I know.. I swore off doing these buy a lovely lass nominated and i am all for a bit of sunshine – Sunshine makes me happy, being happy is good yes?
Thank you Girl In Glasses for giving me this nomination!

The Rules:

1.Thank the nominator and post a link back to their blog.
2.Answer the questions the nominator has set out for you.
3.Nominate new blogs and set out questions for them to answer.
4.Notify the nominees of their nominations by commenting on their blog or social media
5.When creating your nomination post, list the rules and include the Sunshine Award logo in it.
1.What is the most valuable thing to you?
My Cat! I should say someone dear to me, but my cat is my therapy!

2.Where do u see yourself in a year?
Thinner – LOL Or atleast a bit more healthy, can i also say that i want my novel draft done? So two things.

3.Would u consider urself as a happy person?
Hmmm, i’m as happy as i allow myself to be.

4. Which three things do u consider is a must for being happy?
Damn, this is hard. Love yourself, love others, love the world were apart of.

5. Which three things u cant live without?
My cat, a book, my loved ones


My questions
1. Whats the last thing you dreamt of?
2. If you could be in a film, which one and why?
3. What keeps you motivated daily?
4. Three things you want to achieve this year
5. If you could choose a super power what and why?


I nominate
Robin @ Imperial crochet
Julia @ Julia’s creative
Hannah @ QuietWaterCraft

K getting tired, please anyone else that reads you are nominated! If you want. Night xo

WIP Sunday LOL – oops

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Super late  WIP post but who makes the rules anyway? I’ve been majorly off schedule this week, as i mentioned previously i have a massive baby order. So i wanted to plan and count my yarn stash and work out what i need and make lists because why not? – I also went out Friday and had some drinks, surprisingly i wasn’t drunk even though i had about 7 bottles of cider. I don’t smoke anymore so going outside didn’t really happen, and my throat didn’t feel like crap the next day. I’m super glad i am not a smoker – I thought i would be really drunk because i don’t drink often. But i wasn’t in the mood and at about 11PM and my head was banging. I met up with my nan, who is my dads mum. I always get nervous meeting her as i never like to bring up the subject of my dad but she talks about him and i can’t stop that. We actually had a nice time, and my head the next day was fine. I felt tired as you do, but i did go bed late and had no sleep thanks to the cat!

I keep meaning to film my Kindle sleeve video, but round about Thursday i started to feel depressed and so i am concentrating on other things that will pull me of out of the deep end. IDK it might take me a week or so to get out of it, but i had a dream about a tornado and i knew that my mood was about to take a turn. Writing lots as well but today i am going to chill with my PS4 and become an Assassin for the day!

I did however finish Downton Abbey which i am sad about, but i have started a Ripple Blanket for the baby order. I got all my yarn this time from and i got Paintbox Aran – Abit miffed that i am missing two balls from my order, so i can’t continue it now as i am almost out of the white so i will have to wait until it’s resolved.


I also went on a bit of a book haul, Thursday was it or Wednesday? Can’t remember. Soup book is for my diet and the fairy book is specifically for my novel research, yup i won’t curse myself my telling you what i am writing incase my mind says nah its crap. The two Phillipa Gregory books are from the RSPCA charity shop, they have opened a RSPCA book store which is AMAZING – They had too many books and thought it would make sense to open a book shop. I mean two quid for these books that are brand new? Instead of 8? Plus i love the author, not as much as C.J Sansom though when it comes to historical fiction.


