(bake along tomorrow) – Crochet amigurumi mouse



Happy Saturday! I am a bit behind on everything, i had scheduled Friday to do my bake along but i ended up being really busy and tired, so i popped out today to get stuff and i had hoped to blog it but i honestly believe someone is fast forwarding time! The days are lighter but it’s still not good enough for me.

So i will be making my caramel tomorrow morning! I am eager because i have been watching GBBO from season 1 an taking in all the tips LOL

Anyways, meet this little guy! I started him a while back, probably Jan or Feb and kind of shoved him away because i couldn’t be bothered to sew him, i honestly had sewing together pieces of amigurumi it really annoys me and with this guy being a little bit smaller i was like nope can’t deal.

I saw a instagram post of Simplenaturalhandmade and i was like okay what is stopping me from finishing this little guy?
So i did, i got him done and he is ever so slightly cute – BUT i had trouble with this legs. I don’t read instructions when it comes to sewing parts together, i wing it because i don’t like being told LOL, so anyway i might of made the legs a bit too bit at the top thigh. Though i don’t think it makes a difference, his face is a bit off with the eyes but i think he’s cute.

Can’t believe a hair of mine is just chillin on him LOL 

I never did that type of nose before where you like thread it, but glad i did it because i will okay doing it when another pattern calls for it.
I’ve made him my official writing buddy, because he is small and he looks quite intelligent. I don’t have a name for him but if you can think of one let me know!

The pattern i used is by Bubbles and Bogo and it’s not expensive. I have a few of the patterns by these because i think they are ever so cute, and the unicorn one you might of seen me make a few times.

Well, that’s it for now i have been writing a lot and getting things done but i am tired this weekend i think i am exhausting myself by trying to get a million things done.

See you tomorrow with my bake a long!

Blogger-versary | Give away (international)



Happy Saturday folks, i am that behind on life this week i thought it was Friday and all my usual plans are out of the window. I need to film my kindle tutorial tomorrow, i don’t know what it is but its been so busy that this week has flown and now i am sad because it’s almost the end of January – Which makes me feel like the year is ALREADY going quickly. Might just be me though going into panic mode!

Okay, so the title says it all. On the 23rd of January, which is 3 days – BTW i was going to do this competition on the date but i can’t resist.
It will one one year since i embarked on this journey of blogging. Honestly, i never thought it would stick. Like crocheting, i expected myself to throw in the towel and i’d never be seen again.
But something about blogging, (which i tried before and i hated it) – This time round i’d feel kind of lost without it. Even thought i had my days when i was a goner, but we all do that right? Life gets in the way and when we plan it never sticks.

I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for making my blogging experience here at WordPress so enjoyable! I found lots of new blogs to read that satisfy all of my interests, and all sorts of people. Which still amazes me to this day, all these people me and you living on one planet. Craaaaazy!

So to celebrate my one year, i thought i would do a give away. Honestly if i had the money i would do amazing gifts and pick 5 people so this is going to be mega hard for me. I was hard choosing a winner when i gave away a hat in December.
I collected some items from a local store here in the UK and thought of things that might be cute but really helpful to all of you crafters, writers, bakers, mothers, planners. And mixed it in with the things i also like, or i try to make my blog about.



I have bought something for you to plan/list in (the cat project book) Something to write with (pens) Something else to write in (exercise books) Something to read (the book) and i am working on something cute that i am crocheting, which will be a surprise and i won’t show 🙂

I know it’s not much but i just wanted to thank everyone who’s been so welcoming and nice. It isn’t easy starting a blog or fitting in a social media circle when so many of you have been around for a while and created relationships, but the community here are exactly what humans should be! So many of you get me and my personality, because trust me i didn’t want to show that for a while – Trying to get to know and interact more with writers as well and i will say i have come across some f*cking snobs recently, ones that didn’t even approve my comments on posts. But the good people outshine the nit wits.

Okay shall we move on? So how to enter:

Give away rules


– Must be over the age of 16 unless you have parental consent ( I would need proof – sorry but it’s only comfortable for me to make sure that people have safe experiences on the internet.)
Follow this blog
-Open to any country

Lastly – Comment on this post as to why you started to blog?
I’ll read through comments and i will pick my favourite story.
I shall post on here on Friday the 26th of January.

Share, spread the word – And take part!


Thanks again guys for making this such a fun happy place to be! I will post on instagram
at some point but do not enter on that platform.

