My trip to monkey forest & slideshow



Hey folks! I feel i have been too busy to blog but the weather has been nice and my allergies have been playing up too, so it’s been making me feel like crap. Hoping to get some decent stuff as the tablets i have don’t work and i think i need some eye drops and nasal spray.
It’s been really glorious in the UK, bit of a random heat wave – Now i aren’t a fan of the heat so i don’t tend to go out in it, plus i have no nice clothes haha. All jumpers! Anyway, i wanted to go the zoo a few weeks back but couldn’t afford so we went to our local monkey forest.

It’s an amazing place, and if you ever are in my area (Stoke on Trent) please check out the monkey forest. It’s cheaper than the zoo and its a brilliant day out!
They also have a cafe, and shop – Though its a bit pricey, i did spend £20 on that teddy above but seeing as they take the monkeys and rehabilitate them and rescue them i think it’s only fair as its going to a good cause.

I love animals, i am hoping they have some job vacancies going as i would love to work here but i think they only ever have cafe assistant jobs. The bus ride is long and the walk from the bus stop to the forest is a pain but i think it would be well worth it!

I got my camera out today, finally put it into some use and managed to get LOTS of pics of the monkeys 255 in total but i deleted the blury ones and the rubbish ones. We managed to walk around for a good hour and a half and watched two feeds. I wanted to sit down a lot and relax but i honestly couldn’t stand the heat.

Hoping to go back again as a treat next month, but i am aiming for the zoo i  – I would also like to go to monkey world in Dorset.

If you want to know more about Monkey forest just click here ’cause it’s really interesting to know about the research 🙂

Enjoy the slideshow!



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Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office

Well hello my Sunday readers! Hope you all have had a fab weekend.

Since my moomin I’ve been so busy! My massive office desk came and i now have a mini office 😀 It’s in my bedroom but i automatically feels so much better. I still need to get a computer chair but I used some spare money up on the CE test kit which my friend is helping me with on Tuesday.

*Just a quick note to say that if you intend on making teddies and soft toys you need to CE test them before you can sell. This includes charity events, craft stalls etc even friends or family. You don’t want trading standards banging on your door. It’s not expensive to do it yourself and it cost me £25.00 for the paperwork, declaration and check list. You keep this yourself and preferably backed up on a hard drive incase you need to present these. Once i’ve done my test I will go more in depth etc and hopefully will give you some insight.
You only need to do it once per type of toy. So if you make 50 crochet teddies but it’s all using yarn and safety eyes you won’t need to test each one. Safety eyes will already be CE marked. *

My desk by the way has got a few more things on it now as i needed more trays and a few bits and it’s kind of become a place where i crochet so i have my current projects.


Friday at around 1:00am I think, (rach if your reading this, it’s about you LOL) I get a message from my friend who wants me to make her two Lalylala dolls. The picture she found was actually modded dolls but that’s the beauty of Lalylala. Once you’ve bought the base patterns you can do whatever. So i am in the process of making two that she requested. And by Tuesday once my CE test has been done they will be safe to sell. I am also pulling out my finger and going to make two more Lalylala’s – One being Bina the bear i started blogging about ages ago and the actual new pattern i am using. I will reveal these next week.

I have started to make more Hexagon’s today. It’s been a while and i bloody forgot how to do them! I kept making mistakes really was pissing me off!
I also have my diary written out tomorrow on what I should be crocheting and start to get business cards printed off and things prepared.

I’ve set a website launch date in mind but I am going to evaluate mid week and i plan on doing an online event 😀

My mum also showed people at work my moomin and now i have dozens of people wanting things, which is why I need business cards and plenty of crochet item so i can put them on my website – As a custom template but ill also have the made ones ready to sell



Saturday pissed me off. After i went yarn shopping with my mum I was waiting for my online food delivery and it came as the time i wanted. All my fresh produce was shit, it all goes out of date today. I wanted to cook a Sunday roast, but my bag of potatoes were brown and sprouting they looked horrible! Thankfully I’ve requested a refund on all of my fresh produce and now ill have to go out and get more food.

I literally spent £50.00 on one weeks shop – I don’t have nothing to show for it! Why is food so f*****g expensive.

Anyways, i made a Lasagne – I made my own ragu sauce and added my special ingredient. Which is a tad bit of paprika. It doesn’t make it spicy but adds this really nice taste.
I messed up the white sauce, i was feeling stressed HOT and still annoyed with my food shop. I may of not added enough flour or too much milk as it was so runny LOL
but it tasted nice as instead adding cheese into my lasagne i mixed in mature cheddar with the sauce.
It came out lovely i didn’t each much as i went past it and to be honest i was eating the mince out of the pan as it was simmering.


So right now I am on season two of Line of Duty! I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before. I literally watched Season 1 on Friday and finished last night – OBSESSED.

