This section will kind of just be a place to give my sims stories and more life! It will have links to my Tumblr, and eventually Youtube because YES i am doing videos.

And that’s basically it! Gotta wrap it up because i am about to get into the bed and watch The Office.
To be honest, i don’t really know why i felt the need to explain this to you but i think its just incase someone sees THE SIMS 4 FAMILY FIRE and you think what in the lords name!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend xox



READ READ READ! Blogger join in – christmas cards LAST CHANCE 


I’ll be closing the post next week, i was going to do until the 24th but i am a tad busy that day so i will leave it until the 25th and THAT day i will be emailing you all that are and have taken part in this a list of postal addresses.



I’ll also be catching up with the few that haven’t emailed me the details.