I hope you all have a awesome weekend! I am cooling some beers for tonight, drunk crochet or drunk writing we will see 😀

(P.S – Here was my first ever blog post, just for some cringe reading :D)

I hate you Sunday! | Diary 24.01.18


WELL – My weekend has been gross. It’s put me behind lots, and then now i start worrying about Monday because i so much to do.

Okay, so today my new fridge freezer came today because my other one had it’s day. It was second hand anyways, so i knew i wouldn’t a full life span out of it. So obviously i had to spend money i don’t really have!
Then i went to bake last night, i did it. Until i dropped all my cake on the floor and then the frosting went wrong. By this point, i had spent nearly 4 hours trying to do a Devils food cake and i just wanted to cry in a hot bath.
So that means i am behind on my baking post. Which will have to be Monday, as i need to get more ingredients! This time though, i am going for something much more simpler and my skill level – Which means i will be using the ingredient Ginger 😀

Lastly, i wanted to film and write up instructions on my Kindle sleeve, but looks like i will have to get my studio lighting out and film tonight but edit and upload Tuesday.
I also finished a book last night, which left me feeling pissed off because it sucked. So my review will be up at the end of January as i am currently reading two more books and so i can do a multiple review.

I’ve done ZERO writing, well i have done some all in my head though – Planning and changing things. Whatever i ate last night left me feeling horribly sick, i have not had much sleep as my fridge came SO early with the courier. I slept most of the afternoon, i am hungry and had to throw lots of food out – Got a lobby in the slow cooker though so i am looking forward to that.
Tomorrow i need to go the council and sort out bills, but i might push it for Tuesday. Haven’t seen my mum in weeks, hoping to see her Wednesday. I feel like i have just had the weirdest week ever?

I am going to chill out, play some Sims and crochet. Watch The Office because it’s one of my fav’s.
I hope everyone has had a great weekend and catch up with you all soon!

Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira


Happy Saturday folks! I have finally finished Kira 😀 You know something? It’s actually quite a lengthy project. I mean i did start this a few weeks ago and didn’t really pick up the pace until 3 days or so ago BUT even on those odd days, the  hours seemed to of passed.
I wanted it finished by yesterday but come 6:00PM i still had the sewing of the parts, the baby ARGH
So I woke up early, did my usual stuff and then at around 11:00am i cracked on. I literally finished her at around 4:00pm but didn’t upload her on my social media accounts until about an hour ago.
I did however add her to the website and she has a new home 😀 😀 😀 – If i am honest the customer isn’t a stranger, they had their eye on her for a while!


I am pretty happy how it turned out, i will make some changes to the yarn i used in the future.

For a one off time only, i have put Kira on my store in the custom section because this one itself has sold out i thought about offering one slot and a chance to customise and buy her.
You can check that out here >>>> Buy custom Kira


What i used:

So i used a 2mm hook. The pattern calls for a 2/2.5 – I have no idea what that is in U.S or other countries.
It requires the stitches to be tight so hence sticking with the 2mm. It also says to use 4ply yarn and i only had white 4 ply knocking around, the grey and brown is DK yarn. Just some random balls i had in my stash.
Now i rarely touched the white and pretty much have a full ball left, i did used almost a full ball of grey so if you are prone to mistakes maybe just stock up on an extra ball.
I have always used DK when making crochet teddies or toys! I rarely use 4ply and probably have 3/4 colours in total of it. SO just saying you don’t need to go by exactly what it says as the sizing and the tightness of my crocheting came out well and i didn’t have any loose stitches or huge gaps.

You will probably need some stitch markers as it works in rounds and some pins for when sewing the parts on. THIS is a must have as you really do want it all to sit perfectly and look straight when all sewn together!
I used 6MM safety eyes for the mother and 5mm for the baby, i think the pattern uses smaller for the baby i can’t remember but the 5mm were the only ones i could get my hands on!

This is a paid pattern and i have said in the past i rarely buy patterns but Lalylala is the only one i would quite happily give my money to. So expect a lot more dolls from me in the future.

The scarf i found some random red chunky yarn chained 5 and did TR/DC stitches. The pattern oddly enough says to KNIT the damn thing and has a mini pattern for the scarf which actually looks nicer than mine but we can’t all be like the designer LOL – She does say you can crochet one. I mean i tried to knit once and it really got on my nerves, i may give it a go again one day but it just isn’t quick enough for me.
I used chunky yarn because at this point i was tired and getting annoyed that it wasn’t done PLUS i think it looks better and worked up quicker.