I got so many shows on my list :/

Anyways, I WILL catch up with people’s blog posts either later tonight when I’m chilled or tomorrow.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend 😀 😀

Weekend wrap up



Happy Sunday folks! It’s currently 17:51PM as i type this and I’ve literally only just started to function.
I have a rule that Sunday’s are super lazy days, sometimes I stick to that rule but sometimes I don’t as i tend to go to my mums but the past 3 or 4 days have tired me out!
Especially yesterday when I headed to Cheshire Oak’s with my friend for a bit of shopping!

I’ve never actually been before, It’s a real nice place and has all those designer shops and we spent more time window shopping than buying but they did have a few stores that were affordable! LIKE the Lindt chocolate shop lol!
We also went to the Yankee candle shop, I got a few candles one which reminds me so much of flowers in a field, more so what my nan and grandads garden smelt like when i was a kid! I couldn’t resist it.
My friend (Rach) Got a WHOLE lot of them wax melts, so I’m pretty sure they will last her a while lol!


I wore my new shoes that i briefly mentioned on another post and LOL they started to hurt by around half 4 and I was in need of some cheap pumps I could slip on, I ended up in the Nike store LOL! I got a pair of trainers for myself and some pump type things for my boyfriend as i kind of felt guilty if I didn’t buy him anything – Even though i did get a tray of donuts for us!

My friend got her beautiful daughter some new clothes, we went to GAP now I’ve never been to these shops before and I was like WOW red carpet outside. Went in store it was like a jumble sale – If you guys have a Primark store, yep it was like that.


We had a nice day, it was mega busy which pissed me off so you couldn’t really stroll super slow and enjoy everything. It was walk walk walk before someone kills you from behind. Also went to Spudulike for lunch where they do baked potatoes and it was sooo nice. We have one in our city centre but i never thought about going!
OH also went to the MKors store and FUCK i mean IF i had the money i would for sure buy a designer hand bag but a purse… I wouldn’t be able to justify the money spent on something that i just shove my coins and note in – BUT i rarely carry cash on me anyways. Though, it was a piss take. Even a small purse the ones that fit perfectly in your pocket or a clutch bag was like £85.00

It was kind of amazing to browse designer stores but i also felt a huge sadness because I will never be able to live that life of luxury, or even treat myself to one of those kind of things. We also drove past some pretty amazing homes which made us feel like shit ha! We kept saying one day when we win the lottery!

What surprised me was how many people shopped here! But I can’t knock fellow humans for being able to indulge, it just sucks sometimes!

Apart from having a fun shopping trip, I feel like I haven’t sat down. Friday I met up with a friend i worked with many many many years ago and we had coffee and just chilled out. Was nice but wasn’t enough time as she had to eventually pick her kid up from school.

I probably haven’t crocheted that much, and I don’t feel bad because I’ve enjoyed making the most of the sunny weather. I did want to go out today with my boyfriend but I am so tired so I’m thinking in the week!

I have also started to note down more store ideas for my online shop – I feel like with in the next week I am going to make this happen as now I am 100% sure on the look, feel, and what I want to sell and how.
With a limited amount of money I don’t feel negative that I can’t do this as people who are now very successful started out with nothing!


OH before I forget –

I posted this on Insta before i blogged it, I actually wanted it to be the other way round but I wasn’t planning on blogging until today as I’ve been busy and couldn’t wait to share!


A little about this yarn

scheepjes whirl is retailed at around £20.00
It weights 250 grams BUT it has 1000m of yarn. YES ONE THOUSAND – Obviously I had to really try and justify why i would pay this price for yarn but its beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it and really have no idea what I am going to do!? I was thinking Mandala?!?!?!

Now snufflebean yarn are selling this at a pre order price of £18.00 as i have her on FB – IT WILL GO BACK UP TO £20.00 – Just a thought as i actually got mine from Woolwarehouse which is the most amazing place EVER. I’ve been using this site since last year for most of my yarn and I cannot fault it enough! They have everything a crafter would need! Yarn, hooks, books, stitch markers, yarn winders.

I am all for supporting small businesses but Wool warehouse have had this yarn for a while now before it all of a sudden became popular because of the huge yarn cake craze and most of these independent stores are running a pre order thing and so you will have to wait a while for the actual yarn and they only get so many from the supplier so it’s first come first served etc – Where as I got my yarn in two days with WoolWarehouse that’s the only big difference.

BOTH stores ship internationally

Also Snufflebean stocks Cygnet yarns

Snufflebean’s store

Wool warehouse


ANYWAYS I am going now to browse Pinterest for Mandala ideas and I may crochet who knows – Farming Simulator is calling my name on PS4 as i saw a tractor yesterday with a seeder on the back and it looked just like the game! Then we drove past some cultivated fields which again reminded me of the game.


I will catch up with everyone’s blogs later as my phone is about to die and my laptop is as well lol! I suck at charging things.

