January: What I’ve been reading | Disappointment

A good book


Well, it’s almost midnight and i have just finished eating 6 cheese crackers with cherry tomatoes – HI DIET! I have a ton of books to read on my Kindle, then all the hundreds i am collecting and never reading. Whilst we are closing in on the first month of 2018, as promised in my blog changes post, i would post monthly reviews on what i have been reading. So why not kick this “almost the end of Jan” with what i have read – WHICH IS ONLY TWO BOOKS! OMG.. It’s the books fault, and you’ll understand why oh and i have been in writing mode.
I’ve also been severely sad as i finished Downton Abbey and i don’t know what i will do with my life now.. I can’t believe i waited all this time to watch it but i wish i hadn’t. So i am trying to give Call The Midwife ago, but i checked my list on Netflix and need to finish off PLL and SOA
SO without anymore stalling, let’s crack on with what i have read and my honest opinion.

Friend Request: The most addictive psychological thriller you'll read this year by [Marshall, Laura]


When Louise Williams receives a message from someone left long in the past, her heart nearly stops.

Maria Weston wants to be friends on Facebook.

Maria Weston has been missing for over twenty-five years. She was last seen the night of a school leavers’ party, and the world believes her to be dead. Particularly Louise, who has lived her adult life with a terrible secret.

As Maria’s messages start to escalate, Louise forces herself to reconnect with the old friends she once tried so hard to impress. Trying to piece together exactly what happened that night, she soon discovers there’s much she didn’t know. The only certainty is that Maria Weston disappeared that night, never to be heard from again – until now. . .


Review: 2/5

LOL – I have bee struggling to understand why this book has got such outstanding reviews and the fact that it’s supposed to be the most addictive psychological thriller of 2017. It sucks.. I wont lie.

Okay, so firstly the main character is so annoying – Like i wanted her to die the entire book. The writer felt the need to tell us every ounce of detail she was doing and her son. Eating his toast is irrelevant to the story….
It was rushed, it didn’t grip me and it was NOT psychological. She does yes get a friend request from a dead girl that she bullied at school, yes she gets a few messages of someone trying to scare her. But that’s it. The  character reacts and then for pages on end babbles on about something else – I literally SKIMMED pages because i couldn’t cope with the annoyance of her.
The writer barely touched on the lives of the characters in this book, and quite frankly they seemed more interesting than the protagonist.
I felt SO disappointed with this book that i didn’t pick up another book until 4 days later, and i struggled to want to read. It ruined my hype and love for thrillers.
If you can get this for free, by all means read it please don’t for it like i did.

Her Last Lie: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist! by [Brittany, Amanda]

She thought she was free of the past. She was wrong.

Six years ago Isla was the only victim to walk free from Carl Jeffery’s vicious murder spree. Now, Isla vows to live her life to the fullest and from the outside it appears perfect.

Determined to finish her book Isla plans her final trip to Sweden, but after returning from Canada and meeting a man she never thought she would, her life begins to derail.

Suddenly Isla is plagued by memories of the man who tried to murder her, and the threat that he could be back causes her to question everything, and everyone around her.

Review: 3/5

I actually enjoyed this book, it’s a great one time read and the twist was actually a great one. I like it when i get surprised, and i remember sitting thinking i guessed it as the writer did such an amazing job in creating weird characters and guesses. But when i realised my predictions were wrong, i was super shocked.

I did feel confused in some aspects of the story especially towards the end as it did feel a little bit rushed. I would of liked more of her past and experience with a serial killer as this was quite interesting to read – Like duhh we always love a good survivor story let a lone serial killer. Her past played a huge part in her feelings of anxiety and someone out to get her, so i wanted to know more so i could really feel and understand that.