PATTERN IS HERE > > > > > > > > > Kangaroo kira


It’s bank holiday weekend, so i am taking this time to relax! I am doing nothing until Tuesday lol. Okay that’s a lie, i am planning stuff for the store and finish my baby chenille blanket & probably end up making other things. I now have to finish my friends requests which is the same pattern as Kira but it’s not in kangaroo form – It’s takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to do so i am kind of excited to do it because it looks different but kind of not because of how long it will take.

I will catch up with blogs tomorrow ❤ I literally need to breathe so please don’t think i am being rude or ignorant if i have only liked a post and not commented i am going to really thoroughly catch up on all your amazing posts.

Have a good one folks!!

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(Incase you missed it here is the pattern link again Kangaroo Kira)



Crochet & cooking


This weekend i am taking it easy which i shouldn’t because i have A LOT to do but i am tired and i am enjoying relaxing. Netflix has got lots of new shows 😀 😀 😀

So i was playing around with the idea of doing the moss/linen stitch. I was going to make a baby blanket but as beautiful as this stitch is…. It’s boring and slow. It’s the SC and i mean yeah it’s the most easiest thing to do but bleugh. Plus EVERYONE well not everyone is kind of jumping on this bandwagon. SO i thought about playing around with some stitches.

By the way i am using U.S terminology as i learnt crochet in mostly u.s terms and that’s what i am used to. 

The first picture on the left (red yarn) is a mixture of DC and HDC – I chained whatever i wanted so you don’t need to worry about even or odds and i worked a HDC in each stitch starting from the second chain.
I then chained 2 – Now depending on how you lot like to crochet and use the turning chains etc i prefer if possible to us a ch2 and NOT count that as a stitch. Chaining 2 doesn’t really add much height so i kind of don’t see the point in using that as a stitch.
So i chained my 2 and it will always remain a none stitch. I then worked DC in the spaces NOT the stitch… So you have [] – [] – []      –  [] Them being the spaces LOL.
I then worked a DC in the top chain at the end to keep the edges straight.
Chained 2 turn, and starting in the first stitch i went all the way in each STITCH this time in the back loops doing HDC –
Now the reason i chose to do HDC for my back loop stitch is because i wanted a tight ridged look. rather than the stitch being gappy and raised i wanted it so the stitch was more un-noticeable if that makes sense.

For the picture on the right (yellow tone yarn) I kind of took the moss/linen stitch concept and used HDC – YUP this is the go to stitch lol.
I chained an even amount of chains and did second chain from the hook, HDC chain 1, skip a stitch, hdc chain 1, skip a stitch. – The same concept as moss it’s sc ch1, skip etc.
I then chained 1 and turned (It would work with a ch2)  Not counting the ch1 as a stitch i then did HDC in the spaces like you do on the moss and chained 1

So HDC, ch1 HDC ch1 and that’s what you would continue to do in the spaces.
And it kind of gives this cool checkered effect now my edges don’t looks straight and i think that’s because i was crocheting tightly on the last stitch of each row but i was working a stitch in the top stitch at the end being the ch1 which is what the moss stitch also does.
I aren’t too worried that it doesn’t look straight as i was messing around but i actually like how it looks.


I was actually after a really close up tight stitch last night but i am feeling both of the things i played around with. I think the yellow one is ideal for a summer blanket as it’s holey and has more freedom.

I am in no way claiming this as my own. I was simply messing around with stitches and if this already exists like someone else doing it or it’s actually already got its own name then i am sorry. – Just thought i would mention that as people seem to claim anything these days. #HashYehISaidIt



So i am making meat and potato pie today. I was going to make a cheesecake but my boyfriend hates it so i bought a cheesecake and ate it all erm LOL….

I made shortcrust pastry, it’s buttery and lush. Flour, butter, butter. It’s literally the cheapest thing you will ever make lol! It’s currently resting in my fridge.
I bought baby potatoes and already cooked them by boiling. I washed them and sliced them up leaving the skin on for a hearty taste.. & That’s it so far. I will post about it tomorrow lol i mean i think it’s the easiest pie ever.
I am adding onion and obviously beef BUT i am actually adding carrots because i have a shit load of them and they need eating.


That’s all from me, i hope you all have a awesome weekend. It’s saturday which means Tami will be posting on her other blog. She has a theme with scary and paranormal stories and they are always super fun to read and also recipes and anything random. So if you guys have some time to spare go check out tami and her other blog. ALSO get in touch with her as she is always looking for scary stories…

Here is her main blog Tami main

Bit of free promotion for you LOLOLOL.

Chow for now ❤