I also started a baby cardigan, mum gave me some pink yarn and i ask for some more mushroom (stylecraft dk) as it’s really subtle. The order i am doing can you tell its for a girl? She wants pink girly shades. Which i don’t mind – It doesn’t look much like a cardigan yet but i have the other panel to do, two sleeves and then the collar then button holes. It’s actually a paid pattern by King cole – which i bought from a shop as it’s one of those booklet types and the pattern number is 3476 🙂


That’s all for today! I will be mooching around later catching up, i can’t even cope with looking at my emails – i tend to delete unwanted stuff everyday but i haven’t bothered in WEEKS so i need to spend some time organising my emails. I have three email accounts, i only had two but the first one which i’ve had for ages just gets clogged with crap and so i use it for anything i have accounts with – Second one is gmail which is now my main one but i also made a third for my blog. IDK why LOL

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

Sunday Chit chat | I did it, i wrote my first chapter.

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You know how i mentioned about writing a book a million times? Then i mentioned that ‘this idea was the one’ Then i said it again and again, then i had the ‘Give me back my flowers’ Was going to be the ONE! – K that is still will be something, eventually – One that i am in no rush to finish. So i technically aren’t lying, because i  did say it might not turn out to be anything – It’s more likely going to be an entry into a short story competition.

OKAY OKAY GET TO THE POINT.  – Firstly you need to enter my give-away all you have to do is tell me why you started blogging. It’s open until the 26th of Jan but i am more than likely going to let it run until the 31st. ‘Cause i am hopeless at scheduling.

RIGHT – so i took some advice, and i started to brainstorm ideas for stories and then i thought of one. Then the next advice was to outline – WHAT IS THIS?! I’ve never in my life outlined anything, if i feel an itch to write i do. Hence the random short stories on here, i don’t pre-write them and then blog it. I literally open up a new post and tap away. BOOM. The anxious feeling of writing started to hit me, what if my idea was stupid, what if nobody likes it. So i kinda did one of those brain storms of what i wanted my ‘story’ idea to be. Then i did a second one with more detail, then i wrote with a pencil til my hands ached, paragraphs of a mini structure. The beginning, middle and end, then i re-wrote that so it had more detail, then i well i realised my book idea wasn’t going to be just one book. It’s going to be a series…

And that my friends, i finally FINALLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Found my story.

So i just finished chapter one, of well what will be eventually draft one. And when you put it like that, it feels like my book will never be done. If only i hadn’t put off writing for such a long time? Hmmm, no time to blame myself – Things happen for a reason, this idea has taken this long for a reason. The time is now.

With that, i wish you all a happy Sunday, as i am off to bed! Good night xo

I hate you Sunday! | Diary 24.01.18


WELL – My weekend has been gross. It’s put me behind lots, and then now i start worrying about Monday because i so much to do.

Okay, so today my new fridge freezer came today because my other one had it’s day. It was second hand anyways, so i knew i wouldn’t a full life span out of it. So obviously i had to spend money i don’t really have!
Then i went to bake last night, i did it. Until i dropped all my cake on the floor and then the frosting went wrong. By this point, i had spent nearly 4 hours trying to do a Devils food cake and i just wanted to cry in a hot bath.
So that means i am behind on my baking post. Which will have to be Monday, as i need to get more ingredients! This time though, i am going for something much more simpler and my skill level – Which means i will be using the ingredient Ginger 😀

Lastly, i wanted to film and write up instructions on my Kindle sleeve, but looks like i will have to get my studio lighting out and film tonight but edit and upload Tuesday.
I also finished a book last night, which left me feeling pissed off because it sucked. So my review will be up at the end of January as i am currently reading two more books and so i can do a multiple review.

I’ve done ZERO writing, well i have done some all in my head though – Planning and changing things. Whatever i ate last night left me feeling horribly sick, i have not had much sleep as my fridge came SO early with the courier. I slept most of the afternoon, i am hungry and had to throw lots of food out – Got a lobby in the slow cooker though so i am looking forward to that.
Tomorrow i need to go the council and sort out bills, but i might push it for Tuesday. Haven’t seen my mum in weeks, hoping to see her Wednesday. I feel like i have just had the weirdest week ever?

I am going to chill out, play some Sims and crochet. Watch The Office because it’s one of my fav’s.
I hope everyone has had a great weekend and catch up with you all soon!