This was an enjoyable read and an excellent one as it’s the authors debut. Also any royalties earned from this book goes to Cancer research 🙂


Am i an evil being? Nope, we all have different taste when it comes to books, films and TV shows. The world would be such a boring odd ball of a place if we walked around the same and thinking exact. How our jaws would ache at agreeing with everyone each other would say – I mean in no way shape or form to disrespect or slander any author mentioned, that i believe in honest opinions and if you happen to read or have read these books and enjoyed them, then i fully respect that. It’s not easy writing, and as readers reviewing we all know how cut throat the community can be. If you don’t wish to read negative reviews, then please feel free to keep scrolling. xo

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Friend request – http://amzn.to/2DUKdi9
Her last lie – http://amzn.to/2npkhkc


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Book review – NOD, by Adrian Barnes

Alright, well i am back from my few days trip. I actually got back Saturday but I’ve kind of been recovering and trying to get back to reality! Why is it so vile when you come home, like it just all becomes so boring. I am going to do a full post on my trip at the end of the week and share some pictures, i will work in my crochet dolls i have done as i will be a tad busy to do the three post shite.
OK, so finished reading the book NOD – Keep reading if you want my thoughts!



Dawn breaks over Vancouver and no one in the world has slept the night before, or almost no one. A few people, perhaps one in ten thousand, can still sleep, and they’ve all shared the same golden dream. After six days of absolute sleep deprivation, psychosis will set in. After four weeks, the body will die. In the interim, panic ensues and a bizarre new world arises in which those previously on the fringes of society take the lead. Paul, a writer, continues to sleep while his partner Tanya disintegrates before his eyes, and the new world swallows the old one whole.

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd


About the author – Okay, so i could only find bits about the author and i haven’t found ant social media links, which was sad because i know that he had cancer and would love to find out how he is doing and just what he’s up to in general – ALSO, if or when he will publish another book.

He was born in the UK and i believe he lives in Canada now? I have a link here with some information on him and an article which goes into a little more in depth about his cancer and how writing this book plays a huge part in that.

About Adrian
Adrian article


Overall book rating 8/10

I loved this book, it’s everything i could possibly want in a Dystopian novel, i love apocalypses and all things dark and gloomy. This is the kind of writer i aim to be some day and so reading a book like this, that hits all the good parts about a favourite genre or style of writing got me seriously hyped up and excited to write myself.

The way Adrian used insomnia to tell this apocalyptic story is just brilliant. People can’t sleep and turn into insane sleep deprived humans, who will die eventually.
The descriptions and some scenes in this book as well as actions have hidden meanings and are even damn right spot on when it comes to how you feel and act when you don’t get much sleep – What’s interesting is how the world changes the longer they live without sleep. How it turns them less human by the day, sort of monster like.

Each chapter represented a day in the life of the story, so chapter 3 would be day 3. The more you read, the more you wanted to know what happened and how or when they would all die, which sounds kind of grim but this book gives you such huge curiosity. For me, instead of watching or reading something world ending you usually wish the best out come and that everyone or at least some kind of happy ending exists, i wanted to see the death. – I really did want to know what happens in the end if you never sleep, because how many times have you secretly wished more hours in the day, or that you never be tired. After reading this i sure as shit want to sleep but i won’t lie…..

I struggle with insomnia so i totally got the hidden messages and in fact for the first few days of reading this i couldn’t sleep properly because it was on my mind. What a horribly fucking thing to happen. The world is ending by something that we need the most, which is more scary than having zombies come and eat me.

If you want to be scared but intrigued at the same time then this book is for you. It’s not so much scary in the sense of some kind of arsehole like Jason or Freddie coming to get you but something about apocalypses and the end of the world always sets me off and makes me feel kind of odd.
It will leave a mark and leave you shook, it left me thinking if this could happen and books, horrors or dystopia very rarely do that.

It’s a quick read, and could be even quicker if you are someone that flies through books like your change of knickers – What’s even more interesting is the authors thoughts when he had cancer, he said he started to feel similarities to the book. Which is why linked the article above because its quite interesting to read.

I think an 8/10 is fair, i just wish i knew ALOT more about the author because i have this weird urge to investigate and stay up to date with authors i enjoy, i really hope he pushes out some more books because i think he is a brilliant writer.


