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Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1

Howdy all! Everyone enjoying the Summer? I hate it. I am a Summer Grinch, sorry. It kills me with my allergies, i hate being hot, i am too chubby for my clothes. No really, i just don't like being super warm lol. We're supposed to be having a heatwave, but where i am it's cooled… Continue reading Re-decorating the bathroom | Part 1

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Sunday – Reblog

One of my favourite blogs that I follow. Every single post makes me smile and relaxes me, I am so glad I follow. It breaks up all my hectic feed, I don't have much to blog about so thought I would share! I wasn't asked to do this but I think we all need something… Continue reading Sunday – Reblog

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Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office

Well hello my Sunday readers! Hope you all have had a fab weekend. Since my moomin I've been so busy! My massive office desk came and i now have a mini office 😀 It's in my bedroom but i automatically feels so much better. I still need to get a computer chair but I used… Continue reading Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office