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend, let me know what you’ve been upto, or made or ate i don’t care anything lol!


peace out

Happy tuesday

Taking a wee break from blogging this week. I’ll be back at the weekend but I am super busy!

Off to a friend’s for a girls night, thought id grab a beer whilst I wait.

Stay safe everyone! Much love

Sunday diary – Crochet & Knitting is everywhere


Happy Sunday folks! I’m feeling quite refreshed but I woke up with a super tickly cough today which was annoying. I always get the bad side of hay fever and it effects me terribly and with the UK having some nice hot weather today it’s been awful!

Apart from that, I went to my mothers for Sunday dinner and I am so full as she cooks way too much and even though I couldn’t move I still made sure I could eat a fruit salad with ice cream.
AND I always come home with a bag full of items that she palms off on me. This week i have 3 duck egg throw pillows, bottles of pop, cheese sauce, bacon and the rest of that ice cream! Got to lover her 😀

One of the pillows! Rubbish lighting but they will go nicely on my bed 😀 With my millions of plain grey duvets sets LOL

This post anyway was inspired by my first picture! My crochet/knitted summer boho cardigan my mum bought me a few years ago when we went shopping. Surprisingly it still fits me as it’s only a Medium size and i remember trying a large on and it was too big. I thought it was perfect for this lovely sunshine weather we had been getting and you know me i love my boho/hippy things at the moment.
I can’t figure it out if it is crocheted (Obviously manufactured) but the material is quite odd. It’s a little stretchy but cooling. It doesn’t feel like cotton or wool but I haven’t checked the label.

Awesome blurry bathroom selfie LOL 

I went shopping again with a friend a few days ago and everywhere I looked, I saw numerous tops, cardigans etc that were crochet.
One thing that angers me is that I know people that don’t appreciate crafts like this, but would probably see a top that was crocheted in a store and buy it because of the fashion statement or how pretty it looks.
But It also angers me because of people who make a living out of their crafts, or are planning (me) to do this in the future. It costs a lot more to make and the time itself and people will always see that manufactured items are cheaper. How do or how can little businesses survive? – Silly question as they are probably doing just fine.
I don’t actually dislike people who prefer to buy things that are cheap because i do understand how hard it is when money gets involved and you can’t always afford so i won’t ever judge someone for NOT buying small businesses because I am one of those people who needs to budget  – It’s the appreciation that lacks.

I remember when the mermaid tail blankets came so hyped, and a girl on my FB was asking about them, in fact she shared a picture of a manufactured one. I mentioned that I make them but they won’t be as cheap as that and I fully understand your decision as i knew this was a woman with two kids and it was a few months before Christmas.
She messaged me and I explained the cost, most of the time I literally only charge people for the cost of my yarn and say £5.00 extra for time or if they want it delivered. Most of the time this is fine, but she said she would get back to me and i left it at that.
Two minutes later someone else posted on her status and shared a link of ones on Ebay for £10.00 – THE ANNOYING thing is the stock photo they were using was actually a blanket that was made by a Youtuber which in fact i watched who happened to do the tutorial on these. Secondly, they were posting it as handmade. It really wasn’t, It came from a UK seller that was selling all sorts of crap – This was not the only seller that was doing this. Amazon had them, even clothing retailers did.
Was pissed me off was how my comment was then shot down, the person was like

“Ebay do them for cheap”
My ‘friend’ “Thanks ill have a look n get one”

Was i right to be annoyed? I don’t know. I just wished people knew and understood the LOVE and TIME that goes into our work. None the less, I don’t actually use my FB page as somewhere to commission work now. It auto posts my blog and on my personal page I will share my current makes etc and I get interest that way if I ever make anything.
People tend to pay up front now as well to cover the cost, as funnily enough. The same person that asked about a mermaid tail wanted me to make her a matching and scarf around January time, I actually stopped making it because she never contacted me about payment and never heard off her since. I didn’t contact her because she told me a date she would pay me and I am not someone who asks for the money, I assume that we are all pissing adults and can commit to things and be honest.

I fell like I have totally rambled on, but the morale of the story is none. LOL How funny, no seriously. After seeing these beautiful clothes that are crocheted like the one my mum bought me (which wasn’t even a time i started to crochet) I’ve decided that I will make my clothes from now on. WELL not all of them, but I will invest some time in making some summer tops and things.


C2C update.

I have only been crocheting my C2C blanket – I have not touched anything else which is quite odd for me. In order for me to keep my pages up to date and my FB I feel like I need to share and make things all the time, which is quite bad. BUT I have taken a break and I am now fully committed to starting a graph C2C as well. I’ve calmed down and planning.

Here is my C2C blanket so far, it kind of covers my legs easily lol



I did mentioned that I would update the first post about how to do a C2C But i really forgot so here is the link where I learned this.

Crochet Crowd – C2C


I hope everyone who has had lovely weather has enjoyed it, and hope you all have or are having a great Sunday (I see clouds of grey)