Book club starts in a few weeks, i am about to start a new book to review and as well as that sift through the perfect one for anyone that wishes to join in after.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be playing blog catch up tomorrow, the joys.

Catch up and book review – Elly Griffiths, The Chalk Pit. 

What’s up everyone! I’m slowly back so I thought I’d do a wee catch up and a quick review on a book I’ve just finished. Actually I finished it at 4am last night, I would of done so sooner but I’ve been so distracted the past few.

Right, so as of now every two weeks I’m going to do book reviews and by the end of August I’ll do an optional thing of book club. I aren’t starting this now because I’m going away to Liverpool for a few days next week and then I have some other things to be getting on with.

I’m okay. I haven’t crocheted at all I keep getting anxiety when I think about it and I think I really did need this break of not doing any of it because I have over worked my brain and it’s come to a point where I just have no desire for it. I have no desire for my calligraphy, bullet journal nothing. Depression is a part of it and other things in my life right now but I really am feeling the urge to crochet over the weekend.

So let’s get into the book review!!

The Chalk Pit by elly Griffiths 

Okay I should say something about the author but I’m actually going to do a full post on it as I have ordered the first two books in this series as this is not the first.

In the ninth Ruth Galloway mystery, Ruth and Nelson investigate a string of murders and disappearances deep within the abandoned tunnels hidden far beneath the streets of Norwich.

Norwich is riddled with old chalk-mining tunnels, but no one’s sure exactly how many. When Ruth is called in to investigate a set of human remains found in one of them, she notices the bones are almost translucent, a sign they were boiled soon after death. Once more, she finds herself at the helm of a murder investigation.
Meanwhile, DCI Nelson is hunting for a missing homeless woman, Barbara, who he hears has gone “underground.” Could she have disappeared into the labyrinth? And if so, is she connected to the body Ruth found? As Ruth, Nelson, and the rest of their team investigate the tunnels, they hear rumors of secret societies, cannibalism, and ritual killings. When a dead body is found with a map that appears to be of The Underground, they realize their quest to find the killer has only just begun—and that there may be more bodies underfoot.  (source, 

Rating for me out of 10 is 7.5

Which is high for me LOL.

OKAY, I love this book. And if you love a female character that’s clever and easily liked then this is for you. I love thrillers and even more so when it’s in England, because us British folk are odd.

It didn’t kick off straight away but each chapter had something to do with the main story line and as you read on it gets more and more in depth and interesting. By the time your past half way, you want to keep reading til the end.

The character Ruth which I’m assuming is the main one (I’ve not read the other books) comes across quite normal you almost feel like you know her. Every character as a good personality and at the back of the book after the epilogue has a page for the characters.

I was left VERY interested to read the past books and yearning for the next. The twist is quite good but I did feel as though it was sort of rushed towards the end. I think this is due to the slow start. THE SLOW START IS NOT A NEGATIVE FOR Me, it’s not boring its just very informative.

What I liked was I didn’t sit and think fuck I need to read all the others to make sense of everyone in the book and what they talk about. I did not feel confused, I felt like I’d already read them all because she included small bursts of back story.

I have OCD though with things that have a collection or series so I have ordered the first two and really excited to see it from the beginning as (spoiler) Ruth has a child In this book and yeah etc lol.

It wasnt a crazy intense serial killer type thriller like some authors I’ve read aka Jo Nesbo. Even though the story sounds a little grim it wasn’t as evil or sinister as it makes out so I do think that they’ve slightly exaggerated.

Pros: Easy read, smooth story, interesting character, book doesn’t leave you confused about the past books.

Cons: wasn’t sinister enough for me, it mentions cannibalism and you don’t ever find out more etc I felt somewhat mislead in what I was expecting. It was slightly rushed towards the end especially when a love scene happened kind of rapidly and seemed somewhat pointless. Though I can’t fault much about it as it’s my first time reading this series.

So basically it’s worth a read, I felt right at home reading it if that makes sense!

How doesn’t like missing people murder and bones!!
I probably won’t have time to post again but I’m hoping to post before my trip. I hope every one is doing okay 🙂

Inspiring Blog Awards



Gather around for the most prestigious award to date!

Just kidding, it’s not.

I’ve seen a few of these mini blog awards floating about, and even more so I’ve seen my own name! So I wanted to address it and make a post so i didn’t seem somewhat rude.

Firstly – The reason i started this blog is because i wanted to write more. Not only because my true passion is writing but because i took up a hobby that i never saw myself doing in a million years.
I’ve got the social media, Facebook groups with fellow crochet lovers and Instagram accounts and although they are nice to browse through i can’t help but see the clicks – The pictures because they are probably getting paid to do thing with someones brand of yarn. Unless you aren’t a popular crocheter with tons of followers and a successful blog or social media page, you won’t fall under the category of being tagged in something blah blah

My point being!

Since starting this blog, I’ve come across so many wonderful and talented people. Not only with the knack to create but also good hearted souls. I smile everyday when i read a post (Sometimes i suck and don’t comment but i do read!) because it still amazes me that on this planet so many people exist and share the same thing.

Secondly – You people have helped me so much these coming months with my depression and anxiety, i still get my bad days and if i am being honest today was one of them. But it gives me such a boost to see what the world is currently doing in more than 140 characters.
The fact that i get people reading my blog, and the fact that I’ve been nominated for these mini awards means an absolute lot to me.
It might sound a bit stupid that it has meaning but I’ve never won an award or achieved anything that i can say on my death bed ‘i did that bitches’ so thank you again for seeing something in me.

Anyways, fuck the sad stuff.

This award is for everyone

I didn’t want to sit here and make a long ass list of people who i  think should be nominated in return or because i like your blogs because quite frankly it’s kind of not something i do – It’s a little cheesy for me so i thought i would go 100 times more cheesier and dedicate this to every person that i follow and read daily.

Your all different, from writers to ramblers. You are all inspiring, it’s you guys that allow yourselves to be vulnerable with your art or writing by allowing the world to see it.
It’s you people that talk about the stigma’s of the world and let us in your darkest thoughts.

So thank you for reading, thank you for putting up with my potty mouth.


Good night world xoxoxo

None craft post


This is a none craft post today. I was  going to blog about my Bina the bear but she still isn’t done. I didn’t do much Crocheting yesterday as i felt a little poorly, my head was pounding and i just wasn’t in the mood. Today though its around 4PM here an i still haven’t done any – I finally found my plug to my printer so i have been writing off all my purchased and downloaded patterns so i don’t have to keep looking at my phone. I am though once i’ve done writing this go on to do some crocheting.

The point of this blog today?

I just wanted to say thank you to those who read, comment and like my posts. I am not a popular blog and this was never my intention when i set the thing up. I wanted to write as it’s something i love and incorporate my hobby.
Thought i may not get hundreds of likes – My reading stats are great and i just want to thank those that do take the time to read my ramblings.

This has been such a personal journey for me as i feel i have been able to connect myself with the world and i get to read some fantastic blogs along the way. I am following so many creative people, not all crocheters but artists, writers even mothers who just like to cook and craft.

I feel truly blessed to come across such inspirational people and it always amazes me at how many people in this world exist. I feel at home, i feel this community is where i belong and i have not had the feeling of belonging for a long time.
I also feel bless that i get to have a conversation with some of you and that i get a response back – It’s not always been easy with me, i doubt a lot of things and this world is like the movie Mean Girls. A weird way to describe it but if you don’t have specifics you get ignored. How many times have i tried to talk to strangers and the only people that talk back are the ones that are just as odd as me – So for a change being here i am no longer an outcast.

I am not calling you outcasts haha! 

SO my hands are cold because i am forever cold, i will go now and probably read the million of patterns i have printed. I need to sort them out into folders etc as well.


Happy Saturday, have a great weekend & stay safe as always 🙂 xoxoxo